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Men Who Hate Women—Mars Square Moon

cat black scaryMy commitment to you is that I will always tell it like it is. I don’t care if I am disliked. I am loyal to my precious reader and to him, I owe my complete honesty. I have been meditating on Mars square Moon in the chart of a man. I know several men with this aspect. It has become increasingly clear to me that this aspect bodes for a visceral dislike of women. Now, before you get apoplectic on me, let me explain. In many cases, it is unconscious. This man will not admit that he does not like women. He may not know it. However, the chart never lies and does not make an exception in this case. Remember that as your cardinal rule in Astrology. The chart never lies but people do 😀

I will get myself further out on the limb by adding that women who don’t like themselves will be attracted to men with Mars square Moon. Before you throw tomatoes at me, I will say that most men I have been attracted to have this aspect. My theories, often, start with myself and work their way out. I have Dejanira conjunct the Child Asteroid exact. This is the second worst asteroid for childhood abuse. Hence, the attraction to Mars square Moon men makes sense *SIGH* I hate to have to tell on myself but that is part of being honest, too.

With this aspect, as with any aspect, the orb is key. An exact Moon square Mars would be much, much more powerful than a three degree orb, or even a one degree orb. The exact orbs lock in traits. The exact orbs seem to bode for a person who cannot see his own trait. When this happens, he is more likely to manifest it. There is a real lack of conscious awareness. Hence, the aspect will play out in a more powerful manner. This caveat applies to all aspects in Astrology

I await your comments, as always, sans the tomatoes 😀




PS.   I will put a caveat. It does not have to be the word hate. It could be mistrust, dislike, be uncomfortable with, feel a sense of disconnect etc . It could be many similar shades of meaning. I try to use simple words so readers will be able to find practical uses for my articles. I, personally, hate wooly things. If a person cannot or does not have the strength or courage to say something, *I* don’t want to have to read between the lines to figure it out.  That is where I am coming from when I write my articles, so you will know.


61 thoughts on “Men Who Hate Women—Mars Square Moon

  1. amiannDave

    Ami, I believe this to be true. My dad had this aspect. I think it stems from his mother. I don’t know what happened there, but at age 21 my dad left his home country. He didn’t tell his mother he was leaving. He also did not attend her funeral. My dad was abusive towards my mum.

  2. amiannZakiahakakatie

    Very interesting article Ami! I admire your honesty as most people these days shy away from the truth. Keep telling it as it is 😀

  3. amiannDuane

    Hey what about Sun opposite moon in a man’s chart? Or Uranus opposite moon? I have them both. My moon is far away from almost all my planets

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      One’s head and one’s heart may pull one in opposite directions( Sun oppose Moon)
      Uranus oppose Moon may have been an unstable mother and the person becomes afraid to commit to a person and/or a job that has a lot of routine.

  4. amiannTinsley

    Hi there, I’m a woman and have this aspect (moon square mars). It so happens that my mother has moon conjunct mars, and my sister is an Aries moon. None of us have many female friends and seem to always end up in adversarial relationships to other women, including each other often. But I feel that I have it the worst with the square, as I just don’t feel confortable at all with other women, like we are two different species and they don’t seem to like or understand me either. But it’s the opposite with men who I usually feel instantly at ease with! Is this weird?

  5. amiannLan

    I’m a woman with moon square mars. I have experienced a lot of violence from men directed at me. I have had a significant amount of relationships with men (family, friends, lovers, coworkers, etc.) who seem to have issues with hating women or aggressive attitudes and behaviors towards them (whether conscious or unconscious). I appreciate your forthright manner in this article. I think the house placement really matters when it comes to aspects. My moon is house 4 and mars is house 7 so relationships and security would of course be particularly affected in my case.

  6. amiannFanta

    I have this weird aspect so, in order to save my face, I rarely understand women and my friends have the moon /saturn which means difficulties in relating are my best friends. I communicate less to women and Does that count that men who do not like themselves get attracted to me?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, not trusting women is classic for this and so you called it right there. Men who do not like themselves would be something different. I have seen the Mars be conjunct Chiron or something else with the Mars in men who do not feel comfortable being male, but your question could be a number of other things, as well, too general to really say, Fanta.

      1. amiannFanta

        Oh, Indeed, don’t mind the generalized question anymore. Thank you for responding. As a (Mars square Moon) Its really hard to talk to women, Its odd but true. It feels like a limited conversation with them, I know someone, a woman who has the same placement as I do. And we both get along well and also get into frequent fights that really ends so bad. We get into nasty arguments, I usually do diffuse them cause she starts it often provoking me. It leaves me wondering if we’re really friends after all. Its a very irritating friendship at the same time, too emotionally charged so I’m often the ones who is doing the distancing.

        Let me check the mars chiron aspect… I thought it would be also be the same way for males, Amiann


        1. amiannFanta

          I’ve checked the Chiron Conjunct Mars, its about self assertion. Maybe they truly hate themselves having to accept their true masculinity. It indicates someone who is having difficulties in asserting themselves.

          In my case, Ive also have dealt an overwhelming argument with a person who struggles asserting oneself. This person represses anger so much that I can sensitively pick it up from him via (Moon Square Mars) and if it happens, I usually lash out first, he usually don’t say anything but I can feel that this person is angry. That was it I was shocked and he amittedly told me that he was really mad by saying go away. Yes. “GO AWAY”. I wonder what placement or aspect this might be but it had to with assertion.

  7. amiannAlan

    My friend is a man have moon square mars (50′). I try to ask him if he hates women (answer is definitely no). Then, he said that he never was a gay, just in case i thought him like that.
    But i think it may right. I recognize that he unconsciously feels all the women’s traits are kind of immature and hard to bear.
    This sort of men, i guess, may like tomboy women?

  8. amiannAlan

    This is a cancer moon (0°34) square aries mars (1°27) man. In addition, his have a stellium in pisces contain sun (15°47), mercury (26°39) and jupiter (7°13). I considered this is combust all mars mercury and jupiter, but easier for him to deal with.
    he always try to show the world that he is not an solf, tender man. But i know that is a man can not see people are hurted. Having just a few close friends. Very attractive to girls but still single for several years. Overall, his is quiet lucky.
    His sun/moon conjunct vesta (exact), amor and valentine orb 2°. That’s why i really want to see what is his destiny relationship.

  9. amiannJeremy

    I have a moon Pisces in the 12th with an exact squared mars in Sagittarius in the 9th. My moon also opposites Pluto. I can assure you I love woman and their energy.

      1. amiannCorri

        I got moon square Mars and done had alot of bad experiences with females I’ve dated it comes from my mom and shii but I got moon conjunct Venus so it’s a Lil different I’ve been blessed to have women in my life I gueinely connect with so it’s not as bad if a dude got moon square Mars make sure you get a women you connect with on a heart level Rs og btw I’m a black nigga from the hood saying this shii like it’s alot of karma there idk why these square are given to people like Rs I feel it’s something to be overcame from past lives

      2. amiannCorrian

        TBH moon square mars prolly love women A lot more than trine due to the friction it’s experiences that made the resentments because I got it applying and I feel like women find me very attractive it’s just uncomfortable because it’s intense masculinity hitting the moon for me it’s the being rejected alot but it’s weird cause slot of women find me sexually attractive it’s just hard to handle so women don’t know to react to me slot of times and this is definitely true because I have cried over only woman in my life not in there face tho it’s weird it’s kinda like a love hate thing on my opinion.

  10. amiannMarie

    I have been seeing a guy who has moon ( Aquarius) squared mars (Scorpio ) , his venus also squares mars. I have been highly suspecting that he dislikes women as he has a penchant for game playing dominance and submission. The more i get to know him the more i see that this includes being very turned on by sadism and humiliation. Slowly but surely i have been led somewhere i am no longer comfortable with.

      1. amiannMarie

        Yes Amiann, Sado is 7 degrees away from the Sun, a bit wide, but Nessus is conjunct the IC ( almost exact) along with his Saturn which both oppose his Sun. Excuse me while i grab a jacket, i feel a cold breeze blowing. Funny, i just discovered that his Moon (12th) square Mars (8th) is quite wide 7 degrees again. In any case there have been some savage and deliberate wounding in my opinion, but don’t mind me i’m delusional and crazy of course.

        1. amiannMarie

          By the way, my Jupiter falls right on top of his IC/ Saturn /Nessus. Could this mean that i have been more than generous to him ?

      2. amiannBori brazy

        Square equal the number 9 which is ruled by mars. And also its the number of completion so moon square mars karma is with women its be reconciled in order for the karma to be completed to turn it into a trine heavy ass karma with squares dude rs im a nigga with moon square mars and yea me my moms relationship is pretty rough it didn’t start like that tho rs it really happened overtime its werid but it’s applying to in my chart so its even worse and i have been real cold to sum of the women who i dated foreal its definitely affected my pyshce real bad man and i shead tears from them girls and just knowing i got fucks my head up its come from me having connecting to my emotional self and since mars represents the sun and moon the mother its rough. I get a strong dislike and attraction from women equal. I got moon conjunt venus to and its applying its helped smoove it a lil but its rough asl fasho man and i got venus square mars to all squares equal 9 degree martian ruled

  11. amiannShannon

    I believe that this is spot on. I just looked up my father’s birthchart and he has this aspect as well as venus square mars. Life with him as a child was hellish but that might be because of his Aries moon.
    He had two previous relationships before marrying my mom and moving to the U.S. to be with her and my older sister. When he got here my mom found out he had another child with his ex while waiting for his papers. So he omitted that fact cuz he knew if my mom knew she wouldn’t have petitioned him to the US at all.
    As a child I could tell things between my parents were strained. He was controlling and didn’t my like my Libra mother going out and being social. He accused her of cheating. Ironically, years into their marriage he cheated and had a son with a woman he’s not even with right now. I assume he’s on to the next unsuspecting woman.
    I believe my mom truly doesn’t like herself much or thinks she doesn’t deserve joy. Why else would she stay with him for so long?
    What drew my eye to your article is something my mother told me she said to my father right before they separated: “You don’t really like women, do you?” He denied it, of course, but her question really defines who he is, in my eyes.
    He also never talked about his mother or father. All of his sisters are older than him, too, so I’m wondering if there us resentment there that he’s hiding.
    To me, he likes women enough to lay in the bed with them and have an open-door relationship with but has a deep mistrust, disdain, and/or annoyance towards them and their needs.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think this aspect can, S. For a woman to hate men. Ummmmmm. I am not sure. In synastry, we could see hostility to one man like her Mars conjunct his Moon, but for her to hate men, I am not really sure. What do you think, S?

    2. amiannBori brazy

      Sun square mars or sun square venus fasho but it’s because usually how this woman perceives her father or maybe been asbued bad by men in general people can try to blame this people but really can you blame them after awhile of going through shii a hate and love is there squares in astrology is the 9 vibration so its ruled by mars. Its also the number of completeion so basically all squares must be transformed in a trine

    3. amiannKi

      I know this post is old. But I recently met an Italian men from my college and I looked up his chart, he had moon conjunct mars. When talking to him he had this obvious disgust towards me although he said he was attracted to me. He was rude and condescending, then would go back to being nice, he is a pisces sun, aries moon. Seems to be a sadist and gets off on humiliating people but seemed more comfortable with men. Idk him well. He has sun square pluto too? I don’t know his birth time, but the signs were obvious I was dealing with a very promiscuous men and I had a gut feeling of him hating women. Does it manifest the same? I have a pluto conjunct rising in the 12th house with a scorpio moon and I am big on my intuition at times about others.

  12. amiannStephanie

    I’ve certainly had girlfriends who clearly had problems with men. The one I’m thinking of had a Scorpio moon. I guess I want to know what it is about this specific aspect that would/can make men hostile towards woman? I don’t believe any aspect is inherently bad, that’s why I’m interested in the WHY. Does this aspect make men insecure? Would they resent the power(sexual, etc) woman have over them? I can’t imagine telling a client, “ oh btw, your boyfriend secretly hates you because he has this aspect”.

  13. amiannDamabiah7

    Hi, sorry for my language im french talker lol
    My fiance has a moon square venus. I think he cheat me with a men.. but he say no way…
    I feel unloved thats horrible. I want try to have a conversation with about this but.. I dont understand he and his feeling.. His mother have commit a suicide long time ago and i think she affect him. I want understand but so difficult.. now i just want understand and respect her opinion but im sad about this.. but its not a surprise for me. A few month ago i think hes is dangerous to me.. now its complicated. My situation its very complicated. I think what you say its real… god ;(

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Love, and I am sorry for all you have been through! With really big problems, it is usually more than Mars square the Moon though.

  14. amiannM

    Could internalized misogyny play out in a woman’s chart who has this aspect? I have this aspect and I wouldn’t say I’m misogynistic but definitely have a hard time trusting women and having solid friendships with them.

  15. amiannLou

    Wow Ami, I relate to what you said about asteroid Child and Dejanira. I have them conjunct Pluto in 12th.

    What do you think of a man like you describe, with Mars in cancer square his Moon in Aries, but also this Moon trines his Venus ( which is a beautiful aspect in a man) and is opposite Uranus? Strong need of emotional freedom for sure. But wouldn’t this hate against women be softened in a way because of the trine?

  16. amiannHelike13

    I have Moon in Cancer trine Mars in Scorpio with exact orb. And Saturn in Scorpio with a 2 degrees orb. And yes, I don’t like women.

  17. amiannUlrika

    I think it maybe indicates a boy left out of action. I mean, action with women. That some woman like the little boys mother telling him to be with the men and the boys while the women and the girls having a femaletime. Leaving him with another disapointed man/boy who is not good at making the day/night magic like the mothers/women/girls can.

  18. amiannjess

    I´m wondering what can indicate if the man has this aspect (with aries as the rouler of the 7th house and moon in tauro in 7th house…making a square with the moon in leo) but in a synastry…the woman´s mars is in libra conjunct moon in scoprio and both overlay his ascendant…is like a mirror but at the same time this woman has this two planets working together…

  19. amiannS

    Wow, this is a fascinating subject. I know someone with this aspect, but he also has moon trine Venus. His mom died when he was very young and was stuck with an abusive father. He seems to get along with everyone. Maybe there’s some underlying resentment because she “left” him alone to fend for himself? I don’t know what to make of it.

    My dad has a Cancer Mars opposite his Aquarius moon. I can see how this aspect is similar to the square. With his Venus and Mars conjunction, he’s definitely not awkward or uncomfortable around women. He just has bad taste and can’t see someone he becomes infatuated with for who they really are. After all, he married my mother. It has made me feel uncomfortable throughout my life though.

  20. amiannJ

    Just got out of a relationship with a Sun Venus Aries man. He has 10H Moon conjunct Pluto in Libra opposite 4H Venus in Aries (Sun conjunct Chiron also in Aries but 17 degree orb between Sun and Venus) and squaring 7H Mars in Cancer. Explosive temper, ex wife cheated on him. I realized his levels of anger were not commensurate with the situations we were dealing with (i.e. too early in the relationship for him to be this angry). He will likely never get help because he doesn’t think he has a problem. Very sad situation…kids just use him for money/provider and go to the mom (Scorpio) for emotional support. I had to flow away…

  21. amiannKi

    I know this post is old. But I recently met an Italian men from my college and I looked up his chart, he had moon conjunct mars. When talking to him he had this obvious disgust towards me although he said he was attracted to me. He was rude and condescending, then would go back to being nice, he is a pisces sun, aries moon. Seems to be a sadist and gets off on humiliating people but seemed more comfortable with men. Idk him well. He has sun square pluto too? I don’t know his birth time, but the signs were obvious I was dealing with a very promiscuous men and I had a gut feeling of him hating women. Does it manifest the same? I have a pluto conjunct rising in the 12th house with a scorpio moon and I am big on my intuition at times about others.

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