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Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant–Amorphous Identity

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I have Neptune in the first house, which is similar to Neptune conjunct the Ascendant, but not as intense. Neptune is one of those strange birds, as is Uranus.A little Neptune is dreamy. A lot of Neptune can be deadly.Neptune can make for a musician like Paul McCartney. Neptune can make for a writer like Stephen King, who has imagination like Iron man’s muscles.

However, Neptune can make for a person with such severe delusions that he wants to kill himself. The difference would be Neptune’s configuration in the chart. The trines can use the amorphous nature of Neptune to escape the world, but allow the native to re-enter safely. Squares,oppositions and some conjunctions allow the native to escape the material world, but he may not come back safely. The entire chart would reveal if the latter would, possibly, be the case. Do not panic if you have Neptune in square or opposition. When one teaches on aspects, one must isolate them.However, when put all together, the chart,usually, has checks and balances.

Back to Neptune conjunct the Ascendant.The Ascendant is one’s face to the every day world.It shows our physical appearance and manner of behaving in the every day world. It can show the manner in which one presents oneself to the world, such as how one chooses to dress. For example, a Uranus conjunct the Ascendant may look very unique because Uranus is the planet of “uniqueness.” A Uranus conjunct the Ascendant will, likely, not look like everyone else.

Neptune conjunct the Ascendant may look mystical and otherworldly. I don’t know if Jackie O is a Neptune conjunct the Ascendant. However, she looks like one. She has an inscrutable air about her. Her eyes seem as if one could get lost in the depths of the oceans by looking at them.

Neptune makes foggy that which it touches. It transports it to other realms. The realm may be as mundane as the imagination or as wild as an LSD trip. When Neptune touches the native at the Ascendant, the native may have a perpetual identity crisis.This is not funny, although it may sound tongue in cheek.There is not much of a worse feeling than not feeling a solid sense of self.This can happen to people for a variety of reasons.

One common one is abuse.I have shared my story of abuse.I understand the horrible loneliness of being estranged from yourself.I understand the horrible feeling of the wind blowing through a hole in your soul. Neptune may do this when it conjuncts the Ascendant.Neptune in the first house is very similar.

There are ways to heal such things. In my experience, the way is God.He is the only one who can put back the pieces that Humpty Dumpty lost when he fell off the wall.He can put back your pieces, too, if you are willing.If anyone wants to learn more about a relationship with Jesus, contact me.

This is really the purpose behind all that I do.

15 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant–Amorphous Identity

  1. amiannMagdalena

    I was reading your very interesting article on neptun rising. Please could you tell me more about your relation to jesus ? Thank you magdalena

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lovely question, M. Jesus is everything to me. He is the reason I have anything at all and most especially, He is the reason I will be with Him forever in Heaven and that is what really matters and the point of life lol

  2. amiannF

    I have Neptune square ascendant and Uranus trine ascendant (I’m Aries rising). How do these contacts make me look like?

    Also, my Neptune in Sagittarius in the 9th house conjunct MC in Capricorn. My singleton Earth Sun in Capricorn is in the 10th house, but does not make an aspect with Neptune nor is it conjunct MC. Should I pursue coventional success, or Neptunian endeavors? I feel like I’m divided between my desire to be respected by society and my clan through being successful according to what successful is to them and a desire to just do whatever I want though it’s risky because I could go hungry and I wouldn’t get the recognition and respect that I also crave. I feel like my Neptune and Sun are both strong that I end up paralyzed in the middle.

  3. amiannVivian

    @Ami I have the sun conjunct Neptune and Venus conjunct Neptune but am wondering how the Neptune inconjunct Ascendant play out because I have that too?

  4. amiannJJ

    How would Neptune square Ascendant affect appearance and impression?
    Or any planet square Asc? [close aspect of course] Saturn for example could give bones a smooth structure or make someone look too intimidating to trust, no idea.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not sure with the squares and looks. I know Venus makes you pretty no matter what it does. So, Neptune could make you look dreamy and very attractive too in the square. It does in the conjunction. I suppose the square does similar to the conjunction for appearance but more funky like more offbeat I think than the classic manifestation of conjunct the ASC. With Saturn, it may make the person look very severe in an offbeat kind of way like cheekbones that look too intense maybe.

      1. amiannJJ

        For your records: Long thin arms, long thin fingers, long (thin) legs, but extreme hourglass. That’s just me with Saturn sq ac, close conjunct IC. Looks like a Frankenbody, disproportionate but clunky, natural. Pale skin, small rosebud mouth, dark hair. Used to have black eyes.
        Neptune sq AC is an orb of one, round small features of the face, almost dollish and spaced-out in pictures like porcelain. Same cherry chin as Marilyn, sometimes sleepy expression. People ask if I’m high. Don’t even drink coffee.
        Uranus is square widely, a strange electric animation to the limbs apparently. Apparent when walking only.

  5. amiannRennie

    What is the impact when Neptune and the Ascendant are joined by the Sun? I have these 3 in conjunction in Scorpio.
    I have to say that I recognize what you write about the fog. But growing older has been a blessing for me as I now know who I am and what makes me tick. I’m also tougher now, can draw boundaries and live a healthy lifestyle (better no alcohol for me, there’s enough things which make me feel high such as music for example). Thanks god I have quite a bit of planets in earth in my chart which keep me grounded.

  6. amiannAmélie

    Thanks for sharing this. I both have Neptune and Uranus conjunct my Ascendant, so I let you imagine what kind of a strange funny bird I am… 🙂 I definitely have a hard time finding a spot in the world. Surely, music and writing help. But will it be enough? Time will say…
    Greetings from France.

  7. amiannRebeca

    Hi Ami, more and more in love with your site! I have the asteroid aura in conjunction with both Uranus and Neptune. I wonder if this description applies but with less intensity, or something like this? Thank you 😊

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