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Planets in Combust–WHAT the Heck is Going On?

SW wolf

My teachers are the charts and picking brains. I am a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus in the ninth house. I have Cancer Moon conjunct the MC. I am very curious. I love to understand all the facets of people.

I have Jung conjunct the Sun.

Jung desired to see PATTERNS.

That was what investigation into Astrology is all about.

One can read what other people have written or one can investigate from the horse’s mouth i.e the native behind the charts.

That is what I do and the means from which I obtain the understanding which I share with you in my articles.

It takes me five days to do a natal chart, so I have the time to talk about many details in the natal chart.

If I had to do a robotic chart and hand it to someone, I would not do Astrology.

Each person is a marvelous present, which opens up in front of me.

I am allowed this great honor and am humbled by it.

My clients are beloved to me.

If I did not think that would be the case with each client, I would not accept the chart.

I need nothing from Astrology except to learn, share and pass on( and receive) love.

I get abundant love from the people for whom I do charts and from those who read my articles.

Let’s talk about the combusts.

The one with which I am most familiar is Mercury combust the Sun.

I want to pull my hair out when someone tells me the cazimi is a beneficial placement.

Usually, I can SEE that it isn’t from how that person acts–names withheld.

Mercury does not want to be too close to the Sun–PERIOD.

No planet wants to be too close to another planet.

Picture an elevator.

Randall Mixon, the head of, told a story of telling a joke on an elevator.

The joke was not received well.

I think the reason is that the elevator violates people’s personal space.

It is a forced kind of physical intimacy.

The same would be true of someone who stands too close.

We allow people with whom we have an intimacy, like family members and romantic partners, to stand close to us.

However, if a stranger tries to do the same thing, we recoil.

If I touch my boyfriend’s hair, no one will flinch.

If I touch a waiter’s hair, a doctor’s hair or an accountant’s, they would look at me as if I were insane.

I say all this to say that planets do not like to be too close to other planets, either.

There is nothing really good that comes out of it.

First of all, a combust is five degrees or less. It is VERY important to note the degrees. A one degree combust is vastly different than a four degree combust. A two degree combust is quite different than a one degree combust. Each degree can be thought of as a long stretch of highway.

Hence, keep this in mind when I give the descriptions.

Let’s examine some of the combusts. Each is very different in how it manifests.

Mercury combust the Sun

This native is TOO sensitive. I do not use the word sensitive in a good sense i.e artistic. I use it in the sense of a sun burn. This native gets her feelings hurt very, very, very easily. It is very hard to have a close relationship with a person with a close Sun/Mercurycombust.

This is through no fault of her own.

However, many combust people can attack when they feel cornered.

This is not pretty and not appreciated.

However, it is from pain.

Pain is the core reason.

If one can remember that and pull back, one will have done all one could to maintain the relationship.

Mercury is the mind. The Sun is the ego.

The ego and the mind need to be separated.

This allows for DETACHMENT.

The Sun/Mercury combust person does not have enough detachment.

That is the most concise way of summarizing this aspect.

Venus Combust the Sun
This seems to make for a ersatz Libra Sun. Libra Sun is in the Fall, so we know it is not an easy Sun. Venus combust the Sun may be too yielding. He may, desperately, fear confrontation.

He may tell white lies to avoid it. I have seen this in one Venus Combust the Sun native, so cannot say that they all lie. I can say that most of them will, likely, fear confrontation.

In a simple sentence, they, desperately, want to please. This trait may make them a bit weenie like.

They do not like to be this way and it is not their fault.

Venus, the feminine planet of love is simply such a gentle soul that she does not do well next to the fiery sun.

In simple terms, one’s love nature is too close to one’s ego.

These natives are very handsome, in the manner of a male model.

I have seen this aspect in more men than women.

They have wholesome kind of good looks, as does the Libra Ascendant.

They look kind of clean and sparkly like a Boy Scout, just back from helping grandma across the street.

This is not my taste in men, but it is the typical male model look i.e the Gap models.

Mars Combust the Sun

These natives have drive. This placement may not be as bad as the others. That is because Mars and the Sun do well together. However, it can make the person TOO goal oriented, in terms of eating all the cookies and not leaving any for the other kids.

One of my close friends, my guitar teacher, has this.

He is very goal oriented. He works very hard in many different jobs to try to get the best of the American dream.

Does he work too hard and too many long hours?

I think so, but I think he is a typical Mars combust the Sun.

This native is said to be prone to high blood pressure, which he is.

Again, the degrees matter a good deal. His is two degree. The exact combust would be more detrimental to the health and well being of the native.

Moon Combust the Sun

I have seen this quite recently and found it to manifest along the same lines as Mercury Combust the Sun. The heart(Moon) is too close to the ego(Sun)

This native is similar to the Mercury combust the Sun native, in that he cannot detach very well.

If he is insulted, he will go from zero to a hundred in a flat minute.

If you are in the path of the storm, take cover, especially if he is a strong guy and you are a sweet little woman.

(Why do I get myself in trouble?)

I really do think that this aspect and Mercury combust the Sun are two of the hardest aspects one can have.

Being very sensitive to slights/insults is a very hard burden to bear.

Everyone is insulted.

The person who can detach is very blessed.

Detachment is the domain of air.

Mercury CONJUNCT the Sun at six degrees to ten degrees is a blessing.

The person is gifted with native intelligence.

Saturn Combust the Sun

I am not sure if the word”combust” is used with planets other than Mercury, but if not, the phenomenon would be the same, so I will use it. This native has a hard blow to overcome.

Saturn is excellent in small doses, as is a medicine. However, Saturn can devastate one in large doses, such as taking the whole bottle of medicine.

Saturn cools what it touches. One does not want one’s ego cooled too much. This can make for a person who is very self doubting and very self effacing.

The native may be the type who casts his eyes down when he meets someone.

He may be the type to linger outside the girl’s home for hours, afraid to ask her out.

He may be afraid to apply for the job.

He may, simply, feel that he can never measure up, so why try?

Again, I emphasize the degrees.

A one orb combust is vastly different from a five orb.

Pluto Combust the Sun

This makes for a very strong person. Look at the house and you will see where the tiger rules.

My aunt has this in the House of the Home and Children. She is an amazing mother. No one touched those cubs.

Pluto powers up that which it touches.

However, if Pluto is too close, the power may be amped too high.

You know what happens then?

It blows out.

Pluto combust the Sun in a very close orb may make the person TOO much of a force.

His ambitions may be too high.

He may not be able to fail.

We, all, need to learn how to fail.

Horseradish is good, but there is such a thing as”too hot”

Neptune Combust the Sun

This is the classic aspect of the addict. Neptune fogs what it touches. The Sun is the ego. One cannot do much in life with a fogged ego.

Through no fault of his own, this native may desire to live in a world of unreality. This could take many forms including drug addictions, hiding from the world in his mother’s basement or simply not being able to face things.

His father may not have been someone to whom he could role model.

His father may have been weak or not present.

This native does have a great struggle to overcome the amorphous nature Neptune engenders when in close combination to the Sun.

Uranus Combust the Sun

I will go out on a limb and say that these natives are brilliant. However, I would never want to be one.

I hate to say it this in such a blatant way, but they can be weirdos. Uranus is the planet of the weirdo. Each person is a weirdo in his own way.

However, balance is everything.

Knowing when to show your inner weirdo is wisdom.

If your inner weirdo is seeping out of your pores, you have a problem.

I think of Uranus/Sun as an inventor.

He may be so brilliant that he cannot converse with the average man, though.

Hence, his intelligence may be a curse, through no fault of his own.

However, I bet many amazing inventions had their origins from Uranus combust Sun natives

Chiron Conjunct the Sun

This native may have had a very painful relationship with his father. He may carry that pain as an invisible cloak. This cloak seems very hard to shake off, especially in close aspect.The person is similar to Saturn combust the Sun in that he may have very low self esteem.

He may feel as if he has to apologize for taking up space in the world. Very sad!

18 thoughts on “Planets in Combust–WHAT the Heck is Going On?

  1. amiannAnna

    My planets like to pair up. I have Mars at 7° Cancer and Jupiter at 3°. Venus at 19° Leo and Saturn at 24°. Pluto is at 13° Libra, with my north node at 15°. Mercury is at 7° Virgo conjunct to MC at 11°, and finally? My Virgo sun is at 20°48′ with Vesta at 21°34′, my name asteroid #265 Anna) at 21°47′, and my moon at 24°59’39”.

    I don’t feel as though my devotion is hidden by the sun but I DO feel like my emotions can be raw and sunburned at times. Much easier to detach as I get older, fortunately. I’ve found most of my chart has become easier with age… especially my grand fire trine with my including the south node and the yod pointing to my ascendant. My progressed chart finally had mars stop squaring Pluto. I mean, OUCH when I was younger.

    Now I get to concentrate on Hygeia conjunct that NN/Pluto in the 1th. Phew

  2. amiannAdriana

    I have a question about the mercury combust. You always say that the degree makes a big difference. What about an orb of 4°42 degrees? Would this person be very sensitive to critisism? I noticed that this person is able to learn from critism/ comments though.
    You wrote that venus in close conjunction to the sun makes a person more like a libra sun. What about a pluto in very close conjunction to the sun (orb 0°25)? Does it make the sun more of a scorpio sun?
    About the saturn in very close conjunction to the sun, it really sucks! I am talking from own experience. I wish I could change this aspect.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, the almost 5 degree Merc/Sun combust would not be much of a combust. You are right. Pluto close to the Sun makes for a super powerful person. That would be the best way to say it, rather than a Scorpio, per se. How close is your conjunction sun/saturn, A? Can you tell us about it?

  3. amiannAdriana

    The orb is about one degree and Saturn is higher than the sun. I will tell you about the effect it had on me, but I do have to mention that I‘ve got 3 planets in close conjunction to the sun. It’s called a stellium I think and it probably changes the effect of the Saturn sun conjunction. Venus is the first planet and Saturn is the second (orb between them is 2°42). Both planets are in the first house, but they are really close to the cusp of the second house. Next comes my sun in Libra in the second house (orb between Saturn and the sun is 1°07 and the orb between Venus and the sun is 3°48). The last planet is Pluto (orb between sun and Pluto is 0°25). I guess that makes me intense in fall. All planets are in Libra, Venus and Saturn are in the first house and the Sun and Pluto are in the second house (orb between Venus and Pluto is still only 4°13).
    Back to the Saturn sun conjunction. The biggest problem is self doubt and self critisim. I doubt myself and I think I am not good enough (to apply for a job for example, eventually I will apply for the job, but I struggle first). I also think that I’ve never done enough and I find it very difficult to relax. I am a perfectionist at heart. I worry a lot too and I feel like I am failing way too often. My self confidence has always been low. I used to think that all the bullying during my child hood and my demanding father who gives no compliments was the cause of that. My father critisizes many people including my brothers (who were not nice to me at all), but he treated me differently, because he had higher expectations of me. The more I read about astrology the more I think Saturn causes this. I’ve struggled my whole life with many things. Despite serious problems (depression) and severe selft doubt I’ve been able to finish several studies, but I can’t even be proud of that. I wish I finished my studies earlier and I think my notes should have been higher. Most people don’t know how I feel about myself, only close friends that I trust. I have a libra ascendant conjunct mercury. I learned the hard way that people shouldn’t know certain things about you. When I was younger people bullied me and tried to take adventage of me. Allthough I don’t like hurting people (animals too) I don’t let people walk over me like that. This is where the pluto energy comes in I guess. I can see through people’s facade (tough or so called friendly) and sense what their real motives are. I also sense what their weak spot is and only when people try to take adventage of me or others and lie to me or tell lies about me I will use this against them. I use words only, I will not call them names, nor will I make things public, I confront them personally. My third house sag mars comes in handy here.

  4. amiannAdriana

    I forgot to mention certain things in the previous post. I talked about the things that I dislike so much about my saturn sun in libra conjunction. There is more to it than the self doubt and critisism. I am very disciplined when it comes to my health. I eat very healthy (drinks also) and I get a lot of exercise on a regurlar basis. don’t smoke and I don’t drink too much alcohol. I do eat a snack occasionally, but not on a daily basis. I prepare most of my meals with fresh ingredients. If I don’t cook my self I rather go to a restaurant instead of eating fast food. In a country where half of the adult population is overweighted, because of a lack of exercise and too much unhealthy food, being so disciplined is not the norm.
    I am a hard worker and definitely not a slacker. Nobody needs to ask me to work hard, I will do it anyway. I used to be badly organized and my room used to be a mess. In the past few years I’ve changed this bad behaviour. I can’t help having a earth void, but I needed to change this. Back in the days that I hadn’t changed this yet and I was living with a lot of other people (students) in one house I always left the kitchen and shower clean after using it. My own room was a mess, but I felt quilty about leaving the common rooms messy. It’s the same with my knitting projects. I always finish projects for others, which isn’t easy having a mutuable sag mars. I want to keep my promises and I feel quilty and bad towards others if I don’t. I hardly ever finish a knitting project for my self though.
    There are more things that probably have to do with this conjunction, but I will leave it at this for now. I hope it will give you more insight.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

  5. amiannLisaDiane

    Just FYI 🙂 >> My husband has his Mercury 1d from his Sun, both in LEO….YES, it’s as BAD and frustrating to communicate with him as you would imagine!!! Your description of being too sensitive, and not being able to DETACH is exactly right for him – and he doesn’t even realize it!! If I have any problem with feeling badly (not even with him), when I try to express it to him (for support/comfort/etc), usually the FIRST thing he will say is, “that’s not MY fault!” — like, every bad thing I feel is a direct reflection on what type of a husband he is!!!

    And lord help me if we ARE arguing…!!! He MONOPOLIZES the entire interaction, yelling and attacking me!! (Although, to be fair, I must point out that he has NEVER called me names or put me down in any abusive way – he is just LOUD and goes into a litany of turning my concerns back on me, ex: “I feel bad when you do that”…. “well, I feel bad when YOU do that!!!”)

    Those are the worst examples, but for almost all communication with him, I feel like I am bashing my head on a brick wall!!! If I try to tell him a story about something funny, he WON’T get it, he’ll point out that I should have said something different in that situation to have a better outcome, etc; he CANNOT ‘hear’ anyone else’s point of view, he’s only focused on his own – I have learned the art of getting him to listen to me – I agree with him first, or make positive “listening” sounds (“oooh, right”, “I see”, etc), then I give MY idea as a “what about blah blah blah, would that help?”, which almost always enables him to consider what I think — LOLOL!!!!
    I guess as a Libra Sun/Mercury (with a Sag ASC – Jupiter in Libra), I have a gift for being able to deal with him!!! He always tells me how much he loves me, how much he needs my sweetness and upbeat, accepting attitude to keep him happy, how special I am to him.

    And here is why I LOVE astrology – finding out his Mercury is combust gives me great UNDERSTANDING about WHY he acts this way, and WHAT he needs from me that helps him and us! We both hate fighting, are never apart and VERY much in-love after 16yrs of marriage, and learning about astrology has been such am amazing tool!!!

    Our Moons and Venuses are Conjunct, and we also have Venus Conjunct Pluto (both ways – Double Whammy?), along with Moon Trine Neptune, Moon Sextile Pluto, Moon Conjunct Vertex, and Venus Sextile Moon — I THINK those are what gives us such a loving energy….even our so-called ‘challenging’ aspects never diminish the LOVE we feel for eachother – one of us always wants to apologize as soon as possible, and nothing makes us question whether we want to be together or not. He is my dream-come-true! I LOVE his strong Leo energy, and knowing I can soothe his savageness and be something so special to him fills my Libra heart with joy!!! 🙂

  6. amiannnebula

    Hi, can you please help and explain for me, the combustion here.
    I have Sun 0 degrees in Second house-of Capricorn, Mercury 7 degrees in second house Capricorn, Venus in 29 degrees first house-of Sagittarius, Mars in 25 degrees first house Sagittarius, Uranus in 28 degrees first house of Sagittarius, Neptune 28 degrees first house Sagittarius
    Thank you so much,
    i’m having a very rough time trying to figure this out, and so many sources have said combustion is not very good,I appreciate your help

  7. amiannBrad

    I have Mars 15.46 Pluto 20.09 and sun 15.53 all in 10th Scorpio and MC Scorpio. What is the effect of the Mars combust (or Cazimi?) in relation to sun and Pluto? Is Mara combust at 7 degrees negative?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You have a lot of drive and a lot of inner strength especially in career but your heart can be heart due to so much intensity so try the best you can to pull back when you can

  8. amiannLeanne

    I have Pluto (11th house ruler) combust Sun (0 degree orb – 8th house ruler) in 9th house Libra within 4 degrees of MC – where should I start to learn how to blend all these aspects together please?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto combust Sun is a strong relationship with the dad, for better or worse. Your dad was a strong figure for you is what I mean. If these conj the MC, you will be seen as a very strong person and kind of a powerhouse

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