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The Natal Chart For Donald J. Trump

donald j trump

I love Donald Trump. He is one of my heroes.I felt hopeless about the future of America before his candidacy. I have hope now. I say that to tell you I have a very favorable bent toward him. but I will try to be objective. The natal chart is the blueprint of each native. Let’s study the blueprint of this man. Love him or hate him, he is a FORCE!

When I do a professional chart, the first thing I do is notice what stands out to me. Certain things in the chart will highlight themselves to me. Then, I work my way around the entire chart, looking at each planet, house and aspect. Then, I may or may not do House Rulers.

After this, I study more than 300 Asteroids. I include the vertex, as well. I write a summary after this. I write another summary at the end. I try to make my summaries practical. I try to offer practical and easy to understand “take away” lessons.

First of all, we see Donald Trump’s Leo Mars conjunct his Ascendant. It makes some highly positive aspects to his Sun, North Node and Moon. It makes no unfavorable/bad aspects. I call things as I see them. I call trines and sextiles favorable/good aspects. I call squares and oppositions unfavorable/bad aspects. Conjunctions vary based on the planets involved. Mr Trump has drive in his everyday life. He will be direct and he will be forthright. He will say what is on his mind. This is the nature of Mars conjunct the Ascendant.

Mr Trump has a Mars sextile to his Sun and North Node. The sextile to the Sun shows us that he can MANIFEST his drive into reality through the FORCE of his ego. The sextile to the NN shows us that he WILL achieve his goals. He will have an invisible force that moves him forward.

His Leo Mars makes a sextile to his Moon. This aspect shows us that his emotions and his drive can work in tandem. His soft side can combine with his hard driving side to make for an implacable force of the yin and the yang.

Let’s move around the chart wheel and see what we find. We move to the second house, the house of money and material security. Mr Trump has some unlikely planets here. He has Jupiter conjunct Chiron at 4 degrees. He has Neptune standing alone. I am surprised to find Chiron in the second house, very surprised. My experience with Chiron in the second has been poverty. Mr Trump did not grow up in poverty.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron magnifies the PAIN of Chiron. It took me quite a bit of study to come to the conclusion that Jupiter magnifies what it touches, for better or worse. Hence, if Jupiter touches an unfavorable asteroid such as Nessus( abuse), it will magnify abuse. If Chiron touches a favorable asteroid, such as Juno, it will magnify devotion and loyalty. Hence, in Mr Trump’s case, pain will be magnified.

The pain will be ASSOCIATED with money. We have a birth time for Mr Trump. Assuming that it is correct, I have to revise my conclusions concerning Chiron in the second house. I would say that Mr Trump does have pain in the arena of money due to the placement of Chiron in the second house, but NOT due to poverty. More will be revealed as we study asteroids but for now, in the absence of actual poverty, I would say that FEAR of financial insecurity may drive Mr Trump. One may be very wealthy and be afraid of loss of money. I have seen this in my own family.

Let’s move onto Neptune in the second house. This placement does not make sense to me, either. Neptune fogs what it touches and Mr Trump is very clear headed in the arena of money making. I have to theorize that Neptune gives great creativity, too, and this Neptune placement must refer to that.

However, we have just taken a cursory look at the planets inhabiting the second house and not the aspects. The aspects will give us more specific information. Jupiter in the second house is classic for making money easily. His Jupiter has several trines to his tenth house planets. We could expect him to have an outstanding tenth house and he does. We will get to that in due time. For now, his lucky money Jupiter has close trines with his Sun, Uranus and North Node. This is like a nuclear rabbit’s foot for financial success. Consequently,Mr Trump has used his natural talent to build an empire.

Mr Trump has some Jupiter squares but they are wide, so I will forego discussing them.

His Chiron makes a close trine with Uranus in his tenth house, but no other close aspect, of course, except the conjunction with Jupiter. Hence, we can surmise that changes in his career may have brought pain.

Let’s look at Mr Trump’s Neptune in the second house. I see this aspect as someone who does not navigate the world of money well, but in his case, that would not be a conclusion that squared with reality. In his case, I would say that he would have creativity in the arena of money, which he does. Let’s look at the aspects for more information.

Neptune has a close square with Mercury in the eleventh house. Mercury in the eleventh house could be a person who cares about the greater world, to a larger extent than his own personal world. I think we could say that this was the case. The SQUARE is not a good aspect, though. One may look at the world through a personal lens which is not an accurate one. Every person( or most) have squares. Squares need to be worked around, in my opinion. They cannot be changed but many people do not agree with me on this.

Mr Trump’s Neptune makes a sextile with Pluto in the twelfth house. I am very surprised that Mr Trump has a twelfth house Pluto. This Pluto is squarely inhabiting the twelfth house, versus being within ten degrees of the Ascendant, which could be considered as a first house Pluto, which is a VERY different animal. The twelfth house Pluto suppresses his personal power, not what we see in Mr Trump, who seems like a veritable powerhouse. However, the chart is ALWAYS right, if we have the correct time.

I am reminded of Handwriting Analysis, which is one of my hobbies. I am, often, shocked in what the handwriting reveals. The most pious seeming person can be the most prideful. The most outgoing can be the most self conscious. In the same manner, I am surprised by several things in Mr Trump’s chart, not the least of which is the twelfth house Pluto.

I want to take a brief digression to say that Mr Trump has a true earth void, as I do. We are not practical with details. We are not earth bound. We feel as if we walk a few inches above Mother Earth. This is not really a comfortable feeling. It is slightly unsettling. One craves to be a little bit more grounded. However, earth voids are said to attract money easily. There is something inside them that is not that attached to money. This lack of attachment draws money to them.I have to put Mr Trump’s earth void under the category of surprises for me because he seems very, very grounded, to me.

Now, Mr Trump’s MC is earth–Taurus. This is interesting. When we have an elemental void, such as an earth void, in this case, and the element is situated on the Ascendant or MC, the native APPEARS very earth bound. However, in reality he is not. This is very interesting. This situation can be hard for the native because others see him in such a way that he is, actually, not.

Mr Trump has an empty third house, so onto his fourth house. The empty houses signify spheres of life that are not as important for the native, as are those of the occupied houses. In the fourth house, we find his Sagittarius Moon, by it’s lonesome. It is interesting that Mr Trump has a fiery, devil may care Moon in the deep, insular fourth House, ruled by Cancer. I am a Cancer Moon, so can speak on this subject. Home and family are our number one priority. One can observe Mr Trump’s life and see how he loves his family.

The Sagittarius Moon surprises me, although I can see hints of it. He has a marvelous sense of humor, which is classic to any Sagittarius placement. He has a light hearted manner, in which he does not take himself too seriously. This is, also, classic to Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves to travel and he is a Don Juan. We can say he is guilty of both, if one wants to use the word guilty.

Let’s look at Moon aspects because Mr Trump has several. Some are very good and some are not. The Moon is the heart of any native, so we can learn a lot about Mr Trump from an in depth exploration of his Moon. Let’s look at the good/favorable aspects first. Mr Trump has a lovely Jupiter sextile the Moon. This shows us his personal warmth, which he has in spades, in my opinion. This aspect would make him popular and well liked by others. For all of his years in business, few people have a bad word to say about him. This is a rarity.

He has Moon trine Mars, which I mentioned earlier, so will refer you to that.

Mr Trump has an interesting quincunx of Moon and Saturn at two degrees. This quincunx is more important in the chart of an earth void because it imparts grounding. I have a Moon/Saturn trine at the wide orb of seven degrees. I wish it were closer but it does provide me with discipline and grounding, although I do crave more! For Mr Trump, he is able to discipline his emotions, although it may not be easy. The quincunx is the aspect of a struggle which CAN be overcome.

In my personal opinion, an opposition and a square cannot be overcome, per se. One can work around them. However, they do not really change, in the manner of eye color. One is born with blue eyes and one dies with blue eyes. Many people disagree with me and that is fine. This is my opinion, at present. I am, always, open to change but that change would result from doing charts, not people throwing asparagus at me :/

Now onto the hard/unfavorable aspects. Mr Trump has a close Moon oppose the Sun and North Node. He has a four degree Moon/Uranus opposition. In these few aspects, we can understand a great deal about him. First of all, Moon oppose Sun tells us that his parents were not close at the time of his birth. It tells us that he has a war between his head/ego and his heart. The war is a yin/yang war. By this, I mean that he see-saws from one to the other, but cannot really find a peaceful sense of balance.

Picture a see-saw when studying an opposition. One person is up. Then, the other person is up and the previous person is down. The see-saw does not really stay in the balanced state. It is an either/or proposition. In the same manner, this native would want to act on his heart. Then, he may see the folly of this and pull back, entirely, and act on his head. This dynamic continues, in the manner of the see-saw. Hence, it is a struggle.

The Moon oppose North Node provides us with a wealth of information. Mr Trump’s emotions fight his life purpose. It is very interesting to note that his Sun is conjunct his NN in the House of career. This tells us that he is very purposeful in the pursuit of his life goals. However, the Moon opposing this tells us that his heart does not, always, agree. In fact, his heart fights him. I think we could be confident in concluding that. At times, he has great drive for his life purpose. At times, he may want to go home and hide under the bed while the world passes him by. We know that he has a warm, maternal side by the fourth house placement of the Moon. I would not be surprised if he cooked or was involved in home decor. This side of him, one would not see unless one knew him well.

Mr Trump has Sun conjunct Uranus which confers brilliance, quite simply. The five degree orb is very favorable when dealing with a Uranus conjunction. Too close can make for instability. Uranus is a real wild card. It can make for extreme brilliance and/or instability. If I fear one planet, it is Uranus. It is wildly “out there” and this can be for better or worse.

Let me give some examples. Uranus conjunct the Sun would be classic for an inventor. Let’s say, for example, the inventor of velcro. It is said that a sticky burr stuck on him and from this, he originated the concept of velcro. Think of the millions of people to whom sticky burrs adhered. Not one of them invented velcro. Hence, in this example, we can see the far reaching brilliance of Uranus. Conversely, I have seen people with Sun conjunct Uranus torture themselves with their own thoughts. Think of electricity. It makes life wonderful. It is an invention of genius proportions but if you do not know how to handle it, it can result in your demise.Uranus rules electricity. I took a brief rabbit trail to say that the five degree orb in Mr Trump’s Sun/Uranus conjunction is a blessing, versus a closer orb However, we are discussing Moon conjunct Uranus now. This may show a mother who was not stable. It may show a struggle with his own emotions yin/yanging, as I described in the see-saw analogy. Again, Mr Trump is fortunate to have a four degree orb which mitigates the intensity of this aspect, versus an exact orb, for example.

Mr Trump has an empty fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house. This shows us that he is very concentrated in certain life spheres. These life spheres are the houses with the occupied planets.

Now, we have reached the tenth house. This is the house of career and if Mr Trump is defined by anything, it is his career. We should not be surprised to see two heavy hitters in the tenth house–the Sun and the North Node. These are conjunct, powering up both. We, also, have the wild card/firecracker Uranus in the tenth house with a five degree aspect to the Sun and a two degree aspect to the North Node.

We have a lot to discuss, so let’s break it down. First of all, the placement of a the Sun, by house, puts a spotlight on that house. For Mr Trump, it is career. It may, also, be his relationship with his father, meaning that this relationship may have been very formative. The North Node in the tenth house shows us that Mr Trumps life purpose has to do with career and his role on the public arena. The North North Node conjunct the Sun amp up both.

Now, we come to Uranus. I discussed some of this before but will repeat, if necessary, because the tenth house is very important in Mr Trump’s chart. Uranus is the planet of brilliance( and madness) Uranus too close to the Sun bodes to the latter. Uranus at wider orb to the Sun mellows out the brilliance to render it more brilliance than madness. Hence, Mr Trump has the enviable five degree orb.

To me, Mr Trump was raised by God to save our country. Certain aspects in charts seem as if God put his very hand on the chart and fashioned that aspect. Actually, God made each chart and each person. However, sometimes aspects will highlight themselves to me as a saving grace or a perfectly placed one. The five degree orb between Uranus and the Sun is such to me.

Before, we leave the topic of Uranus, we must talk about the relationship Mr Trump had with his father. The father is signified by the tenth house in a chart. The mother is the fourth house. Mr Trump may have felt insecure with his father. He may have felt like his father was not safe. His father may have come and gone from his life, abruptly. We do not know any of this from studying the life of Mr Trump but charts never lie, so we can assume it to be the case.

How, exactly, this would play out the asteroids will show us. The asteroids fill in details. They are truly invaluable in forming a whole picture of a person. I use over three hundred asteroids, but there are thousands. No astrologer can mine a natal chart for all it has to offer. In this way, it is like the Bible–impossible to master.

We should not digress too much because we need to look at all the aspects for the Sun, NN and Uranus. Mr Trump’s NN is bombarded with aspects. The NN is a very informative point. Some people are no aspects to the NN. They may be very talented but they will never feel as if they find their purpose. Some people have one square to the NN. This forms a sense that their purpose is thwarted. I have one trine to my NN from Pluto, showing that my deep, primal passions will take me to my goal, which is exactly what happened. I HAD to understand Astrology. Nothing would stop me. The hardest point along the way was House Rulers. This separates the boys from the men because you will never progress in Astrology, if you eschew them, in my opinion. I spent a month sequestered with a little book on chart rulers that I bought from Amazon. I don’t know why I got off on that rabbit trail, but for to tell you that one is either helped, hindered or thwarted by the North Node and it’s aspects.

Onto Mr Trump’s NN and it’s many and varied aspects, other than those discussed above. Let me list the aspects to the NN. Then, we will discuss each one.

Mars sextile NN( 6 degree orb)

Jupiter trine NN( 3 degree orb)

Moon oppose NN( 1 degree)

Mars sextile the NN is at a wide orb but may be felt. This aspect increases in importance due to the Mars placement conjunct the ASC. One could say that Mr Trump has a great drive in his daily life. This trine he focuses on his career and he moves steadily to his life purpose.

Jupiter trine the NN is the luck of a fairy godmother helping him to meet his life purpose. Jupiter in the second house is a blessed position for money making. Hence, the trine gives him a boost to make money and achieve his life purpose, all at the same time. Very nice!

Moon oppose the NN is the lone black sheep here. This shows us that Mr Trump doubts himself in ways we might never see. He doubts his abilities. He doubts his level of self confidence. He doubts if he has the stuff to take him to the top. Does this doubt diminish him in any way? Only if we all are perfect. Let he with no sin cast the first stone *SIGH*

We are continuing on to the eleventh house. In it, we have a wowser finding–an Unaspected Mercury. This is very rare, one of the most rare of the Unaspected planets. I bet Mr Trump has collections of pens, pencils and/or dictionaries. The Unaspected Mercury loves words. He may do the crossword puzzles. He may read the dictionary for fun. My father has this and he does this. My father’s Mercury is Semi- Unaspected, though. This is a category that I devised because I noted that people with Semi-Unaspected Planets acted in a way similar to those with fully Unaspected planets. I have many articles on Unaspected planets, if you are interested. I have an Unaspected Venus and could find precious little information and started my own studies.

Mr Trump has Mercury in Cancer. His family is, often, in his thoughts. This is the second indicator of just how important his family is to him. The other is is moon in the fourth house.

OH, I was tired and missed the Mercury square to Neptune, that I mentioned earlier :/ Well, the Mercury will be Semi Unaspected because this is the sole real aspect, as the other is too far away. This aspect may be the most challenging to Mr Trump. His imagination may have a life of it’s own. Let me see if I can give an example. Let’s say a person wants to be a professional gambler because he was good at gambling in high school. He may decide to pack up, empty his bank account and move to Las Vegas. His imagination loves it BUT he wonders if it is a silly idea. He thinks and thinks and thinks. He ends up going to medical school but inside him, he still has the dream of being a gambler. This may be a silly example to try to illustrate the tension and seeming inability to RECONCILE his imagination with his mind. There is a kind of endless tug of war.

Continuing on with the eleventh house, we have Venus and Saturn there, too. Venus conjuncts Saturn at two degrees, which is a close conjunction. This one aspect tells us a lot. Mr Trump, like many of us struggles with the idea that he is not lovable. This aspect reveals a native who feels he has to EARN love. I am surprised to see this aspect, as I was with several other aspects. To me, Mr Trump is an icon. We put our heroes on pedestals and I suppose I am doing this, but this is human, too, as is the chart, which shows all the variations in human nature.

Now, we come to the twelfth house. We have a planet that I never would have guessed would be in the 12th House–the powerhouse Pluto. It is said that people with a twelfth house Pluto have a double life. One of my chart studies was a mousy L.P.N, by day, and a promiscuous bar hopper, by night a la Finding Mr Goodbar. I am sure that this was an extreme example, but there may be some sort of a double life. I suppose we all have double lives, in the varying faces we show to the world. The native with Pluto in the twelfth will have a bigger dose.

We have reached the end of the chart, using only planets. We still have asteroids to go, but I will continue with them in a Part Two.

23 thoughts on “The Natal Chart For Donald J. Trump

  1. amiannAbigail

    Not really a Donald Trump fan, but have you seen some of his asteroids? He’s got some crazy strong placements, for example:

    Vulcanus conjunct North Node in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Metis conjunct North Node in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Elpis conjunct Sun in the 10th house (exact)

    Philia conjunct Neptune in the 2nd house (exact)

    Industria conjunct Descendant (exact)

    Hekate conjunct Uranus in the 10th house (exact)

    Circe conjunct Uranus in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Astraea conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd house (1 degree)

    Dejinara conjunct North Node in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Atropos conjunct Sun in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Phaethon conjunct Midheaven (1 degree)

    Karma conjunct Saturn in the 11th house (exact)

    Apollo conjunct Ascendant (exact(

    Astarte conjunct Sun in the 10th house (exact)

    Astarte conjunct North Node in the 10th house (1 degree)

    Valentine conjunct Midheaven (1 degree)

      1. amiannAbigail

        No problem at all! I’ve been organizing asteroids for celebrities to help me better understand charts. It’s crazy how accurate some of them are! For example, Prince William has Melpomene (grief, mourning) conjunct his Moon (mother). Jennifer Lawrence, a great actress, has her Arachne conjunct her Sun. Princess Diana has her Neptune conjunct Esther (how you save and help others) in the 10th house. I love asteroids <3

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            He uses his power well, I would say, Abigail. I saw your pic on FB and you are such a little baby. How smart you are!

  2. amiannKaia R

    I know this was written almost a year ago but it kind of seems like Neptune square Mercury would be someone who could potentially lie a lot, as people have pointed out Trump does (sorry). That’s what I’ve sometimes heard about the aspect, but it’s not always true for everyone. I agree though that family is probably very important to him and that’s shown when he gives them such important positions of power, I just don’t think he values marriage the same way with all the cheating/sexual assault scandals he’s had. To the other comment, I can totally see Apollo on the Ascendant with how a lot of America kind of worships him and always gives him second, third, fourth chances. If we’re being honest, I’ve been sort of a fan of your articles but I’m always really shocked/disappointed when people idolize or even like Trump, knowing what he’s done and the creepy almost sociopathic things he has said to and about women. I don’t want to offend you at all, it’s just as someone who has the complete opposite opinion of him, I’m kind of curious why you like him so much?

  3. amiannFlea Bite !

    LIPSTICK ALLEY sez: “mychristianpsychic” She is a Trump groupie and a mediocre astrologist. …who despite being a racist, sexist, islamophobic and a liar.. has NOTHING of substance to say but she is a lost soul that has found solace in a being a racist neo-christian islamaphobe”

    Madame, I hold the above journalistic masturbation as damning proof that you in fact ARE the biological mother to “Lt. Corbis”, who, as a 14 year old unaspected Uranus, (23Sept2004,San Francisco) and as a YouTube sensation spouting sexist racist neo-christian islamaphobic reasons running in and about her noggin, has by these factors smitten me.

    Women Should Vote

    YouTube has deleted her “islamaphobia”

  4. amiannKailasa Ishaya

    Aloha Amiann,
    I’m sure you’ll be interested to know that the popularly accepted birth time of 10:54am EDT for Mr. Trump could be an intentionally incorrect one.
    The birth time that evidently Mr. Trump’s mother, his wife Melania, and one of his daughters use for readings is 9:51am EDT. This places the Ascendant at 17 Leo 34, NOT 29 Leo 55.
    Also, if one is able to obtain older versions of well-known astrology software, supposedly one will find the earlier birth time indicated for Mr. Trump in their celebrity chart files, up until some time in 2011, when, it seems, Mr. Trump posted his birth certificate, with the later birth time, online.
    With this rectified Ascendant, I think you’ll find his natal chart will more accurately reflect his personality and life.

    You can validate this information at:

    Be Well!

  5. amiannKim

    Hi Amiann,
    I hold the same opinion as you do about President Trump. I am very grateful for all he and his family have sacrificed for his presidency and leadership and am appalled by the absolutely rude and biased people who, for some reason, would prefer to have crooked politicians continue to abuse us through their public servant positions only for the gain of their own personal wealth – in favor of a man who hasn’t gotten a blow job in the Oval Office. 🧐

    I personally have experienced political corruption in my hometown of San Diego, CA, and it is so deep. How can people ignore Obama’s use of our govt agencies to spy on an incoming president and then allow and encourage impeachment proceedings which cost hundreds of millions of our tax dollars when they knew all along the proceedings were based on BS they made up? Its astonishing.

    Please, please, please..would you do an analysis of President Trumps solar return chart, or the transits he’ll have at the time of the election? I pray for him and his family’s safety, his re-election, and his continued strength and courage in the face of adversity that many could not withstand.
    I could not be prouder of him, he truly inspires me.

  6. amiannMiapapz

    OOO! My chiron in the 6th conjunct juno in the 5th of capricorn and I am very very devoted and loyal!! Also, your explanations for people’s birth charts are amazing!!

    1. amiannMiapapz

      P.S. I also have jupiter trine NN tho my personal jupiter is rx in my first house and my NN is in my 9th house conjunct Aphrodite and MC!!

  7. amiannR

    For Trump’s Chiron in 2nd, he could possibly have pain with money due to the fact that society judges him based on his money, so maybe he recieves pain from his money. Monay can be a blessing as well as a curse. And, with it conjunct Jupiter, it makes sense that it is magnitized, as the whole world can see it.

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