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Loyal Moons–Revisited

As I grow and mature as an Astrologer, I modify my views. This is, always, based on charts. The charts are my teachers. The owners of the charts tell me how the charts play out. I have to try to distill the dross from the gold. Some people are in denial about who they are. We, all, are to a degree. This makes the picture harder for someone like me, who simply wants to get at the truth of things. Having said that, I think the Moons are modified by aspects. However, there is an ESSENCE of each Moon. That essence does remain, irrespective of aspects.

Let me see if I can give some examples. I am going to use Scorpio Venus as an example. YES, it is not a Moon, but it is a highly defined Venus. Scorpio Venus is very intense and passionate in matters of the heart. We could give him any manner of aspects, but these would not change his NATURE. They would modify it, but not change it.

Let’s look at a Gemini Venus. She is as light in heart as Scorpio is “heavy/intense” at heart. Her Venus may have hard aspects to Pluto that would really change her, but she is still a Gemini Venus.

Let’s look at Moons. I do not think a Cancer Moon would not be a deep feeling Moon. I do not think a Libra Moon would be a “feeling” Moon, as much as a “thinking” Moon. Whenever a planet cannot swim comfortably in it’s natural state, there are limitations.

A Cancer Mars would not go after his goals as would a Scorpio Mars.

Each person has struggles and gifts.

Some people will not like your Moon or your Venus or your Sun. Does that really matter?

You are an organic whole and, really, it only matters what God thinks. Capiche?

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