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Moon/Chiron in Synastry

pink leg tattooChiron is a wild card like a Mobius strip. I have mined some of Chiron’s wealth, simply by doing charts and picking brains. Being a Gemini helps because we are endlessly inquisitive. However, I don’t think I have seen Moon/Chiron in synastry. Chiron, in synastry, usually takes the path of a close friendship and then a breaking apart. However, I wonder if there can be a revulsion in there, too. The strangest relationship I ever had was my Nessus conjunct her Chiron. This started as a close friendship, went to a hostile one, then went to a closer one, in the manner of best friends and then broke up, altogether and forever. I put forth this question for your opinion and so we all can learn together. I look forward to your Comments!

13 thoughts on “Moon/Chiron in Synastry

  1. amiannMoonChild

    My Eris CONJ Her Jupiter / Squares my Moon / Trines my Neptune / Oppose my Pluto.
    Her Eris sits on my Chiron in 7th House (exact conj to 0 degrees) / Squares my Jupiter.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If these are close, I would expect some irritation between you when you get married. Eris/Chiron sounds hard. Just watch for it. Every chart has some good and bad things, of course, Moonie dear!

  2. amiannRhiannon

    I actually am currently dealing with a guy who has a Gemini Moon and my Gemini Chiron/Mars sit on it in conjunction! We fell apart YEARS ago after a falling out when I was dating his best friend for almost 3 years, who ended up cheating on me. But now have re-established ourselves. We also use to hook up and for some strange reason we were in the same school together (3rd – 12th grade), but never ONCE said a word to each other, even with the lockers 5-6 down from each other lol he did say he use to notice me all the time.

    Anyway, I can say that it’s a profound connection when you have this placement with someone. I think it heals both people in the areas that need to be healed. The first time around, after hanging out together, I wasn’t sad anymore (7-8 deaths of friends and family by September 2009, so i was emotionally depressed, but also a Scorpio Moon/Pluto 8th house here!). I felt renewed after being with him. I was happy again. I know I healed him a bit because when we did finally meet, two weeks prior he was dumped by his girlfriend of a year and felt devastated. So being around me he wasn’t so much.

    Now being around him again? Same deal, minus the fact that this time I’m the one dealing with break ups (two other relationships since his best friend, that’s three total from 2010 – June 2015!) and he’s been single since September 2012. I feel a sense of being a phoenix again when I’m around him. I feel light hearted, balanced, joyous, people have been said I’m more upbeat and have a pep in my step!

    But we also have the Sag Saturn oppo the Gem Moon (his moon, my Saturn), which causes for me to maybe at times distant and off because I’m at a point where I’m separated emotionally on a big level with how i feel towards him and what I physically feel as well.

    But overall with the placement as mentioned in the article, it can be one of the most profoundly healing things to happen. Even if it doesn’t last long or you reconnect with the person at a much later time in the future, it changes you and heals you. I believe everyone should have a connection like this at least once in their life.

  3. amiannmarie

    Hi Amiann ! I have just looked up the chart of one of my clients i am currently working with (serious mental health issues) and my Sun and Moon fall on top of his Chiron. I see him nearly every day and we have a real liking of one another, a good therapeutic relationship. I see past his health condition into his real self, but that is something i always do in my work. Its easy with him. I know i wont be in his life forever but i am his advocate and i intend to go to every length to make his sad life as comfortable as i can. I bet this makes some astrological sense.

      1. amiannMarie

        Yes Ami, it was a contract work, over now and did end strangely. He sabotaged the relationship and later told me it was because he was attracted to me. I had to shower him so this was awkward.

  4. amiannSolLibra

    Ami, I know this is an old article, but did you know that Prince Harry’s Moon conjuncts Meghan Markle’s Chiron at 21/22 degrees of Taurus? 😮

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