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The Nuclear Power of Wheatgrass

arm tattooJoe asked me about wheat grass. We have Sun conjunct Sun which is an amazing connection. I feel like we are twins. I wanted to try to answer his questions and, hopefully, help other people. Wheat grass is amazing. Wheat grass is out of this world. Wheat grass can help a multitude of problems, emotional and physical. I like to share what I have been blessed to discover. That is why I am writing this article.

First of all,  wheat grass is easy to grow. It is relatively easy to juice. It will make you feel like you have imbibed  high octane fuel. Talk about a natural high and you  will have the essence of wheat grass. If you have any medical condition, it will really help. In fact, there are clinics which cure cancer with wheat grass.

I am not a doctor and cannot say that anything cures cancer or I will have lawyers at my door but if I had a disease, I would take wheat grass as a healing agent. Let’s say it like that.

For people not in need of disease healing, it can return youth. It can turn grey hair back to it’s natural color, I have read. It can tighten up skin, I have read. It can improve teeth and gums, I have read. If you don’t need any of these, it can just make you feel fantastic.

It is not very expensive, as well.

Let’s talk about the mechanics of growing and juicing wheat grass. First of all, you can never eat wheat grass. Dogs and cats can do so and it is very good for them. However, humans cannot break it down and so it must be juiced.

A wheat grass juicer is needed. I have a mechanical one which I do not like at all. In fact, I will probably give it away. I thought I would lose my mind trying to use it. One day, I started crying in frustration. It was an expensive stainless steel one. It had great reviews on Amazon but I found that the crank kept falling off and the user friendly index was zero.

I got a juicer at Wal mart that says you can juice wheat grass. I have to clean it each time I put in the wheat grass but that is OK. It is better than the mechanical one.

I have a Champion Juicer with the wheat grass attachment but I like the Wal mart one better.

Onto how to grow wheat grass. Growing wheat grass is very easy. Buy organic, non GMO wheat grass. You can plant it in a pot in your house. You can plant it under a tree. You can buy a fancier system but any easy system will work.

It takes 4 days to grow and you have beautiful long grass which looks luxurious and amazing.

I hope I have answered some questions!




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