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Sometimes I hate looking at human nature. This topic seems to call me. When I write, I let the words fl64217_354194564690290_1015649252_now through me. I am a conduit, most of the time. This topic is no different. Let’s see what we can find out on this subject.

The masochist finds the sadist. The sadist finds the masochist. It is like poetry in motion, bad poetry. In relationships where the woman is the sadist, the man, often, has a 12th House Moon. This seems to be some sort of kiss of death to a man. The man, often, has a 12th House Mars, too.

Mars in the 12th is someone who can’t fight back . If a man has a 12th House Cancer Mars, he is doubly cursed. Cancer Mars cannot fight back well at the best of times. However, when it in the 12th House and you have impotence personified.

The masochist seems stuck to the sadist like super glue stuck to something onto which it was not supposed to stick. My favorite radio talk show host superglued his mouth. I suppose that would be a good example.

The Sun in the 12th is a contender for the Masochist. Sun in the 12th makes one afraid to assert oneself. One wants to shine, as we all do. However, some invisible force seems to hold one back. It is like an invisible fence which holds a dog from running into the street. The 12th house planets are the hardest things one can have in the natal chart.

I think if you hone it down, the masochist is too empathetic. The sadist has no empathy.Can one be too empathetic? Yes, very much so, but it is misplaced empathy, more so than too much. It is too much empathy for the outside and not enough for oneself. I suppose it relates to my last article on sympathy for the abusers. Too much empathy is really empathy for the wrong things such as people who want to hurt , skew you, bend, fold or mutilate you, as the saying goes.

If any one planet could be key to a person, I would say it was the Moon. It is oneself unplugged, unmasked. It is one at one’s most intimate. If you could only look at one planet to know a person, I would look at the Moon. If one has a kind, sensitive Moon, one will be kind and sensitive, barring very strong other chart factors.

I may jump around a bit until I get my ideas organized. I think the sadist has to have a whacky, whacky Uranus. Of all the planets, Uranus scare me the most. I know it confers brilliance but I don’t like it. I suppose I have had bad experiences with a family member’s Uranus jumping out at me like a monster in a horror movie.. Uranus seems to love to shock just like electricity, which it rules. I think Uranus has to have afflictions to make it become the proverbial monster jumping out of closets to scare children tucked into bed for the night. Hence, I would say that the sadist would have something up with his Uranus.

If I would link one planet to the sadist, it would be Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter. I don’t think one could be a sadist with a good Jupiter. Jupiter is conscience. One’s conscience is skewed if one is a sadist.I don’t think one could be a sadist with a good Uranus, either. I think one must like to shock to be a sadist.

People tell me that they don’t like when I use the words good and bad. I do this on purpose because there IS good and bad. This current politically correct society eschews these words. I am for the person who likes to tell it like it is. For the others, there are countless Astrologers who will not take a stand, any stand. In these last days, people will call good evil and evil good but that is for another day.

12th House planets would point to the Masochist because anything that resides in the 12th House is suppressed. Suppression carries with it a fear of expression.These souls are afraid to stand up and be counted. They are afraid to make a personal statement such as ‘Here I Come, World” Hence, they may find a stronger person who will do it for them. The price may be abuse. The price may be sadism.

Narrowing it down to the individual, each masochist has to be drawn to a particular sadist. There is not a one size fits all. The charts are very specific . What attracts one masochist will not attract another.However, the masochist is probably established as a masochist. The sadist is probably established as a sadist.

I hope I am not jumping all over the place. I think the Masochist would have a defined set of traits. They would be afraid of assertion. They would be afraid of anger. They would be afraid to stand up and be counted. The sadist would thrive on all of the above. He would like the limelight. He would like attention. He would stand up and be counted and more.

Let’s look at some asteroids. The classic Nessus would be for the sadist. The classic Dejanira would be for the masochist. The Child asteroid would have to show scarring, in order to be a masochist. The Child Asteroid may be conjunct Dejanira or other Asteroids which would reduce one’s healthy ego. It could be Sedna, Medusa, or Echo. There are many asteroids which wear a person down to a nub. These would have to be involved for a person to be a masochist.

For the sadist, he could assert himself and probably enjoys doing so. He may have many Fire planets. He may have Pluto prominently. He may have Algol prominently or Nessus conj the ASC or North Node.

If the masochist and the sadist got together, the Astrologer could, clearly, see the nature of relationship from the chart. That would be quite obvious.






6 thoughts on “Masochist/Sadist

  1. amiannwonderseeker

    It’s been said that male sadists (sociopaths) mellow out in their 50’s.
    Female sociopaths (Who often kill in understated ways) can continue to kill right up
    to old age.

  2. amiannM

    Wow.. this is.. extremely biased and one sided. I’m sure that you’ve drawn these conclusions from your vast experience, but you forgot to include the exchange of power and where the masochist receives sexual gratification in pain even as the sadist experiences his own form of release, and the deep care and bond that is involved in such a relationship.. often deeper than the typical *vanilla relationship.
    But I digress
    Someone who actually knows what they’re talking about/
    Aka the masochist

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