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Planets Square to the Nodes

I got a request for this articles from one of my buddies, Belage. First of all, Astrology is a language. One must understand the parts and the combine them. It sounds easy, but no language is easy. First of all let’s define the parts.

1. The North Node
The NN show us that to which we ASPIRE, by both House and Sign. I have many articles explaining the House and Sign of the North Node, so I will not detail that here.

2. The Square
The square is the aspect of THWARTING. It is the aspect of a locked in struggle. Some people do not view the square in this manner, but I do. I do not think one can overcome a chart. One must work around it. For example, if one had lovely eyes and a big nose, one would highlight one’s eyes and minimize one’s nose. The square would be the nose in this rather plebeian example

3. The Planets
The Sun–One’s Central Identity/One’s Ego/One’s sense of self
The Moon–One’s emotions/one’s feelings/one’s deepest heart
Mercury–One’s mind/how one communicates
Venus–That which one finds beautiful/love
Mars–One’s drive/One’s goals
Saturn—one’s struggle to maturity
Jupiter–One’s unearned blessings
Pluto–One’s primal power
Neptune–One’s creativity/ One’s desire to escape life

Let’s take some examples

The Sun square the North Node
This native may feel blocked by his ego in meeting his life purpose. Let me give an example.A man may have been pushed to be an math professor because his father was a math professor, but he may Have really wanted to be an artist.Sun square the NN can show a father who thwarted the son’s life purpose. The native may use mathematics to compose music. Music theory is based on math. (Trust me, I sat through the most boring semester of Music Theory)Hence, this native found a route around his struggle by combining his creativity with his profession.

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