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Retrograde Chiron and Retrograde Saturn

417902_451192401629684_819386590_nI have both. Each is very different, although all Retrograde planets have a similar working. If one understands the underlying functioning of the Retrograde, one can apply it to any planet. Picture a snail shell. It winds and winds and winds until it gets to the middle. If you wanted to exit, you would have to wind your way all the way back. This is the working of Retrograde planets. They do not go from Point A to point B in a straight line.They take the long, circuitous route, as a child who ambles on his walk home from school. He may smell a flower of two. Check out some gum on the street. Stop to pet a dog before he comes home. He will have taken a long time to get there but he will have learned things along the way.

Let’s apply all this to planets, lest you get bored and drop off. With Retrograde Chiron, one will traverse many streets, highways, canals., rivers and oceans of pain before one can swim to dry land. No native with Chiron Retro will be a shallow person. The Retrogrades made for depth. Some people will get angry when I say this as if I am accusing other people of being shallow. I am not. However, a Retrograde Chiron can never really be shallow. Pain changes one. Pain deepens one. Pain humbles one. Hence, the native becomes like the Velveteen Rabbit,dog eared but well loved.

Retrograde Saturn is a different animal altogether. Natives with Retro Saturn have a wound in the self esteem. They are insecure. They may say that they are sorry a hundred times. They may apologize for just being here. There is a deep sense of inferiority. There is a deep sense that one must prove oneself to be worthy. In a word, Retro Saturn is a low self esteem placement. However, with  Father Saturn, he allows overcoming and triumphing. Hence, this native will understand the pain of not feeling good enough and will be sensitive to that struggle in others.The Retrograde Saturn would be less likely to be a bully and more apt to give the bullied person a hand up.

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