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New Asteroid—-“Phew–Everything Will Turn Out Alright”

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I love this asteroid. I have it conjunct my North Node and everything is turning out alright–*Sigh*

Let’s see the places in which you have it and learn together!

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652 Julilatrix (means phew relief ends well)

2 thoughts on “New Asteroid—-“Phew–Everything Will Turn Out Alright”

  1. amiannElvira

    This is fun! I have not heard of this asteroid before. Julilatrix is at 5 Leo in my 12th house. I have no planets in my 12th house but I have ” Ballbuster” at 7 Leo and Eros at 11 Leo and my Asc at 15 Leo.
    Julilatrix is squaring my natal moon, and my natal Saturn and sextil my natal Uranus.
    Don’t know how to interpret squares and sextile a for asteroids?
    Also is there a significance if asteroids are close in orb in a particular area in the chart?
    Hmm in my case, I would think that 12th house matters somehow always have a way of working out?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I use small orbs for asteroids–up to 2 for a conjunction and less for other aspects. If it squares your moon, you may be blocked for things turning out will emotionally.

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