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How To Overcome Depression—Part Five

Depression is not the normal state of the human being. It is not from God. For those of us who serve God, we are out of God’s will if we have persistent depression. This fact helps me a great deal. For those of us who are Christians, God came to die for us. That is the esteem in which we are held by Him. Hence, hating oneself is an insult to His love. If we do not accept that we are beloved, we do not accept His will. We say that we know better. girl rainbow hands

What I am saying is that our worth is in HIS value for us, not in our own. Our worth is due to God’s singular desire to reconcile man to himself.In the love of God for us, lies our worth. When we understand the price that was paid, we can love ourselves, simply because we are an object of great, great love by the God who made all Heaven and Earth.

My overcoming of depression was due to the above beliefs. I have had several supernatural events which reinforced the above beliefs. These beliefs are at the root of my healing from depression. God is supernatural. If one calls on Him, He will reveal Himself. He will engineer life circumstance such that the climate for healing will ensue. This is what occurred in my case. God engineered my life in such a way that I was able to heal from a life time of depression. He can do it for you, too. A psychologist cannot do this. A doctor cannot do this. No person can do this but God can and He will!

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