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What Rings Your Bell——-Asteroid Conjunctions to the Descendant in the Natal Chart

What Rings Your Bell——-Asteroid Conjunctions to the Descendant
The Descendant is an overlooked angle. It gives us information on that to which we are attracted in a partner. It, also, can reveal things that we do not accept in ourselves and,instead, look to find in a partner. The Psych word for this is projection. Ever seen one of those really angry woman( or it could be a man) on a talk show, such as Jerry Springer, screaming that she is NOT ANGRY. It is obvious she is very angry, but she has denied it. She will,likely, think that everyone else is angry. This is projection. Let’s study some asteroids.

In the case of Angel conjunct your Descendant, you may look for a very loving and caring partner.

Dejanira is the victim asteroid. You may look for wounded birds

You won the prize. You look for the erotic in your partner

You are attracted to someone who is loyal, devoted and will cherish those marriage vows.


Be careful of revenge with this one. You DON’T want to go there.

Ever seen those men who keep marrying a witch. Check the Medusa asteroid on their Descendant. The Medusa asteroid lures with sexuality and then turns you to stone. YUCK

This girl is loving, giving and selfless. She would be perfect for organ donation. Not a bad girl to snag as a wife.

You are attracted to annoying people who find a “cause” in every buzzing bee. I could not take it. Good luck to YOU, if you can.

This one is not funny. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. Hence, you may find yourself in one abusive relationship after another, if you have this asteroid conjunct the Descendant.

I cannot stand this asteroid. I have it conjunct my IC. I did experience sadism as a child *Sigh* The chart never lies. In the case of Sado conjunct the DSC, you may find sadistic partners, through no fault of your own. These are energetic patterns, not the fault of the native.

Do you know those people who bring chaos wherever they go. If you have Chaos conjunct your Descendant, you may be attracted to them.

This bad girl just doesn’t know who she is. If you have Echo conjunct your Descendant, you may be attracted to people with a weak sense of self.

16 thoughts on “What Rings Your Bell——-Asteroid Conjunctions to the Descendant in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannNisha

    Hello, I was reading your comments on a few of your posts about Kalii and now asteroids on the descendant. I have a question for you if you are willing to share? :)-

    Upon some discovery, I found I have Kalii at 20 degrees, Pan 16 degrees conjunct my descendant, I am trying to figure out how to interpret this energy. Oh! My Descendent is 22 degrees of Taurus, which would make my ASC 22 degrees of Scorpio. I’ve been searching the internet for an hour and nothing substantial comes up, but your site keeps popping up! Omen?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well,N, with asteroids, 4 degrees is too wide, so that may help in understanding.Kali conj the DSC may make for your giving your vital energy to your partner.

      1. amiannNisha

        Hmm, why would four degrees be “too wide for asteroids? I typically use a three-degree orb.
        If I could I’d still need to hear about PAN if anyone can combine Kali Ma with him? This means I carry this energy and my partner will have it as well, no?

  2. amiannA

    I have Nessus at 2° conjunct my descendant . I was in an extremely physically, emotionally and mentally abusive long term relationship. It changed how I view intimate relationships to the point I never want another relationship again ( currently 5 years single and happy). I do fear if I were to engage with another partner either abuse from them again or, me abusing a partner due to my past powerlessness. Not a nice aspect at all.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yea, it is hard to figure out what to do about these kind of patterns. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior can overcome chart aspects, but people don’t want to hear this.

      1. amiannSequoia

        If that works for you then by all means keep doing it. But not everyone believes in or practices religion. I’ve never used “him” and have done just fine.

      1. amiannNisha

        Depends on what she’s connecting too, as in zodiac energy.

        I have mine conjunct Saturn and Desc. Both in Taurus. I also have Kalli Ma conjunct my Desc. 😳

        Medusa likes taking disingenuous men down a peg or two. Allowing the love bombing or flirting to escalate, actingg demure amd submissive, getting them into compromising positions, especially one’s they say they’d never do, and then waiting for the perfect moment to strike!
        Typically that’s bringing the act they said they would never do to their attention while engaging in the act, eye to eye, and then walking away, not allowing any “finish”.
        I’ve done this many times in my youth. It left me feeling empowered, gave me a sadistic “high”. It can leave men questioning their “manhood”, their alpha “maleness”. Interesting thing is everyone of em regretted messing with me, a few fell in love with me, and many feared me.
        Medusa is not to be played with, trifled with, she doesn’t play games. She’s misguided feminine power if used ignorantly or arrogantly.
        I had to deal with some abuse monsters, when I did, she became reborn. Strong, willful, and honest without the need to bring men low.
        Hope this helped?

          1. amiannNisha

            That is a good question! I guess that would depend on what Medusa looks like. Mythology says she was beautiful.
            I would be more inclined to think ot would affect the psyche of a partner or those unfortunate men who catch her wrath. Many may be harboring misogynistic tendencies toward women, power/control dynamics, sexual aggression even.

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