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Peaches Geldof–Natal Chart and Transits

peaches chartWe do not have a time of birth. I set it to 12 Midnight because I don’t like to work with a chart with no houses. These Houses are not accurate but the planets are, for the most part. The Moon and Mercury may not be the correct degrees but we have to use what we have, so we will assume they are.

   Fire Void

The first thing I notice with a glaring highlight is a complete fire void. Complete voids are quite rare. I have a complete earth void. I can feel the lack of grounding to the earth. I am very high strung. One thing that really helps is touching the earth in my garden. The Voids are very big factors in any chart. The complete Fire Void points to depression. I would go so far as to say that all Fire Voids would battle with depression. They may not all give in to it. I know a Fire Void who has a great deal of get up and go and enthusiasm. That is Randall Mixon, the head of However, he is rare in the category of Fire Voids. He has great mind over matter and that is how he seems to  deal with the lack of Fire.

Many  Fire Voids struggle with lack of initiative. Think about the element of fire. Think of how good it feels to be next to all that warmth. The Fire Void, classically, may be cold, temperature wise. He may struggle to get up and get going. I think this is a very hard void. I think the earth void is the easiest and the water void is the hardest. I think the Air Void is the second easiest. Then, the Fire Void. At any rate, one would be safe to say that she probably struggled with a tendency to depression that was due to the nature of her chart, in my opinion.

  Very High in the Element Water

Peaches has so many lovely water planets. I love water. I think one is blessed to have planets in water. I think the Water Void is one of the hardest things one can have in the chart. Water is feelings. Water is empathy. To me, feelings and empathy make life very rich. I would not want a life where I was not a very deep, feeling person. I have the Moon and Mars in Cancer, a water sign. I thank God for the ability to simply feel out people’s emotions and to have a high degree of empathy in order to relate.

On the other hand, too much water may make for someone who feels so much that she may feel she is drowning. My feeling about seeing all these water planets and no fire was that this was one of her struggles. She may have been a wonderful, caring and empathetic friend to others but she may have been too sensitive for this world.

Many Trines

Trines are ease. One wants ease. Trines are unearned gifts. Where one has a trine, one has been given a million dollars, free. One can do the sphere of the trine as a beautiful skater gliding on ice. It is so easy for the native that she thinks everyone has the same ease. However, this is not the case. One just has pure ease and effortless grace in the sphere of the trines.

I found it very strange when I was told that serial killers, often, have Grand Trines. I  thought they would be so happy with all this positive energy. However, I was told that thing may have come TOO easily to them. Hence, they may not have learned to deal with hard things or things that did not go their way. I put this out there for your consideration.

Pluto Retro

This native needs to learn the lessons of power. This native will go deeply into the subject before she can come out with a sense of equanimity. Any Retro planet makes for a depth of understanding of the sphere of the planet. The native must go deeply within the planet’s domain before he can come out the other side. I have articles on Retro planets which explain them more deeply.

Retro Pluto is one of the harder Retros, in my opinion. I have Retro Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune. I don’t think Mercury Retro is hard but I have it in Gemini, it’s Domicile. I think Retro Chiron is hard because one must go deeply into the domain of pain, in order to come out the other side. I like Neptune Retro because one must become a very spiritual person. One must search for God.

Cancer Moon oppose Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

This is a VERY heavy mother issue. The Cancer Moon, alone, craves the mother. I am one and can tell you, first hand. Family is everything to the Cancer Moon. The relationship with one’s mother is everything to the Cancer Moon. The Cancer Moon is very deep feeling. It is a stable Moon because it is in the Domicile but it has very defining features. This Moon needs a good mother/daughter relationship or it breaks the native’s heart. I can tell you that from experience. We do not know the exact degree of the Moon but we will assume it is close enough that she has all the above oppositions. I could cry when I see this, actually.

Lets take this one by one. Each part of it is really pure pain.

Moon oppose Neptune is not being able to see the mother. It is a fog in seeing one’s own emotions, as well. It can give a rich fantasy life but  one will go in and out of it in kind of an obsessive  and uncomfortable fashion.

Moon oppose Saturn is too much of a perfectionist. Saturn in hard aspect is a tireless task master. Saturn instills deep self doubt when in an opposition to the tender Moon.

We don’t know how close the Moon/Uranus opposition is but if it is close, this is one of the hardest aspects one can have.Uranus is erratic. It does not like routine. Moon/Uranus in hard aspect can be a mother who was erratic such as a drug addict or a mentally ill person. It can be a mother who made a home filled with unrest and chaos.

All these hard aspects to the Moon show what Peaches went through with the mother we have come to know was a drug addict. How sad!!

Very Strong Pisces

She has Pisces Sun conjunct Venus. This is a charming person.  However, we have Mercury and the NN in Pisces, as well. This is kind of a strange configuration. I call it strange because there is so much Pisces and this much Pisces is not easy. She has Mercury in Pisces conjunct the North Node. This shows her career in communications.She was a natural for it. She did it with a gentle touch, as one can see if one sees her live from videos. We don’t know the House of the NN, so we have a dearth of information on which sphere of life was her purpose. The NN shows purpose by the House it occupies.

Pluto Trine the Moon

This is a very, very, very perceptive person. She had wonderful intuition. He knew things in her gut that others would miss. This is an aspect of a natural shrink or writer such as a Shakespeare. This powerful Moon aspect would show that she had a good inner feeling about her mother, even though her mother was very troubled. I suppose we could say that she had many conflicted feelings about her mother, but some were very positive. In some part of her life, her mother was a positive figure to her, as well as a negative one. I think that would be the upshot of all her Moon aspects.

Mars in Gemini conj Jupiter

Jupiter enlarges what it touches and gives it an inner fire. She probably had a light about her and she could go after her goals with optimism and verve.

Jupiter Sextile the Sun

Again, she had a positive vibe about her. It would have felt good to be around her. She kind of glowed, would be the best way to say it.

Mars Quincunx Uranus

You really don’t want Mars near Uranus. Mars is action. Uranus makes things erratic. Mars/Uranus is the aspect of being accident prone. The quincunx may have been a struggle not to be accident prone or not to be rash in one’s actions. I really wish we had Houses, so we could see where these things played out. We don’t know.


I did not look at transits because I wanted a clear picture of the natal. My guess is that she had heavy hitting planets touching her Moon and all it’s oppositions. Her last tweet was a picture of her mother and herself. I will look at the transits now and see what we can see.

Tr Jupiter conj Natal Moon

WOW  Jupiter enlarges what it touches for better or worse. It intensifies what it touches. It touches her very, very hard Moon. The Moon is her own heart, her feelings about being a female and her relationship with her mother. This Jupiter transit would greatly intensify all the Moon aspects I elaborated above 🙁

Tr Venus conjunct Natal North Node

One would think that love was coming to her at this exact moment. I don’t understand this in light of her death.

Tr Neptune conj Natal Mercury

This may be a fogging of the mind. This may be illusions and deceptions.

My Summary

If this lovely lady took her own life, I would say that Jupiter really intensified her great pain with her mother who died when she was 11 of a heroin overdose. Her mind may have been fogged by Neptune hitting it, at the same time. This would be my conclusion based on the facts at hand.



I will be back

19 thoughts on “Peaches Geldof–Natal Chart and Transits

  1. amiannShe

    I have a Fire Void if you don’t consider Chiron. Chiron is in Aries.

    Depression is right! Unreal. I’m about 60% Air in my chart. Extremely hard to see the bright side of things; a never ending struggle!

    Bless her heart. She was just a baby, 25.

      1. amiannShe

        Sun in Libra 7° in the 8th
        Moon in Gemini 8° in the 4th
        Asc in Aquarius 6°

        Air Air Air.^_^

        Merc Rx in Libra 4° 8th
        Uranus in Libra 4° 8th
        Jupiter in Libra 7° 8th
        POF in Libra 14°

        Only Water is Neptune 26°in Scorpio conj my MC 29°

        Earth and Air…

          1. amiannShe

            Nooo sah! Thats so awesome!!
            Wow. 😀

            Rest of me is earth…
            Venus in Virgo 9° 7th
            Mars in Cap 6° 11th (squares all my LIBRA!) :/
            Saturn Rx in Taurus 7° 3rd
            Pluto in Virgo 25° 7th (8th cusp 26°)

            Chiron in Aries 4° 2nd
            Juno in Cap 4° 11th

            NN 21°
            Child Rx (4580) 20°55′

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Your Mars squares my ASC( Libra 7)

            Your Venus squares my venus–exact. I guess we are not gonna get married 🙁

          3. amiannShe

            OG no!! Coolest site! More esoteric aspects to astrology from the mainstream on this site! Allll about esoteric stuff. I’m all bout the details. Asteroids. Lots. Barely know anything. I immerse myself in it. 8th house stellium feels intense always. Soo Scorpio.

  2. amiannLesley

    Hi, what if someone’s transiting Neptune is conjuncting the natal Chiron exact in Pisces. (me). I had never heard of Peaches Geldof before yesterday, but have heard of Bob Geldof. As much as people envy the celebrity lifestyle, the recent sudden deaths in the entertainment business, says to me that money and fame don’t equal happiness.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may not see him for who he is. You may think he could help heal your pain but it would be an illusion. Tell me about it I really am guessing because I don’t know. Lets see if we can figure it out together.

      1. amiannLesley

        This is my own chart, in that my transiting Neptune is in exact conjunction with my own natal Chiron. I have recently been dealing with people coming at me all dealing with my lack of self worth. I wanted to become more involved at Church and have volunteered to help in certain areas. A couple of people, who should know better, attacked me verbally and set me back in my confidence level. With this transit, could I be confusing this pain with my lifelong issues. With the involvement with Neptune there has to be SOME illusion involved.

          1. amiannLesley

            If I can’t see it, I sure can feel it. It could be that I don’t fully understand my pain. I know that I have certain triggers, usually when I feel left out or unwanted. This cuts me deeper than I can explain. I remove myself and can’t be reached for a long time.(emotionally, that is) Intellectually, I can understand, but emotion always overrides.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            This is my feeling, Les. You have not fully accessed your own pain. When people touch it, you go on tilt 🙁

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