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Mush Astrology

kiss black and whiteI get the question of why I am so definite in my articles. Why don’t I  more fully explore the various  sides of a placement? I am definite for a reason. I am direct for a reason and I give my opinions for a reason. I will explain.

I suppose the answer starts in my childhood with a New Age mother. She would scream that there were no rights or wrongs. I was a vulnerable, sensitive child. I craved rights and wrongs. I had no curfew. I craved a curfew. I was a responsible child because my world had few boundaries.  It was a world of mush where anything goes:where there were no absolutes, only what you wanted.

If I go further back, my mother molested me. I was too young to have words, so I froze. I froze in fear and have been frozen ever since. This plays into my story because my story is about my voice, my frozen voice. I have Echo conjunct Saturn. What conjuncts Saturn makes for obsession. I have been obsessed with finding my voice. That is part of why I have my website.. It is my form of self expression. It changes as I change. It matures as I mature but most especially it is my contribution on how *I* see things. It is my voice, come to life.

How does this relate to Mush Astrology? It relates very clearly. I will explain how I started seeing the concept of Mush Anything. I have several doctors in my family. When they speak to  patients, they speak in mush. They say you have x, y, a, b, t and w. The patient gets mush. When they get off the phone, they say the patient will die. In a group of doctors, they talk real. When they speak to patients, they talk mush.

I saw the same thing with Astrologers. When they talk among themselves, they talk real. When they publish articles, they talk mush. So, I decided I would take the reader into the world of real and away from the world of mush. This is one of my contributions to the field of Astrology.

This brings us to another concept, that of right and wrong. In the New Age, there is really not an absolute concept of right and wrong. It is as my mother stated. There is no right or wrong, it is  only as you see it. That is the New Age philosophy in a nutshell. I am a Born Again Christian and a Messianic Jew. I believe the Bible is ABSOLUTE truth. Hence, I have a right and wrong. I bring that mindset to Astrology. That is why I do not fit in with many Astrologers. I believe in good and bad. I believe in right and wrong.

That brings me back to the topic of my article. I believe there are good and bad placements. I will not call the bad placements good or the good placements bad to appease people who seem to want to make all the colors of the canvas run together. I will never do that as long as I have a voice and a pen.People may think I am saying there are good and bad people but I am not. All people are bad in the sense that they need Jesus. That is my purpose in all I do, including this blog. I want people to find Jesus. This life is short. It is essentially meaningless next to the great beyond. There is one burning question. Do you know Jesus?

I attract people to my blog. At present, I have 2000 visitors a day. I  draw people with Astrology but I want each person to find Jesus. I know that  some will.That is why I do what I do, too.

However, back to individual placements. Is Scorpio Moon bad?  It is not bad, per se. However, it is hard. The Moon does not like to be in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon is a gentle planet and Scorpio is an intense sign. Mars loves to be in Scorpio. So, one must look at the whole chart. A person has many facets. Some are hard struggles. Some are easy gifts. I won’t say the hard struggles are gifts. I won’t say the gifts are hard struggles. If you want mush, you can find it. It is everywhere but not here.

I love every reader to my blog and appreciate your taking the time and energy to visit!


10 thoughts on “Mush Astrology

  1. amiannLovingMystery

    Ill tell you and the world something about you. Listen up world. Today marks the transcendence of a precipice in the journey of finding your essential voice. In all the time I’ve known you, this article, and how you’ve presented your energy/style/way/words/fire/love etc has all come together in a way so empowering to self and others that one can only sit back, admire, and take in. Of course you may have your fools and idiots trying to cut this article down. This however for me is your finest masterpiece so far! /Dear I know that something has shifted for you these past few weeks. I can feel your power. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a newly untapped dimension of who and what you have become. Keep up the inspiring and uplifting message of the human spirit that you present so very well. Amen!

  2. amiannJanay Matthews

    I love your honestly and you can call out B.S. straight. You can’t be an angel or Jesus of Nazareth if you have Sado, Chucky, Algo, or Nessus conjunct your Sun or Moon. LOL!! Ami, keep on rocking your guitar. 😎😂😁

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