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How I Overcame Depression?

girl rainbow handsI had an experience which was life changing. I will tell you about it because many people suffer with depression. I have my own ideas as to the roots of it. I think that our thinking makes us depressed. It is , usually, perfectionism. This is learned from childhood.  One feels hopeless because one is, always, failing.  One feels worthless. for the same reason.

I had several experiences and  incidents come together at one time. These situations  caused my depression to lift. It keeps trying to come back, as lifetime habits of thinking will,  but I had a true paradigm shift.

1.The first situation was simply achieving a level of success from my own hard work. I was proud of myself. People were proud of me. My former identity as someone with little value was challenged.

2.The second was  trying to give love freely  to others. When I needed love, it would, always, comes back and showers me. Hence, I had many people giving me love.

3.  I felt like I was making a genuine  difference in the lives of people and this make me feel more self value.

4. My singing teacher told me I had to let go and show my soul when I sang. He said that it is much better to be real and raw and make a mistake than be too uptight to try. One day, I let everything go. He told me that was worth ten years of therapy and it was.

5. Someone dear to me showed me that hate will destroy me. There are despicable people.   However, God does not allow man the “luxury” of hatred. God will take care of these people. I will become sick if I try to do God’s job.

6. The depression left at lunch last Saturday. I was having lunch with two ladies, amongst some other people. One, in particular, was filled with God’s love to the point that she was shining. I don’t know if you have ever seen someone who shone. She was telling me about dreams she had that would come true. I asked her if she was afraid of life because I am. She said she has no fear because she knows God. We said more things but being in her presence and feeling her peace was very monumental.

During that lunch, I realized that my depression was old ideas of perfectionism. I was always failing and hence, was angry at myself. I realized that the depression was in the past. In the present, these things were not true. My depression lifted in a true paradigm shift.


4 thoughts on “How I Overcame Depression?

  1. amiannGB

    As usual your articles are so helpful to me. I relate so strongly to your experiences. I feel like you are one of those people who shines with God’s love. What you said about perfectionism is so true for me. And I didn’t put it together until I was reading your article. I knew I struggled with perfectionism but I wasn’t connecting it with depression. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful insight.

  2. amiannNany

    hi Ami, your thoughts are very soothing. You are truly a wonderful person and your words are inspiring.
    Ami i have an article request for you since you are writing on depression- can you elaborate how Saturn transits play a role…..what does it do when it crosses natal moon, is emotional stress always the answer

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Nany! I am so glad you are a part of my website!! I don’t really work with transits. They make me feel paranoid. I don’t like to see when hard things are coming lol

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