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Moons That Will Sell You Out

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You know nothing will stop me from giving my opinion. I am like the postman of Astrology: neither sleet, nor snow, nor summer rains. I am a Cancer Moon and Mars. Cancer Mars may need a nuclear bomb to make it move but we are LOYAL. Cancer Moon is loyal to a fault. However, I do not consider it a fault. If someone does not appreciate it, the lack is in them, not in me. *Sigh* A Diatribe.

Let’s get on with the subject. This may be my fourth article on Loyal Moons. That is the case because I am fascinated by the subject of loyalty( and disloyalty) If I am your friend, I will fight for you. If I love you, I will be on your side. I will slay dragons for you. You will not have to wonder if I will look the other way when you are attacked. I will jump headlong into the fray. That quality is inherent in Cancer Moon and Mars. I do not know which is the more powerful harbinger of loyalty, the Moon or Mars. I would say that it is the Moon. Hence, this article will deal with Moon signs.

My greatest attribute in Astrology may be that I OBSERVE. I look at all situations and apply them to the charts. Hence, I have come upon certain conclusions about Moon signs and loyalty. First of all, some Moons are not loyal in the same manner as deeply loyal Moons. Deeply Loyal Moons are Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. The aforementioned Moons take loyalty VERY seriously. These Moons do not brook betrayal. Think Michael Corleone in the Godfather. If you are the disloyal type, better hook up with an Air Moon—-Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. These Moons are notoriously disloyal with Libra being the worst. Libra Moon is called the Courtesan’s Moon: cold and fickle.

Pisces Moon feels things very deeply, too deeply, in fact. However, he does not seem to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up when needed. He may, at times, but one cannot truly count on him.

I really do not know many Sagittarius or Virgo Moons on an intimate basis to know if they will stand up, so cannot comment. They are mutable which bodes for their not standing up well but I cannot comment based on personal experience, which is what I employ in all of my articles.

I do not know many Aries Moons. I would imagine that they could stand up based on the fact that Aries is a fighter but I cannot comment from personal experience, once again.

To me, the most important part of a synastry are the Moon connections( or lack thereof) If one person is a loyal Moon and she pairs with a disloyal Moon, there will be problems, in my opinion. For those of us who are l extremely loyal,we do not take betrayal lightly. For the Cancer Moon, betrayal will result in a coldness which may last a lifetime. The Scorpio Moon will cut you off without a backward glance.

A funny( to me) observation is that the disloyal Moons will not admit they are disloyal. No one wants to admit he is disloyal. It is like admitting that you don’t like puppies. However, the actions of these Moons give them away, especially to the keen observer. You can be one, too.

I think the upshot is that loyal Moons should form relationships with other loyal Moons. Loyalty has a language. If you have to be TOLD, you have failed from the start. It is something you know or don’t–whichever may be the case.

PS This is one of my earlier articles and I may have been a little stronger than I feel now. However, I do feel that the moons mentioned as “loyal moons” are the most loyal and really should be together because loyalty is a very strong value to those of us who fall in the loyal moon category.

33 thoughts on “Moons That Will Sell You Out

  1. amiannLovingMysrery

    Please can you fight for me Ami??? I am a gay man and Christian people tell me I am living in sin. Can you please stand up for me and accept me the way that I am? Can you please stand up for us? We need you. Ellen needs you. :-((

  2. amiannLovingMystery

    Lol..your my friend, so fight for me and my right to be gay with God. Repeat after me: I Ami am very sorry for telling you that you belong in hell because you are gay. From now on my loyal moon will be on your side. :-))

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have gay friends. I love them. It is not up to me to judge. I am not in the judging business. I see people as hearts. I really don’t see skin color, gay/straight etc lol

  3. amiannRae

    Very true. Libra moons are VERY disloyal. All my bestfriends have been libra moons and they will all switch up in a second if something better presents itself. Being an Aries moon, we are very loyal. Will fight for family an friends before they would fight for tere own self.

  4. amiannLesley Jackson

    I find that Libra Moons are disloyal because they’re shallow. They move on very quickly so don’t get too attached to anyone, even though they pretend they do. There’s no depth to them. I had one boyfriend with a Libra moon and he’d chat to my worst enemy. I have also had a close friend with the same moon and she got through so many friends without a backward glance. Shallow and superficial.. Loyalty is very i portant to me – Leo moon, Cancer Mars.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lesley,people will get mad at me, but I agree :/ I don’t do astrology for popularity. I don’t write my articles for popularity. I try to bring TRUTH to people. Hence, I will not be liked by the people who prickle at the truth, but why bother writing at all, if I am too weak to be honest lol

  5. amiannTraci

    I have Libra moon, Aries sun & asc. I’ve been single 5 years, just started seeing someone, across the country. Actually he will be flying in, in a few hours, anyway…it has been a bit of a challenge for me to give up one connection (another cross country ?) I held prior to he and I. There are a few dynamics I’m giving time between he and I to see if they turn into a full blown red flag or if he manages to contain these tendencies. If he does I will cut all ties without a doubt. I couldn’t live with myself. I am extremely loyal, unless crossed, to a fault and anyone who knows me knows that honesty in a non negotiable from my friends, to kids et al. I have a shit ton of Aries energy, I credit those traits coming from that.
    I will admit to straight up vanishing on a few men I was talking to very regularly over the years but don’t think that leaves one unaffected. The guilt lingered for a good period of time.. but unlike what the above comments referenced I only swim deep, cannot tolerate shallow in any fashion, so that, in addition to someone new catching my attention was enough for me to hightail it. And there was no ill will behind it, only not wanting the “confrontation.”
    I have no problem admitting my faults, but please, especially the others commenting, remember… one placement or aspect does not make a chart/individual.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I appreciate your writing to me,Traci.! One placement does not a whole chart make. That is very true but the Moon is very, very deep in a person and so, the Moon is very important in telling us the basic thrusts of people.

  6. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne, as much as I love your articles I don’t agree with some things you said here. Moon signs don’t make you bad or disloyal, your whole chart, bad asteroids, dangerous fixed stars, numerology chart and personality do. I’m glad that Libra Moons can stay calm under pressure and see things from many point of views, not always fight and jump into things. As a Tropical Scorpio Moon and sidereal Libra Moon, I value honesty, love, and loyalty too put at times I can be caught up seeing things the wrong way and I need to step black and broaden my lens to understand the situation better and to control my emotions. Don’t get me wrong I hate being betrayed and will cut someone out after giving them so many chances but I sometimes have to see things some another perspective. One more thing, some truths can be painful to hear and the darker side of my Scorpio Moon is not very pretty. I love Scorpio Moons and all the water moons with their deep love, empathy, psychology, psychic abilities, and compassion but Scorpio Moons need more emotional intelligence like Cancer and Pisces Moons have and even like Libra and Sagittarius Moons too. Scorpio Moons including myself shouldn’t throw everyone under the bus, especially good people when we had a paranoid thoughts that everyone is out to get us when it’s only a very small fraction in reality. We are creating more enemies than there are that exist in our lives. I must confess something, I was depressed in therapy and thought that my sweet, angelic, precious best friend was against me. She has a Pisces Moon. I thought that she took her so called frenemies side over mine, who put her down and want to take her job away from her because of jealousy and because she has a mental illness. I did something horrible and destroyed the 3 items that she brought me and was going to write a harsh note and show her. I had extreme guilt, the next morning several hours later and decided not to take revenge and to see my best friend in a compassionate light. I brought her an apology and thanksgiving card and I will pay her back with a money order, for the damaged items. That’s a horrible action on my part that shouldn’t never happened in the first place. Scorpio Moon’s thoughts can be extreme, dark, sad, and depressing at worst. This change of thought and heart wasn’t because I seen a mouse in my apartment either even though through karma a rat could be sent through the universe and retaliated in my kitchen cabinet from New York City (I live in Elmsford, NY) if I caused my friend to end her life by breaking her heart and hurting her trust in me. I don’t want to do something terrible to cause my friend deep pain, sadness, and for her to hurt herself. I will feel very terrible if I caused her to risk her life have I really went to the extreme end with my bad actions. I hope that she has more help and joy in her life because she is going through a difficult time right now. I hope that my mental health gets better too. I hope that the both of us can heal in due time with the right help and resources. To all Scorpio Moons and all the Moon signs in general, try to handle your behavior and emotions and cherish your best friends while you still have them currently in your life. Don’t take nothing for granted and yelling, fighting, negative advice/opinions from others, breaking things, and revenge are not always worth it. I will always love my best friend because she opened up herself to me first, even though she was my supervisor. She didn’t had to be nice or loving towards me and I’m very grateful and satisfied for all that she had done. I will always cherish her and never destroy her gifts or stoop nearly this low again. Scorpios do have a lot of potential for growth but we need more emotional intelligence, self-compassion and also even more compassion for others, and learn about forgiveness/healing when we truly feel ready and right to do so. I definitely know that I need to work on this and despite some progress and setbacks, I still have a long way to go.

  7. amiannJanay Matthews

    One more thing, as I was reading this article, I was thinking about your natal chart especially Mars in Cancer. One person did mention this before. I’m not being mean and I’m not judging or trying to change how you run things, just your perspective a bit when it comes to loyalty and seeing thing from your friend’s or others point of view. That person on the forum and others did mention that Mars in Cancer women can be quite traditional when it comes to loyalty and wanting someone stronger to fight their own battles. Well there was this one sweet little girl in July 2002 who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed, and she fought her hardest against her attacker. Her best friend was with her before the incident and reported it to the cops and she even knew the exact description of the killer, despite her very young age. The victim was a Leo Sun with Mars in Cancer. If she can be that courageous with a Mars in Cancer, then more people with this placement can handle their battles better and not expect everyone to fight for them for every little single thing. Overall, I think that you are defining loyalty by your Mars in Cancer. We are both water moons (I’m a Scorpio Moon) and we both have the Mars square Neptune aspect which according to Truth in Aspect Astrologer Jewels means that we can get very defensive when someone doesn’t always agree with us and we can sometimes have others walk on eggshells. Us Cancer and Scorpio Moons must learn that we can’t always throw someone under the bus especially innocent, good, and fragile people and others who may not always agree with us. Just because your best friends don’t agree with everything doesn’t mean that you neglect them or throw them in the trash. That’s another form of betrayal that we could doing too that we don’t like. The homeless lady in Home Alone 2 movie didn’t let the child or main character die all because he was small, weaker, or a different gender. She didn’t scream at him and tell him to fight while she rested in the background. She even got her pigeons to help out. That’s the real meaning of friendship on both sides regardless of status. It wasn’t one sided and each person was there for the other and no one was thrown under the bus or cut off because some of their views were different. Loyalty has nothing to do with throwing good people under the bus when things don’t go our way. That’s just selfishness and immaturity. Anyways I still love your websites and articles and they are very engaging but if you want to keep on expanding your perspective, sometimes it has to widen every now and then, whenever you feel more self aware and comfortable.

  8. amiannJanay Matthews

    I felt like a fool sticking up for people who won’t have my back. I’m starting to not like any of the moon signs because they all let me down in very crushing ways.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        Thank you Ami. Now I understand what you are saying and I’m sorry if I seem like I forced my point of view on you, thinking that I seen the light and had to so call repent and redeem myself for unpleaseable people and YouTube channels who hate Scorpio Moons thinking that we are cutthroat demons and we shouldn’t run for president because everything will turn into hell and there needs to be a pill to abort Scorpio Moon babies. We not alowed to run on God’s earth and wonderful creation. How cruel and heartless is that. It’s like I’ve been hated every since ive came out the womb. Lots of bullied, abused, and raped and murdered children had a Scorpio moon. I guess they deserve their fates according to these heartless, harsh, YouTube astrologers. I even had self-hatred in the process and glorified Pisces moons. I’ve learned that they are far from angels. You, Astrologer IQ, Rabinah, Rev. Alice Miller, Flightboss, and 13signsastrology are real astrologers, not some fake ones on YouTube causing zodiac wars, bullying, betrayal, self-hatred, and favoritizing certain signs for brownie points. They must have got their astrology degrees and certificates from Microsoft Office clipart. I’m sorry for feeling down about the moon signs but it’s hard for me to trust intimate relationships at this point. Hopefully this will change in time.

  9. amiannJanay Matthews

    My Pisces Moon friend sold me out for her job, money, Macy’s discount cards, and shopping sprees. Here is our Chaldean numerology charts that astrologer IQ did for me;

    Name Numerology for Janay Monique Matthews:
    JANAY = 1,1,5,1,1 = 9, ruled by Mars
    MONIQUE = 4,7,5,1,1,6,5 = 29 = 11, a Master Number. Ruled by the Moon.
    MATTHEWS = 4,1,4,4,5,5,6,3 = 32 = 5, ruled by Mercury.

    Total = 25 = 7, ruled by Neptune. The best frequecy for Neptune is 25. This is highly Spiritual and gives the blessing
    of learning from one’s mistakes by applying comparative study.

    Lucky days every month: 7th, 16th and 25th. Mondays are the lucky day of the week as Neptune is considered the Higher Octave of the Moon.

    Name Numerology for Nancy Ann Porter:
    NANCY = 5,1,5,3,1 = 15 = 6, ruled by Venus.
    ANN = 11, a Master Number. Ruled by the Moon. Your Middle Name is also 11. A link ?
    PORTER = 8,7,2,4,5,2 = 28 = 10 =1, ruled by the Sun.

    Total = 18, ruled by Mars. 18 is not a lucky freqeuncy for Mars, 27 is loads better.

    18 represents Spiritual-Material Conflict. General Aggressivenes and Motivation Levcels are high but conflicted thinking causes obstacles.

  10. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami, I realized my part in my actions and I shouldn’t have thrown my best friend under the bus. I was really angry about my abusive aunt, family, childhood, and past, and the thought of losing Nancy because of certain professional boundaries broke my heart because I experienced so many deaths and loss as a child. I have Venus conjunct Chiron in house 8. I shouldn’t have taken my anger and revenge on her and her job. I will apologize to her and amend my actions. That was terrible on my part and I really regret that. Having a Scorpio Moon is not easy but it’s still no excuse. It feels like I have to keep dying to my old self over and over until I get it right even if I do have God in my life because some parts in my chart are not easy especially Nessus and Maniac conjunct Mercury and my Midheaven. My mind can be irrational with dark thoughts when I’m angry, stressed or depressed. I wish that there was a magical wand to get rid of these dark asteroids or not them prominent in my chart. It feels like one mistake can mess my whole character up. Anyways, my friend is sweet and lovely and she doesn’t deserve meanness from me or anyone else.

  11. amiannAsdf

    Libra moons are the worst. You’re completely right Ami Ann, they are the most superficial flakey partners who will tell you “i love you” and not actually mean it.
    They are also masters of being there but not really present.
    I would never date one again. Too fake and would def sell you out in a heartbeat.

  12. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami. I’m sorry if I was too angry or preachy on here. We water strong people do have the courage to survive on the planet even if we don’t always survive or make it to the finish line. At least we made it. The water Mars people are more courageous and selfless than I think. I should not have been angry at my Pisces Moon friend. She was very brave, strong, sensitive, and also taught her hardest. She was just manipulated with lies and pushed into a corner. I wished I could of fought harder, help cross the finish line with her and been more calmer and empathic instead of being angry that an unknown spiteful third party split us apart. I was selfish and caught up in my own anger, attachments, neediness, and holiday spirits. I should of thought more about her and others suffering. Being a Scorpio Moon conjunct Scorpio Pluto in house 12, I need to stop playing the victim/hero/martyr role when it comes to others or a perceived threat. Anyways Ami I should not have been trying to preach to you before experience first hand how people under certain bad afflictions and charts act like. I shouldn’t be the one trying to be a motivational speaker while your situation is probably going a lot better than mines. I need to get my life in order and get rid of toxic people. Anyways your articles are on point a lot of times.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        Ok. Thank you so much. I was just explaining my own recent and past personal experiences with dark-sided Libra Moons first hand. Now I can see what you are talking about. They can be so miserable with themselves or life and make you feel like you’re at the bottom of the barrel by downgrading your feelings and abilities and by destroying your happy relationships. My peer specialist teacher is an example of a dark-sided Libra Moon and dark-sided Capricorn Sun.

  13. amiannVivian

    Aries Moon here ….we can be loyal to the ones we love although selfish sometimes. My saturn square combats this making me feel responsible for my actions and loved ones. It tempers down the fire.

  14. amiannAdriana

    I think just the moon sign alone can’t predict some one’s loyalty. It’s just an indication. Other planets and the aspects are very important too. Personally I have the worst experiences with moon in gemini. Generally spoken I think they are flaky, gossipers, two faced, have double standards and are disloyal. Sun in aries with moon in libra seems to be a very bad combination too. They pretend to care about others, but in the end they only care about them selves.

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