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New Asteroid—“No One Believes You”

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This is a haunting one. It reminds me of one of my favorite books, “Rosemary’s Baby”. What haunted me the most was that no one believed her when she told them there was a coven of witches. In one part, she ran to her doctor, whose office was in a swanky part of New York City. She finally felt as if she had found safety. It turned out that her doctor was a member of the coven. He took her back.

I get the chills when I write this because I lived a life in which no one believed me. I have this asteroid conjunct my vertex. That which conjuncts your vertex will be brought to YOU by other people. I do find that many voiceless people come to me.

114 Kassandra( no one believes you)

6 thoughts on “New Asteroid—“No One Believes You”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pain that you tell your truth and no one believes. Your mother who is one who does not believe you and it is hard to trust yourself too 🙁

  1. amiannMichele

    Both my Vertex and Kassandra are in Scorpio but separated by 9 degrees. My entire life has been defined by an incident that happened when I was six years old, when my grandmother thought I was lying about something but I wasn’t. So this hits home for me.

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