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Nine Aspects That Show Intelligence


I like positive topics. We, all, do but we cannot ignore the hard things in life, either. That would make us insane. I am only slightly insane. I don’t know about you. I gave you nine aspects here because people were complaining about five. Onto the subject.

1. Mercury conjunct the Sun
I am not referring to the combust, which is a five degree or less orb. I am referring to the conjunction, which is a six to ten degree orb. This is a classic sign of intelligence.

2. Mercury Trine Uranus
Uranus is an “out of the box” intelligence. I think of the inventor of velco. A sticky burr adhered to his pants. From that incident, he invented velcro. Uranus is the planet of the “unique”. My favorite Uranian character is the great Sasha Baron Cohen a.k.a Ali G. He takes humor to the next level i.e wildly out of the box.

3. The Sun Trine Uranus
This native may have an “out of the box” career a la Bill Gates. Bill Gates did not graduate from college. He did it “his way”, as do all good Uranians.

4. Quaoar(50000) Conjunct Mercury
Quaoar conjunct Mercury is in the chart of the great Paul McCartney. Mercury is the asteroid of the mind. Quaoar is PURE BRILLIANCE. Sir Paul McCartney certainly has pure mental brilliance!

5. Quaoar Conjunct the Ascendant
Guess who has this placement for pure brilliance, which would shine forth from his life? The great Albert Einstein.

6 Neptune Conjunct Mercury
Neptune conjunct Mercury could be a mixed bag. This is a classic aspect for a liar. It is a classic aspect for a wonderful imagination. All great traits can be taken to too much of an extreme and turn bad. However, I hadto add this because it is in the chart of one the greatest authors of our time, in my opinion, which is Stephen King.

7.Neptune Trine Mercury
The Neptune/mercury trine helps to give us the best of neptune i.e amazing creativity and imagination and eschew the worst of Neptune i.e lying, getting lost in fantasy and addictions. The Neptune/Mercury is classic for a writer. It is, also, classic for any creative enterprise, such as music or art.

8. Pluto Trine the Sun
This kind of intelligence, I would call more of an “emotional intelligence”. This native could pick up a lie a thousand feet away. This native could scope out a fraud a thousand feet away. Great perception is a wonderful form of intelligence and this native is one of the poster boys.

9. Pluto Conjunct Mercury
These natives have a lightning fast mind, which excels at picking up the “essences” of people. They seem to have an amazing sense of humor, as well. Humor is really truth which polite society does not want to face. Ask Ali G!

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