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The Nature of Your Pain–10 More Chiron Conjunctions

People have made requests, so I will try to do those in this article

1. Chiron Conjunct Jupiter
Chiron pain is magnified by Jupiter. Jupiter enlarges what it touches, for better or worse. An example( kind of an unusual/crazy one) would be joy being enlarged, which is wonderful, and a tumor being enlarged, which is harmful and deleterious. Jupiter works in the same way. Hence, Jupiter in conjunction such as Chiron, which is pain, would make the pain worse. Remember, with Chiron, that the SPHERE of pain will be shown by the House, so please, consider this when you are reading these articles.

2. Chiron Conjunct Juno
Pain upon marriage and/or pain upon being devoted and loyal, in general.

3. Chiron Conjunct the North Node
This connotes a life theme of pain. I hate to be so negative, so to speak, but I will never demure when it comes to the truth of the charts. I just read an astrologer’s version of a chart. It was all roses. How can a chart be all roses when life is not?

4. Chiron Conjunct the South Node
This native may feel somewhat comfortable with pain, as if it is not as much of an alien force as it is for most people.

5 Chiron Conjunct Chaos(19521)
My most recent chart client had this. This is pain as a result of chaos, usually in the early home. However, the pain returns when there is chaos in his adult life.

6. Chiron Conjunct Eros(433)
Pain may be associated with his/her own erotic nature.

7. Chiron Conjunct Echo(60)
Pain may be associated with not being able to have one’s authentic voice i.e being co-dependent.

8. Chiron Conjunct Mars
This seems to be pain upon being male, particularly pain upon having male traits such as drive and aggression. This could, also, be pain when going after one’s passions, goals and desires.This applies to both sexes. Each person has a feminine and masculine side.

9 Chiron Conjunct the Descendant
This native seems to be attracted to “wounded birds” This applies to both sexes.

10. Chiron Conjunct the IC
Great pain in childhood.

10 thoughts on “The Nature of Your Pain–10 More Chiron Conjunctions

  1. amiannPheephee

    I have Chiron Conjunct IC exact. Ill tell what, it is horrible…I wouldnt wish it upon anyone.
    For me, it was the father, not the mother. I have the IC/Chiron in Aries opposing (of course,MC) but also the Libra Mercury….My mother is Libran/Mercurial and my dad is well, Arian…lets just say.
    And I cant even say it was constantly abusive, it wasn’t…it was more like, it sensitized me so much that the sometime( and specifically, one horrific time) horrid stuff that did happen, really affected and destroyed every single part of me….to this day. It has permeated every area of my life….And I can’t seem to change it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow P. I am so sorry. I would like you to read my short story, so you know I understand xxx

      The 4th House can be the more dominant parent, too, so it could be your dad.

      There is an answer, my Friend, and that answer is Jesus. If you want me to talk about this more, let me know, P xxxx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chiron conj Mercury is pain with your mind in some way. It may be a learning hardship or being very shy or something in which there is pain with your mind/communication/learning.
      Oppose Juno may make it hard for you to be a loyal devoted spouse BUT an opposition of one asteroid cannot tell us enough to make a theory on, my Friend.

  2. amiannMarie

    I have Chiron at 22 Pisces and my IC is at 24 Pisces. Certainly did have a tumultuous childhood. With 5 other planets in Pisces my sensitivity was a blessing and a curse. I was very good at zoning out and at escaping into my imagination. I could also see directly into the spiritual realms until i went to school and then it backed off…a little. My faith has always been my saving grace and my experiences have left me with no doubt about God and the spiritual realms. I am well aware that i am not alone. My work involves children in crisis and trauma.

  3. amiannAngel/Angie

    Wow just wow. My ex partner of 7+ years has Chiron Conjunct Chaos natally, which conjuncts my Natal Juno exact. His Sun/Lilith conjunction was opposite my Chiron. Saturn square my mercury and Pholus conjunct my mercury. To add it all up his Nessus was conjunct my Dejanira. Ami Ann, you have brought me so much peace of mind. Between therapy and understanding these aspects, I have been able to process the pain and finally release with meaning. Thank you!

  4. amiannsamuel crook

    I have Chiron conjunct Mars in the 6th trine Pluto. I read in the one book, by Melanie (the last name escapes me at the moment) that the wounding occurs when Chiron makes it’s first square to itself, by transit. for me that was when I was almost 14. I was nearly killed in a day long climbing accident, and my oldest brother was killed. this was about thirteen years before Chiron was discovered. It decidedly wounded me with PTSD. (which was also years before this diagnosis was concocted.) It wounded me, to say the least. I wasn’t having any other transits at the time….at least not any that were that close to exact. After I got into astrology when I was twenty, I spent years trying to understand what had happened to me. It wasn’t until those first books came out, one by Barbra Hand Clow, and the one I mentioned above that I was able to nail it down.

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