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The Mechanism of Retrograde Planets

girl sparkle faceOne of my readers asked me about Nessus conjunct her ASC. She told me she did not have the urge to be abusive, which would be the classic interpretation for Nessus conj the ASC. I asked her if it was Retrograde and it was. Hence, I started thinking about Retrograde planets. Some people like to complicate Astrology but I like to simplify it. If a field cannot be fun and practical, what good is it? Hence, I hope to  take some of the mystery out of Retrograde Planets with this article.

I have several Retrograde Planets so have watched the workings from a personal vantage point. The easiest one to see is Mercury Retro because one uses one’s mind at all  times. Mercury represents one’s mind and one’s communication style. I noticed that I learn in an unusual way. I could see this in college more than high school. I had to learn a subject from the basics up. I would get children’s books in Biology, Chemistry and any subject I had to tackle which was hard. Once I learned, I seemed to really retain it and more importantly, could be creative with it. However, I did not learn fast like some of my fellow students who could sit in a Chemistry class and imbibe the information. I would notice that some of them could not retain it that well, though.At any rate, I have to learn in a building block way. I have to understand a subject VERY deeply. This is a classic trait for Retrograde Planets. They call for depth. The call for an inner mechanism of going deeply into the realm of the planet before one can come out. However, when one comes out, one will be like a diamond pressured to such a degree that the coal became a fine gem.

I hope I am making myself clear. I will give other examples with Chiron and Neptune Retrograde, which I have, as well. Neptune Retro makes one search for God deeply. I, always, wanted to know God. When I was in college and saw all the girls joining the sororities and all the guys having keg parties, I thought there must be more than this. I, always, questioned the meaning of life from the time I was a child. I was reading Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon books when I was twelve. Many superficial  things in life seem silly to me. I think part of this is Neptune Retro which makes for a very spiritual person and naturally so. One must go deeply into the subject of God before one can come out the other side.  Again, the key word for Retro planets is depth.

If we want to talk about Chiron Retro, we must talk about pain. The native with Chiron Retro will have the opportunity to go deeply into pain. Will they take the opportunity to go within and come out the other side? I don’t know. Some people will deny pain. Some people will use addictions to mitigate pain. However, these things mask it only. The Chiron Retro native must touch it, taste it and dwell in it before he learns his lessons. THEN, he will be called upon to teach, as is the lesson with Chiron.

The subject of Asteroids Retrograde sparked this article, so I will address them. To tell the truth, I have not given Asteroids Retro much thought. Someone I respected told me that Asteroids Retro were not that important and I took that on faith. However, now I am rethinking it. Everything in the chart matters. Nothing is meaningless. God made the charts as the blueprint of our lives and God lives in the details. Hence, I think a Nessus Retro will operate differently that a Nessus Direct.  Please, leave your Comments as usual. They are like little letters I get in my mailbox 😀



16 thoughts on “The Mechanism of Retrograde Planets

      1. amiannMoonChild

        That is an interesting question Ami, as far as I am concerned, I have “practicality” related issues especially with a powerful Jupiter extreme volatile optimism, I guess I have this lack of sensible practicality because of the Saturn retro, though I have learned and have slowly adapted.

        As for my partner, yes, that Chiron retro is a pain in her soul, and as for Mars retro, she has issues taking “action” as fast as it should be, and the Jupiter in retro, maybe her spiritual confusions?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    This is just another area of Astrology where my knowledge is lacking.
    I was under the impression that “retorgrade” had to deal with the
    PRESENT time. Like when a planet goes backwards, for a brief time in the
    prior sign it was in.
    I knew that eclipses near the time of birth, affected personality, but I never
    knew that retrograde planets had anything to do with it.
    BTW, I WOULD throw away any books by, or about Jean Dixon and Edgar Casey.
    The only correct prediction Jean Dixon ever made, was the J.F.K. assissiation,
    and Leo Harvey Oswald happened to be listening to the Long John Nebel radio
    show when she said it. There’s a chance she “infulenced” him to fulfill her
    prediction. She was 100% wrong about EVERYTHING else she predicted. And I
    don’t know of A single correct prediction from reincarnation-believer Edgar
    The title “christian” was tacked on both these “prophets,” but I hold with the
    Bible that if a “prophet issues a prediction in the name of the Lord and it does
    not ocurr, then that prophet is NOT from God and you DON’T have to fear him!”
    How many “true” prophets do you suppose there are?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t read Cayce or Dixon anymore. I did as a child. No, you are born with planets Retro and they are a factor for YOU for life. Planets can go Retro in the present time, too. The Retro natives are not that effected by it. I don’t have that many problems in Merc Retro cuz my Merc is Retro.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    You gave a small explaination of what the “water trine” means in an
    Astrological chart. You said that “things come easily to a person, perhaps
    too easily.” You said that some murderers have this placement.
    In the case of Casey Anthony not only did she get away with the crime, but
    people are flustered with how she continues to get a way with things like
    who supports her, and how she “skates” through everything. (Like Bill Clinton
    got away with everything.)
    Based on my studies, I know that one of the reasons she emerges unscathed
    is because she was born in The Year Of The Tiger. They can take many foolish
    risks and get away with it, like Lindsay Lohan. Incidently, It was revealed that
    Lindsay Lohan had at least 36 famous lovers. This is also a Tiger trait, even with
    the female Tiger. Natlie Wood, who played Maria in West Side Story, was also a
    Tiger. She had plenty of affairs with her co-stars, and even much older director
    Nicholas Ray, who directed her in “Rebel Without A Cause.”
    Natlie was briefly Elvis’ girlfriend. She went to Graceland. But Elvis, (like Michael
    Jackson, and me) was born in the Year of the Dog. Male Dogs are VERY
    insecure about sex. Elvis had “problems” with his mother. Elvis had difficulity
    completing the sex act. He would get the girls all stimulated to the point where
    they would scream, “Take me!” then Elvis would hand them off to his eunterage,
    to finish the act. When Elvis got a girlfriend, he would “train” her (whatever that
    means) to be like his mother. This frustrated Tiger Natlie Wood to no end. She
    asked Elvis’s euntarouge, “What’s a matter with your boss? Doesn’t he know how
    to ______?” When Natlie got through with having sex with ALL of them, on the way
    out she said, “Call me anytime!”
    See why I don’t hate? People’s nature’s are dependant on so many things.
    ONLY God is qualified to judge! Nobody calls girl Tigers, Lindsay, Natlie and
    Marylian Monroe “skanks.” They had fame and money.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    This is a “test letter.” I tried to post earlier today, but I was met with some
    techniqual difficulty. Something seems amiss and I suspect “professionalism.”
    I always recieve hints when something is about to “occurr.” (Pluto in 1st) so I
    knew something was “up.”

  4. amiannSy Spector

    What’s up Ami? I tried to post earlier today using my own E-mail adress.
    I got a lot of gobbility gook on the screen. Impossible technical jargon.
    I used my father’s E-mail adress to see what the problem is.
    If something has changed, please tell me.
    If I don’t hear back, I will attempt to communicate with some other means.
    But I would like to know whether it’s all over!

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    I read yesterday on the Caylee Daily website that Casey is quite liked
    by her neighbours. This enrages the posters there. To them, this is just
    another indication of how “she gets away with things.”
    They want her to take a very steep fall like O.J. and other sociopaths do!
    I think they are “hoping against hope” for the reasons we discussed.
    The water trune and the year of the Tiger. She is also a woman of immense will
    (She was born on the 19th) and determination.
    If her folks and friends stand by her, and with her Tiger charisma, she can go on
    for MANY YEARS.
    Also, she was “churched.” With the time she has, she could always: “Confess with
    (her) mouth, and believe in (her) heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and
    that God raised Him from the dead….”

  6. amiannLon Spector

    Why is it that the posts are out of sequence? This has happened twice.
    I posted on the 24th, but R.C. posted on the 21th and her post is below

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