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Mercury Trine Mercury


I am my own laboratory. People don’t know I am doing Astrological experiments on them. HA. That is our secret.

Do you know one of those people who understand PERFECTLY what you mean when you make a joke?

They are laughing the minute the joke leaves your mouth.

I know someone like that. so I asked for his birth information.

He is a Scorpio Ascendant with a Pisces Sun and a Gemini Moon, which is an interesting combination–a little mystery, a little softness and a little crazy, whacky Gemini.

The interesting point was that I found him VERY handsome( he looks exactly like Tony Soprano), very smart and very witty, but had no attraction to him.

I went to the charts and found out why.

There were no attraction aspects but there was a lovely exact trine between out Mercuries.

We had an amazing mental simpatico!

One of the best ways to learn Astrology is to experience a person and then run to the charts and see why!

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