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How To Overcome Depression–Part Eight—Bring On The Feelings

There is a corollary to bringing on the feelings. That corollary is the sad fact that some people cannot stay in your life if you are to overcome depression. There are some people who are invested in your being depressed. For some people, they like to see you lower than they. For some people, they like to aggrandize themselves at your expense. For some people. you have been their echo for such a long time that they would rather you die than see you eschew the role of Echo to their Narcissus. *Sigh* I am ready for Heaven. I don’t know about you.
However, the sad fact remains that some people will not be able to stay if you are to change your role in the relationship. They will leave, most likely. They will blame you, most likely. However, the balance of power will have shifted to such a degree when you have overcome your depression that you can no longer relate to them on any other level than constant contention. When this happens, you will know that the relationship is hopeless if you are to become a non depressed person.

The above was not the subject of this article but a precursor and an important one. Now, onto the subject of this article which is one’s feelings.A depressed person will have a very limited palette of feelings. Relating feelings to colors, the depressed person’s colors would be shades of grey. One major reason for the curtailing of feelings is due to the fact that the depressed person is repressing the wide range of human feeling. The repression is due to the fact that anger must be kept at bay. Other feelings must be kept at bay, too. The feelings which are kept at bay are those for which she was abused. Hence, her feeling palette is like a McDonald’s Happy meal instead of a gourmet dinner complete with fine wine and a delectable desert. The depressed person mourns the loss of her range of feeling but does not know how to call them back. I hope that this article will offer practical information in order to do just that. That is my goal.

I will be back

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