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Mental Illness—-Mercury Square Uranus

To the people who will jump on my case, I KNOW that mental illness is a complex issue with many Astrological factors, but for purposes of discussion we need to isolate parts. I have an article on the Mercury/Sun combust. The combust makes for a situation where the person cannot step back from his ego. He is too close to his own emotions, feelings and reactions. I think the exact combust is a terribly hard aspect. Each degree away from exact is a small movement away from this hardship and into greater freedom. However, today we are talking about something else–Mercury square Uranus.

Let’s look at Uranus, alone. Uranus scares me. I don’t like it because my mother had Jupiter oppose Uranus and she liked to shock me. Uranus is the planet of the outrageous. If you see a man in sweats at a black tie event, he has a strong Uranus. If you see a man with a tux at a beach event, he has a strong Uranus. If you see a macho guy with eyeliner a la Alice Cooper, he has a strong Uranus. If you see a professional with spiked two toned hair, he has a strong Uranus. These would be outer manifestations of Uranus, but there are inner ones. If you see someone who will say anything at anytime, he has a strong Uranus. I have not seen Howard Stern’s chart, but I am sure he has a strong Uranus.

Uranus in a trine or sextile is one thing, as the energy will be controlled and not too eccentric and jarring. The trine and sextile would make for mental brilliance and creativity. This person would follow his own drummer. The trine is not an aspect that makes me have a sharp intake of breath. However, the square is.

Let’s look at Mercury first, before we combine them. Mercury is the mind, quite simply. From the mind, we communicate. Hence, Mercury is communication, verbal and written. When we put Uranus in proximity to Mercury, we have several unique happenings. I have seen one Uranus conjunct Mercury in a brilliant young man. I saw him descend into mental illness before my eyes. It seemed to be an inexorable force. Do all people with Mercury conjunct Uranus descend into mental illness? He is the only person I have known with it, so it is a one person sample. If you have this placement, or know someone with it, please write to me and tell me your experience.

With some planets, the conjunct is beneficent. With others, it s not. It is malefic. With Uranus, it is the latter.Uranus puts too much power on the delicate Mercury. Think of how fragile your mind really is. You do not want it overpowered by the nuclear electricity of Uranus.

Let’s talk about opposition. The opposition of Mercury and Uranus is not as hard as the square. With any opposition, if is a yin/yang phenomenon. Think of someone who is moody. One day, they are nice. One day, they are mean. However, they are not locked into a set, nasty, mean persona. They can flip in and out of it. That is the nature of the opposition. As such, the opposition is much easier than the square.

I think I have described how Uranus/ Mercury impacts a person in trines, sextiles,conjunctions, oppositions and squares. I hope you can get a sense of why the hard aspects would be one classic aspect the Astrologer would look at, in evaluating for mental illness.





36 thoughts on “Mental Illness—-Mercury Square Uranus

  1. amiannMercury Square Uranus

    I do not believe that a broad conclusion can be drawn from one isolated event. To me, it sounds more like a projection of your personal issues with Uranus and placing it together with shadow aspects of hard aspects onto the mercurial function Creating a negative persona. I’m an energetic practitioner and without a doubt, mental illness stems from serious imbalances in energy due to an unkept/imbalanced aura along with chakras etc. To me it sounds like you may have a fragile mind, maybe you have an abundant of planets in water or the water only seems logical. From my experience and seeing other people with this aspect, Uranus acts as a power source for mental energy, and when properly directed, breeds extreme intelligence, quickness and individual thinking and humanitarianism. I believe if the person as a WHOLE is imbalanced, this aspect can cause excitability or nervousness, but someone with Pisces, Capricorn or a loaded 12th house or hard Neptune aspects arr way more suspectable to mental illness.

  2. amiannJane Bevan

    My dob is 6/28/1968. I have a loaded 12th house and a mercury square uranus and I have had to deal with mental illness most my life. I’ve been on the brink of suicide multiple occasions, had hallucinations, post partum depression and now menopause which has nothing to do with it but it doesn’t help keep me stable. My life has been hell trying to live without not hurting myself or another human.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I hear you, Jane! Take some solace in that it is not your fault but it is your chart energies. Anyone who had your chart would struggle in the same way, my dear Friend.

  3. amiannMary

    2 of my best friends have Uranus square Mercury and they both seem normal to me. I have known both for many years, I actually worked with both in the same office. I am confused.

  4. amiannwiliana

    lol i came here from your mercury square neptune post and wow i have this aspect as well! with uranus in capricorn in 3rd house squaring mercury in libra in 12th house (talk about the worst placement ever) and i am mentally ill! am i doomed?

    1. amiannanon

      agreed. I am HIGHLY offended I have mercury and mars conj and square Uranus in my second, And for being a Christian, HA! And an astrologer… I would HIGHLY suggest you change the title of this to something less offensive, unless you are trying to piss off everyone who reads it.

  5. amiannJoe

    This is so off about mercury square uranus causes the only person saying uranus is a planet of ingenuity it have nothing do with mental health issue

    1. amiannJane

      It was a question. Not an arrogant statement. I truly and with great desperation wanted to know why I struggle. I’m sorry I offended you with my lack of ignorance. I did not know.

  6. amiannAri

    Hi Ami,
    I love your page! I’ve been reading your articles for a few months and it’s been so helpful and eye opening in my constant quest to learn as much as I can about astrology. I was wondering do you think Mercury square Uranus can cause someone to be harshly judgmental and critical of others? My mother has this placement and I think she sort of thinks her thoughts are more superior than others. She is very narrow-minded. Other people can attest to this, not just me. She also Mercury square Saturn- her only other mercury aspect. I’m so sorry for the long write up. I wish you peace, love, and abundance. Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You made my day, Ari, with that lovely comment! I think the critical nature of your Mom is the Mercury/Saturn. The Mercury/Uranus is not critical, per se, more self tormented. Please, write more comments, so we can chat!

  7. amiannIkim88

    My son is only two years old and I am not sure what will happen later on down the road but I think there is a chance where he may become ADD/ADHD. My ex-had this placement but it was different with him because he is an adult and understanding the meaning of staying focus. Kids are different and have this burst of energy that seems to never become still. This is why in the near future I am thinking about homeschooling knowing schedules are flexible and he won’t be having much trouble with his education because Mama is the one who is gonna see what she can do manage his day to day routine than a school system. I realized that with some people with this aspect can really be sporadic can really challenge authorities at times I am prepared for it. Yet it’s about understanding the maturity that comes with it. Mercury Square Uranus can have some mental issues but knowing depending on the placement in the houses. my son has this in mercury in Retrograde with Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. So I am thinking the best option is Homeschooling understanding he won’t be able to sit through 8 hours of schooling. yet he can barely stay still now and I was thinking about preschool. It can be quite stressful finding the right solutions for kids.

  8. amiannLuke

    I have Uranus conjunct Neptune (Uranus in 7 degrees Aquarius and Neppy in 29 degrees Cap) both in the first house squaring my Mercury in 29 degrees Aries (3rd house) and I’m nuts lol. Definitely see the world in a completely different way to other people in some ways, but I wouldn’t say that the square necessarily indicates, “mental illness” just that you’ll have a tougher time organising your life and communications without going off the rails a lil.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YEA< I do not say "mental illness" as a certain thing, at all. I don't think the Uranus/Mercury square is very close either, if I am reading it right, Luke. The Merc/Neptune square is exact, so you may tend to see life from a fantasy world like you make your own fantasy world and go into it and live there lol. Can you relate?

  9. amiannJanay Matthews

    I know two people who have this. It’s my mother and my peer specialist teacher. My mother has it in a 3 degree orb and let me tell you, she is off the hook and has the narcissistic personality disorder with bipolar maybe borderline too. She thinks that she is a comedian and does parodies on her YouTube account, swindling money and gifts from random people. My teacher on the other hand has a mental illness but he is gifted and talented and creative when it comes to art and theatre. His aspect is in a 5-6 degree orb so maybe that’s why he is much more nice, talented, and rational.

  10. amianndev

    What is on display here is the awful good/bad interpretations in Traditional Astrology. Rather than empowering an individual or client with information that is helpful or transformative, here is the old superstitious take on this aspect. Mental Illness is a complicated physical, emotional, spiritual state that is not easily diagnosed nor understood and the stigma seems perpetuated by this “hard”Uranus-square Mercury aspect. Squares when integrated and learned can produce the most growth and change of consciousness.

  11. amiannLisaDiane

    The people with the OVERLY critical comments make me snicker! – if you don’t agree, why take it so freakin’ personally…?? Lol!! I read stuff online ALL THE TIME that sounds ridiculous (to ME), so I click “back” and pick something else….why the need to showcase your inner instability and word-vomit! (Like that image, Ami? :-D) Besides, I find it interesting and thought-provoking when someone draws conclusions that are far-off from mainstream or typical, on ANY topic; and especially when I am seeking to LEARN about something, I value any and every opinion and point-of-view I can find!!! So, DUH!….be like ME!!!!! 😀 (Actually, I don’t care if anyone is like me or not – I just shake my head, with a smile, and move on!)

  12. amiannLisaDiane

    Ami, my 24 yr old son has this placement, with just under 2dg orb, and he’s definitely NOT mentally ill…BUT….he is VERY “unique” in his thoughts! Like, we all tease him that he IS “mental” – he has always asked the weirdest questions! Like even just a few months ago, he asked “what if all the bugs had my face?!!” — we all still bring that up for fun (like, I’ll say, “Oh! What if all the ________ had your/my face?!”; there are endless ways to fit that in to conversations!!! :-D). I would also say that he is DISCONTENT in his mind – like, always seeking something, restless. I homeschooled him, and am SO GLAD I did, he would have been labeled learning disabled (ADHD) in a school setting, I’m certain. He is VERY intelligent, not genius, but also high emotional intelligence. He could do anything he wanted to do, but can’t seem to SETTLE on anything, nothing has held his interest for long! My niece also has this aspect, albeit nearly 9dg orb, but she is also mentally “restless” and anxiety-prone (with a Taurus sun!). I have a Mercury/Uranus CONJUNCTION, and your description on that page fits me AMAZINGLY well….maybe I’ll comment over there….! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the more I get closer to God, the more I see the field of psychology is a fraud. So, calling people “mentally ill” is not really right. I studied Psych for 6 years but now,I believe it is one of the biggest frauds out there.

  13. amiannjay

    definitely not a fan of this article. I have mercury (virgo) square uranus (sag). My mind is sharp and it moves fast. If anything, this placement gives us a chip on our shoulders. I was at the top of my class in elemnentary school. no learning disorders, nothing of the kind. if I was passionate about a topic, i was the top student. I function better than most people but coming up with solutions to problems. Not create more problems with problems. That’s mental illness. 😛 Sigh. Mental illness is a physical thing, not to be associated with astrology. You come to the planet when the planets energy resonate the most with what your soul resonates.. Something like that. Your brain doesn’t go with you when you back “home”.

  14. amiannevevev

    My mercury squares uranus/ orb: 2 ° and what I witnessed is that my mind was definitely fragile and I experienced this especially when I smoked weed. Like, I would have BRILLIANT thougts, but like hundred of them in a minute. There’s no way I can stop them and can forget to try to fall asleep when stoned. I had a terrible insomnia and few times I felt I could go crazy. I dont know how I managed somehow to stay calm and to observe all that, but it’s really terrible what I experienced those times, and I think that with this aspect you definitely have to be careful. I guess meditation is a must with this aspect.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much. Someone close to me has it at 2 and his mind goes wild–the monkey mind. Jesus is the answer to everything, in my opinion, my Friend

    2. amiannMaya

      How have you coped with this? I understand meditating but how do you stay calm in the midst of it and how did you overcome it? I have Uranus square mercury too and recently I can feel the fragility of my mind and also the nervous anxiety along with it. I also have sun and mercury in the 12th house. I feel like you took the words out of my mouth and I’m going through it right now and honestly sometimes I just want to scream. It seems like the answer is as simple as don’t think about it but I just can’t. I think mental unrest is what this placement ultimately means for almost everyone.

  15. amiannkob

    What’s your take on someone who has Mercury square the majority of their chart? Seriously. It’s square to Mars, Neptune, Uranus, North Node, Chiron, and MC. It’s also the focal point of a Yod with my Moon and Pluto. Luckily I don’t suffer from any mental illness but this is the most aspected planet on my chart. My Mercury is in Aries, 6th house.

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