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Proserpina(26)–Trauma In The Rite of Passage


I like to make Asteroids practical. What good does it do one if Asteroids are so esoteric that only politically correct people can discuss them as they polish their ersatz halos. I find myself exiting fast from asteroid conversations like this. It seems these people want to show how enlightened they are. I have no patience for this buffoonery. If something is not practical, I have no desire to discuss it like a cow chewing his cud.

Proserpina conjunct the ASC or MC will be in the chart of a person with a very hard rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. One person realized the person he thought was his father was not. The rites of passage will have something traumatic like this.

Proserpina, herself, was kidnapped and taken into the underworld , the realm of darkness. Her mother Ceres traveled the globe looking for her. In the above case, the child was adored by his mother, as well. I regret that I have not seen many charts with Proserpina conjunct the ASC or MC( or other places)

With asteroids, one must be on a continual search to see how they work in the charts. If you have a prominent Proserpina, write and tell me your story.


I will be back

119 thoughts on “Proserpina(26)–Trauma In The Rite of Passage

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Bingo again.

    As i was reading the article i suspected i might find something in my son’s chart. Because i already know my currently 4 year old son will have a tough right of passage when he learns the truth about his father. His trickster father abandoned him (and me) when he was a baby and denied that it was his child. I plan to tell my son the whole story when he turns about 14 (mature enough to understand)

    So I ran his chart with asteroid proserpina (number 26) included.

    Now guess where Proserpina is in his chart; Conjunct DC by less than 2 degrees!

  2. amiannmarion

    BTW, my story also includes a part where i was compelled to be seperated from my son when he was a baby. This was in order to travel to butt crack locations of the world to get a birth certificate and other papers for him; to fight for his birth rights.

  3. amiannmarion

    On a side note, how does Prosperpina work in synastry. I see some connections to Vesta here.

    I have heard that Vesta is an asteroid which has to with boys’ right of passage to manhood, sexually. So this is coupled with that idea;

    It is a relationship where the woman is helping a sexually grossly inexperienced man to mature into manhood. He treats her as a something larger than life and much more than a partner. To him she is a sacred-tantric teacher cum partner, short of a goddess.

    The woman’s Vesta is conjunct a man’s DC and the man’s Vesta is conjunc the woman’s IC. The man’s Proserpina is conjunct the woman’s DC.

    All orbs are less than 2 degrees.

    Any insights?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Vesta is sacrificial service to another based on sacrificial love or service.

      Vesta could be thought of as the surrogate mother who gives her womb so another woman can have a child. That kind of embodies Vesta, for me, Marion. It is a self sacrifice for the good of another. There is nothing dark here imo

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Proserpina in synastry?? Hmm, I suppose one would apply the story. The person with the Prosp. Asteroid in the natal would have the hard rite of passage. The other person may help or hurt him, I would think, depending on the synastry.

  4. amiannIo


    I have Proserpina conjunct IC and the phrase “One person realized the person he thought was his father was not.” and the phrase “the child was adored by his mother” are both prominent in my case.

    1. amiannIo

      I read the comments and I should add that I also had some problems with my birth certificate. O_o!!!. and… I should say that these two are also conjunct with Nessu. What can you say about this? I also have Cyrene conjunct Ascendant-Taurus. And Venus conjunct 8th H cusp. Me:Libra-Sun.

      Thanks for the info. xx

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        If you would look up Cyrene and come back with the info, that would be great. Maybe, we can figure it out for you. What exactly is conjunct Nessus, Friend?

      1. amiannIo

        Hello Amiann:
        Thanks for the reply!
        Actually, it is not that bad. Nessu-Proserpina-IC conjunction brings challenge people to me. I accept them since I have Venus-8thH conjunct (I like deep, complicated themes) and also I think that Cyrene-AS conjunction plays the role of the fighter that always wins.
        These aspects are all exact conjunctions, but I also have the NN 2 degree far from the IC, so it is something like a challenge that I can’t avoid.
        I’m just guessing based on personal experiences. What do you think?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, I would like to see the visual of the chart, Lo, but based on what I know about Moon/Pluto, I think you will become lovers unless you really, really, really force yourself not to.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            That is Ok, Sweetie. I am really glad to have you! You go on the front page of my website and you will see Forum as one of the categories on the top. How did you find my website?

          2. amiannIo

            Your website is the most complete I found related with asteroids. Normally astrologers don’t touch these subjects as you do. I will go to the forum now. Thanks!

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww, you made my day, LO. When I was studying Astrology, my major frustration was that asteroids and other things but less so, were not PRACTICAL. I craved practical and usable info. That is what I try to contribute to Astrology and I am thrilled that you saw that, my Friend!

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Oh, were you asking about your own chart. Lo.Wow, what happened to you as a child. Did you have sexual abuse? I did and I talk about it. That is one reason I have my website, so people can come out of hiding <3. Onto another subject, I am betting that the guy has a Dejanira prominent. It is 157 number. It is just a feel that I have. I may be wrong. Check it out if you want.

          1. amiannIo

            I’ve never been neither abused nor suffered for any cause related with abuse. Yet, I have always been around difficult people that harm others, not me.

          2. amiannIo_juno_spirit

            Oh no! I didn’t witnessed any traumatic event at all in my life!. I’ve seen the long term effect on people suffering from others.

            Every action of someone that provokes a psychological disturbance on others is, in my opinion, an abuse. I meet these people (both characters) while the long term damage, as a result from a previous power struggle, is already grounded. Therefore they both are weaker. I bring joy, love, and change! Love is the most powerful tool in these cases. Cleaning the Karma, if you know what I mean.
            Time is very important in order that I be out of the equation.

            It is a pattern in my life, but I have never never had suffered in any way at a will of a Nessu person. It’s not the pattern in which I’ve been. I’m not psycologist either.

            I have Pluto-Sun conjunction in my natal chart and Uranus exalted in Scorpio.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter enlarges what it touches. It will magnify good things OR bad things. Proserpina is a hard rite of passage from the teens to the adult such that something traumatic seems to happen. I would think Jupiter would make it worse.

  5. amiannKatsu Qi

    I have a cluster going on in my chart. 11th house libra. Pluto 6 degrees, Proserpina 7 degrees, and Vesta 8 degrees. My child hood to adulthood, includes alien contact at 3 years, sexual abuse in public, few months later death at 5 years, (revived apparently) IV heroin addiction for 5 years. put it down at 23, never touched it or wanted since. It is hard to pick the (event) seems to be all the trauma birth was no joy ride either 😉 Do you feel this conjunction is playing out?

      1. amiannKatsu Qi

        I can smile and say it is mine, I know it is when other tell me they are sorry. it feels odd in away. deflated almost. I am not offended but there is odd feelings around when someone says those words. The right reply is to say thank you, I appreciated you. I was looking into this to see if I could find my death at around 5 years old. I had sever asthma and my respirator shut down while on a road trip , when we entered Illinois, the steel, and metal factors there pumped out strong toxins.. I woke a few days later in a hospital.
        Michael Adcock – 12/26/1973 – Lancaster, CA – 2:23am

  6. amiannSherry

    Hi, Ami. I’m glad cause I could find your blog. I was googling for information about Persephone/Proserpina but I couldn’t find any clear insight. First of all, I’m so confused cause I have Persephone in Pisces (2 14′) and MC in Pisces (7 48′) but make no aspect. However, Saturn in Aqua (29 12′) conjunct MC. Could you give insight about it ? I use to draw my chart and cause I’m newbie I think I’m not capable enough now. Thank’s, Ami.


      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Persephone and the MC are too wide to be conjunct, Sherry. The asteroids have a narrow orb, not more than 2 in a conj. Sometimes, I fudge with three, but that would be the widest.

  7. amiannSherry

    Thank you, Ami. I’ve read several entries on your blog and you nailed it about saturn 😀
    But I’m so sorry I have no MC/Persephone conjunction.
    I have :
    Persephone/Sun Quintile : 0 42′
    Persephone/Mercury Sextile : 2 04′
    Persephone/Saturn Conjunct : 3 02′ (maybe it’s too wide)
    By the way, how about Proserpina ? Coz I have :
    Proserpina/Venus Conjunct : 0 22′
    Proserp/Mars Trine : 3 32′ (too wide, I guess)
    Proserp/Jupiter Opposition : 0 32′
    Seems I’ve talked too much. Forgive my Gemini Asc and Merc/Mars squared 😀

  8. amiannMina

    Hi Amiann,

    Persephone conjuncts Sun in my natal chart.
    And in Synastry my Persephone conjuncts his Pluto in his 8th house.

    Any thoughts? Thank you!

  9. amiannCold fire

    A friend of mine with whom i share a long and complicated history , i have my Persephone conjunct his Pluto in scorpio . His Proserpina conjunct my Pluto in libra . His Ceres conjunct my ascendant and my Ceres conjunct his Sun. His Pluto square my Ceres and my Pluto sextiles his Ceres. My Pluto squares his Venus , his Pluto sequiquadrates my Venus. Natally i have Venus trine Pluto and he has Venus square Pluto . Your take on all this Ami Ann ???

  10. amiannGrace

    my ex-boyfriend has this asteroid tightly conjunct his (Scorpio) Ascendant and he had suffered a great loss at the age of 14….his father died

  11. amiannLisa

    I have Proserpina 1 degree conjunct my Scorpio Sun & Venus (1 & 2 degree orbs). My mother died when I was 11 days old, & my dad didn’t want to raise me alone so he sent me to live with his abusive family. Pretty sure you know the story. But I feel like I can contribute a lot of my childhood to this aspect.

      1. amiannLisa

        Wasn’t so horrible I suppose because I had my grandmother. I only wish she was able to stand up to her kids, but she relied on them a lot to help her take care of herself & my disabled grandfather. Still, it is difficult to see any sort of mother/child bonding (father/child as well but not as much) whether in real life or tv. When it’s on TV, I tend to bawl my eyes out. I’m generally okay with it all though.

  12. amiannJoshua R Wozniak

    Hey Ami, it’s Josh. So, I have Proserpina conjunct my NN, which makes a wide orber conjunction to my ASC, where I have Nessus. I don’t talk about events from my youth lightly. Lots of trauma, abuse, enough to kake movies about I guess. We can have a oersonal chat about some of tgat stuff sometime, but not bere in public.

    Also, the fella I’m seeing has Eros and Proserpina conjunct Eris. He had bog issues with his mum. I din’t know the whole story, but what I’ve heard is sordid.

  13. amiannAnia

    Hi, me and my soulmate have Proserpina conjunct Ascendant in our Composite Chart. It’s an exact aspect. In fact I couldn’t agree more with what you write above.
    I met him more than a year ago. We are connected by extraordinary aspects both in the synastry and in the composite. His natal north node conjunct his Dejanira, my Ascendent conjunct my Dejanira (this is not an exact aspect, but I am very sensitive, so I feel that, and I often turn out to be a victim of a situation). My whole life is very dramatic and restless, for no reason at all. Meeting with this boy moved me so much that I started searching – I became interested in numerology, tarot and finally astrology.
    But to the point. This colleague for two years worked in my father’s company, but only last year I met him. She is a typical narcissist, I am empathic. We fell in love immediately, we both never felt so good, but the bond between us is so overwhelming that we could not last long with each other, or without ourselves. We have been recreating the problems of childhood (his Child conjunct his Dejanira). But he had a fiancée and I had my life in a different city. So I came back to my life and he left the job and got married (two months ago). I called him only once since then, he yelling at me that nothing between us has been gone, nor will it ever be. I got depressed, I discovered things about myself and my family that I never thought of. I practically broke up contact with my family, I can not stand how they treat me. In turn, my friend was probably molested in childhood, which results from his behavior towards me. We are sitting in each other’s head and discovering hidden things. Every time we try to get in touch, something goes wrong – either external circumstances or too strong emotions in one of us. It is literally so that I write to him, he calls, and I mean in the meantime, and I do not call back. Later, I call him after a month he does not answer.
    But I feel him in my head. Our composite Sun, Mercury, Venus and Nessus are in our 12th house, our composite Mars is in 8th house.
    In synastry his Ascendant conjunct my Pluto, my Sun conjunct my Pluto. His natal Ascendant conjunct his Pluto, my natal Sun conjunct my Pluto. Even if these are not exact aspects, the energy between us activates them all. Everything is in Scorpio.
    We test our unconsciousness – I have my natal Jupiter in my 12th house conjunct Ascendant, he has his natal Pluto in his 12th house conjunct Ascendant. His Sun is in my 12th house and my Sun is in his 12th house.
    I was a medium in his presence, since our meeting I have dreams and visions.

    There are more things like that. Our experiences with each other are some kind of initiation. I will add that he is very sexually active, and I have an internal, inexplicable fear of everything related to sex and closeness. In synastry, my Mars is in conjunction to his Chiron. Our love is honest, I just know that, that’s why it hurts so much. Love does not associate both of us with anything good. I’m terribly worried about him.

    I apologize for mistakes, but I am foreign-language.

    1. amiannAnia

      There is a mistake – his Ascendat conjunct my Pluto and my Sun conjunct his Pluto. He is very jealous and possessive of me. I know I should run as far away as possible (and I did), but there is no way to escape. His North Node, Child and Dejanira conjunct my Saturn and Ceres (inaccurately, but it suits my dreams well, in which he is a child, and I take him from his mother – his fiancé, I take him to my home, I run away from home, wanting to give him back. But I don’t know where he lives, so I am looking for his home for a long time. Actually, from the moment I leave my house, I carry two children – twins that symbolize the immature part of our personalities. I am tired of traveling with those twins, but I want to secure them. I finally get to my soulmate’s house. Somebody (his parents) opens the door for us. A bright light appears – enlightens us.)
      I think that these homes are our astrological houses – 4th, 6th or 12th. The door can symbolize sexual initiation, but also his marriage. In the end, I wanted to return him to his fiancée. It’s like filling karma.
      It has something to do with our personalities split.
      1. We both immature children – twins.
      2. I’ m an adult person who is responsible for the children.
      3. My soulmate as an adult but only mentioned by his fiancée at the beginning. She told me that her fiancé is building a house for her. At the same time, she held the child that I took when she fell asleep. I was convinced that the child was in danger. We drove a bus that changed course, so I got off with that child.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Your English is wonderful, Ania. I wish my Spanish were as good. I am trying very hard to learn another language and only wish I could communicate the way you do! Mars/Chiron is hard. Pain will be there for you when you want to reach goals and maybe with passion, even, in the relationship. He will bring pain to you due to his Chiron conj your Mars.

  14. amiannAlan

    Hi amy. Thanks for writing about prosepina. I want to ask you about my friend and me composite chart. There is pluto exactly sextile proserpina26. And proserpina26 exactly conjunct ceres. How will you explain?

          1. amiannAlan

            Thank Amiaan, this person also has ceres conjunct my Dsc (30′) and my sarturn(1°) in synastry. Angel conjunct my IC(15′). I do not feel the Ceres in him much.

  15. amiannElise

    My mothers scorpio Proserpina in spot on ( conjunct) my ascendant and north node. What is this indicating? Who is having a hard time; me, my mother or both of us?

  16. amiannElise

    Thanks for your answer😊I think I can resonate with that. I lost my father when I was nine, and me and my mother are very, very close ( probably too much so somebody would say) But I think the astrology explains it all. My ceres in virgo in 11th house conjuncts my mothers Persephone ( orb around 2) Further on her south node conjuncts my ascendant and north node ( orb 2-3) And my south node of course conjuncts her north node. Her mars conjuncts my ascendant and north node ( orb 2-3) And her south node conjuncts my uranus / juno ( orb around 2) My true lillith in seventh house taurus conjuncts her north node ( orb 3) I think we have to do with karma and past life connection here.

    In my natal chart I have a minor grand trine made up by ceres trine Jupiter conjunct Proserpina in seventh house taurus ( both retrograde) These makes sextiles to my retrograde Vesta conjunct part of fortune in cancer and ninth house. Any more comments? Thanks in advance😊

  17. amiannElise

    OK, but it is hard to choose😉 What about her south node on my juno-Uranus conjunction in scorpio in first house? I would like to add that my mothers mars conjunct Proserpina ( about 3 orb, probably a little wide, but still) is making an OPPOSITION to her own north node. These very same “bodies”, mars and Proserpina, are, as said, making a CONJUNCTION to my ascendant and north node. Guess we have some kind of “theme” here? Again thanks😊

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, what touches the SN makes us feel close to a person BUT Uranus is not a warm fuzzy connection. It shakes up what it touches. It can make for attraction though, so I think there may be attraction here but it may not last. Uranus makes for short term attraction, often. I never really had a Uranus conj the SN so am just giving my best thoughts, E. Well, with your mother, she may feel kind of uncomfortable to you in your soul. That is my feeling about that, Love.

  18. amiannSelena

    I have this asteroid conjunct my ascendant and must say that it resonates a lot. I did backpacking in Australia where I at one point ended up in a town by the name of Proserpine, working as a fruit picker. This was about the time when I was 20 or 21. Proserpine, the town, is known for having had a cancer epidemic due to water being polluted by radioactive chemicals. I find that fact alone to be quite interesting, with Pluto in mind.

    But I find this asteroid to be very relevant to me also because I shortly after this was raped and almost abducted.

    If you want to talk about this then feel free to email me, perhaps you can use it as a case study for your site. Thanks for the article!

  19. amiannAnna

    Really True what you’ve described. I have Proserpina Conjunct My Gemini Moon with and orb Of 2 degrees In the first house with a wide Conjunction to my Ascendant. My Dad ended up being manipulating and Wears too many masks. The story Of Pluto and Proserpina Resonates with My soul and what I’m going through, my bf and me have been on and Off and Its Been almost two years of being together and I totally view my Mom In a Ceres Way because Ive literally played out Me being Proserpina and My Bf Pluto. My Bf is absolutely obsessed with me and Currently Ive been living with my mom for 6 months and now I’m considering Going back to living with My bf which hes pluto. BACK TO THE UNDERWORLD IT IS :D. We have lots of Pluto in synastry Though too And his Pluto trines my Proserpina at 0 Degrees.

  20. amiannKimberly


    Your website is great!

    I have just discovered that I have Proserpina square my Midheaven and conjunct my Chiron.
    When I compare my natal to draconic chart, I have an overlay of Proserpina being entirely square my Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All of these aspects are less than 1 degrees.
    I’d appreciate any comment or commentary you have the time to provide.


  21. amiannFernando

    Trying to revive this thread as I need help, I have Proserpina conjunct my Pluto and my South node is conjunct Pluto on the other side, don’t know how that works, I also have North Node conjunct Admetos, that one I understand a bit how to handle it but I have no clue as to what to do with Proserpina, I can definitely relate as; I can’t seem to separate from my mother and my sex life is non-existent and I’m in my 30s(I kinda lived under a rock for 30 years and found astrology @ 31 prolly part of my admetos NN kicking in), also SN, Pluto, Proserpina is part of my Scorpio stellium and NN is in Taurus 5th House.

      1. amiannFernando

        Thanks for replying, Asteroid 85030, Don’t know much about the mythology but the little I’ve read blows my mind with how it describes my life so far.
        “Symbol: The sign Taurus, with Mercury and the “cross of matter” within the sign. The half crescent Moon on top of the circle denotes that it’s like a radar dish receiving information from the Cosmos. Attributes of Taurus, Mercury and the ability to ground vision into physical manifestation and reality. House wise, it symbolizes the 12th house.”
        “The effects of Admetos arise from all that is weighty, literally and figuratively. Whatever it touches it brings into the depth and can have great transformative power and a stabilizing effect, but it can also block whatever it touches creating obstacles and inertia.”
        I can speak on the inertia and stagnation part as well as heavy introversion, traumatic childhood, not being given breast milk or parenting or affection and bottling up emotions until they turn into disease in the body, late bloomers might have Admetos somewhere as they don’t bloom until their 30s, ugly duckling syndrome, etc. I have a Chirotic Kite in my chart as well as other things but if you just look at Proserpina and Admetos they describe me perfectly without going into any other placements. I fail to see the “good” side of Proserpina… the Admetos already says my early life was full of trauma and that I’m good at perseverance and endurance, I’ve already lived through the underworld I think. I get the whole being raised to be a vestal virgin as that’s similar to the religious mindset I grew up in and took on. I’m hoping between the Scorpio stellium and North Node Taurus in the 5th house that relationships and sex will transform from one extreme to the other like my beliefs have. Also I have Mars, Moon, MC Conjunction trine chiron and Jupiter (grand air trine) and mercury and uranus conjunction opposing chiron in the 6th with chiron as the antagonizing planet in the kite and mercury the focusing planet.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, there is not a good side to Proserpina. I really cannot stand this esoteric mush that is on most websites.
          I am so sorry you went through all this my Friend

          1. amiannMuna

            I have prosepina conjuct my ascendant. She is the version of persephone, that is no longer captured. She is the version of her that is now Queen of the Underworld. She has mastered the darkness and now she rules it. You have to have a certain level of self-awareness to understand the value of asteroids. Asteroids tell your personal story, the planets, are simply the skeleton, the more aware you are, the more you will understand them.

  22. amiannKar

    Hi! I have Proserpina conjunct my Ascendant in Scorpio, square my Midheaven, Trine my Sun, Moon and Mercury. What does it mean? Tnx in advance 🙂

      1. amiannEli

        Thanks! I also wonder what it could mean to have Prosepina conjunct MC in synastry?
        Will the Proserpina person bring some kind of “trauma” to the MC person – and/or vice-verca?

        By the way, do you regard Prosepina and Persephone as being the same? I know some people distinguishe between these two; the first being more of a queen, the latter more of a victim.

  23. amiannNicole Keane

    Right now my boyfriend has Proserpina conjunct his natal Sun. I have felt that this would be a defining year of growth for him, he is turning 26 next week. I am 39. We have a deep soul connection. I am a very Plutonian spirit. 🙂 he is stepping into a great time of transformation and into his Divine Masculine energy. Real magic

  24. amiannNighta Day

    I have Proserpina in the twelfth house Scorpio 28.34 opposite my Mercury 28.32. I had a reading from a psychic once who told me something bad happened to me in childhood that changed me forever. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was though.
    I also have a hard time expressing myself freely through writing out of a fear of criticism. However I do believe I have a talent with words and aspirations to be a writer someday. Would this apply Ami?

  25. amiannJulie

    I have proserpina in cancer in 1st, conjunct my asc and my 12th house mars. Can’t say I lived anything really traumatic though, not that I remember. I noticed I also have nyctimene square my 12th house moon and conjunct my IC, which is supposed to be pretty bad, alongside others asteroids (child and dejanira), as I mentioned in another comment. But I don’t think asteroids are really that important, compared to aspects from jupiter/saturn/pluto/neptune/uranus. Chiron is somewhat useful, though! It brings out important issues. I think if you can find specific markers with these main planets and points, smaller asteroids don’t really matter that much then. But perhaps they’re good to get more details on an issue? I don’t know how to interpret these, for sure, that might be why I don’t find them useful.

  26. amiannNiki

    thank you for the explanation
    i have proserpina conjunct my ascendant in scorpio with an orb of 2 degrees. i have always been drawn to the story of hades & persephone and i have lived it lots of times through romantic relationships and personal issues, even tho i wasnt conscious of it most of the time.
    about the rite of passage from childhood and adulthood… i think it has some to do with me maturing very late and having lots of difficulties in my twenties trying to find my way and taking in my place. i always felt i wasnt allowed to do that, in some way.
    also i do have stages where in i go from the underworld to the light , during winter and spring. the winter mostly feels like im trapped (mentally & spiritually) and i can not go out of myself (thats the feeling) . during these times i go very deep within myself and i usually am not able to let people be a part of my world. i dont want to and its not possible. when the sun starts to shine again i am able to connect to people again and to connect my earthly child self, be happy carefree and filled with life again. its probably something we all have in a sense, but to me it definitely has the feeling and the sensational story of hades & persephone.

    1. amiannPat

      Wow this is crazy as I have totally opposite experience. I was on and off hospitals as child and I had horrible time staying there on my own. My mum traveled a lot I would say left me with her mum for about 5-6y of my childhood. I moved when I was 17 and changed countries when I was 20. I also have problems with keeping proper diet. I mean if I’m sad I just don’t eat anything I’m trying to gain weight for last 2 years but no success. Description of Demeter George matches 100% how I feel about this placement. Over all all after studying my chart up and down I’ve decided my Venus/Psyche/Kaali conjunction in 10th in Pisces deserves more of my attention as I can’t crack it up🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. amiannJadyn

      (26)Proserpina conjunct ASC (399) Persephone in 4th house Trine ASC and (h57) Proserpina conjunct MC. I don’t have much in the whole Hades and persephone relationship. Im kinda scared of relationships which involves Saturn in my 7th house. Lots of restrictions. But i once had a tarot reading from a friend which involved the princess of spring, King of summer (which is pretty much what i felt like during all my summers) and Queen of Winter. I don’t understand how it pertains to me or maybe i never noticed. The only thing I’m worried about is the Trauma. I don’t know if i had any. I mean i could say i had but i might just be dramatic. Even so, the rites of passage is what truly terrifies me. I don’t know how ill ever grow up. Its like i can see myself succeeding and doing well as an adult but the steps are missing. I really wish people could give me accurate description of my future. But its just not possible. Im really scared of the future. How to be a women. How to be ok in this world and not disappoint my family who have a big idea of me. Being responsible. But i seriously relate to the whole Winter feeling trapped. I definitely have those feelings here in February. Summer is when I feel free and laugh with my friends and its so warm and lovely. Any advice before life hits me harder than a train?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      May have had trauma as a teen from your mother that affected your emotions. You go back and forth with how it affects you. It does sometimes and then you can get away from it sometimes

  27. amiannChloe Turnbull

    I. Am. Shooketh. Hahahaha.
    Like actually stunned. No words.

    I have Proserpina conjunct my Ascendant in the 12th house in the sign of Gemini – opposition Pluto and Mercury in Sag lolll (I think this is right, I’m newer to astrology so forgive me if I speak incorrectly).
    I didn’t find out I was adopted until I was almost 16 (same mother, dad just legally “adopted” me). Had no idea until then that he wasn’t my ACTUAL dad. Very traumatic childhood, still processing a lot of it. So when I read that I had to take a moment.

    If you have any insight or advice for me, pleeeease help haha!

    1. amiannChloe Turnbull

      Oh also, I don’t know if this is important at all, but my biological dad’s sun is in conjunct my Ascendant / Proserpina as well. If you’re interested in seeing my chart let me know! Happy to share it.

  28. amiannFaith

    Hello!I recently discovered astrology.Well i always felt very connected to this goddess and since i was a child i tried to gather a lot information about her.Am from greece so easy stuff.She is a very powerfull Goddess ,somehow connected to scorpio characteristics and she bound to spend half time in the Light,half in the darkness.She is adonis twin soul.Am a scorpio and i have her conjuct my moon, north node and descedant,as well as my twin’s moon ,mars and Venus.I hadnt a good childhood,in fact i didnt had childhood at all,but at the same time i remain a teenager.I am an only child.My father was abscent but we always had a special,even physical distant relationship.I am in not in good terms with my mother,i left since i became an adult.

  29. amiannS

    I have Proserpina exactly conjunct my south node in my 2nd house in Libra. It opposes my north node/vesta/eris/etc conjunction.

    I just discovered this and I only have a basic understanding of the south node, so I can only give a partial answer. I’m very comfortable with material things, my home, my possessions. I don’t go out often because I like being by myself and around my things. It’s something nobody really understands. I’m a homebody.

    It’s hard for me to let things go and to get out of my comfort zone. When other kids my age were partying, I stayed away and escaped to my own world. In a way, I have never grown out of that mindset. I don’t look at it as a negative though.

  30. amiannS

    Well, I do have Neptune, Ceres and Venus in my 4th house.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I ever went through this rite of passage because I’m such a homebody and the influence of the south node. I don’t venture out much. I like my comfort zone.

      1. amiannS

        I’ve been thinking about this all day.

        My teenage years were full of my family members trying to stop me from leaving home. They always reminded me of my responsibilities. I couldn’t even learn to drive. They never wanted me to grow up, but were also highly critical because I wouldn’t marry this guy or I didn’t have a prestigious job or that they have to drive me to places. It’s like I never experienced that part of life that most people go through. I’m learning things now I should have known 10 – 15 years ago. It’s hard for me to relate to others my age.

  31. amiannVesta

    Hi. My proserpina conjunct my venus. I’ve learned most abducted girls have this aspect and that makes me a little worried. What do you think about this aspect?

  32. amiannAngie

    Hi Amiann, how have you been? I keep coming back to this article because there are so many jewels within it and deep truths. I recently came across a chart of a prospective “friend” who has Proserpina+ Nessus conjunct to their North Node in Cancer. Dejanira is directly opposite conjunct the South node in Capricorn. How would you interpret this?

  33. amiannAngie

    Thanks for responding Amiann. To clarify, the aspect/ placement was not mine. In the above post numbered 41. I expressed a prospective “friend” has Proserpina+ Nessus conjunct to their North Node in Cancer. Dejanira is opposite conjunct the South node in Capricorn. How would you interpret this? In post 42. I added that this persons Nessus+ Proserpina is conjunct my natal DNA and Venus.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nessus/Pros/NN is trauma probably as a teen and also the person may be tend to be abusive but this may be due to abuse as a child. You would have to be careful if anyone had Nessus conj your Venus cuz they would very likely abuse you.

  34. amiannO

    Damn. I have Proserpina conjunct AC (1 degree) and my father died tragically when I was 10 days old. I already believed in astrology but this is borderline creepy!

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