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Royal Markers in the Chart of Anne Boleyn

anne bPart of my fascination with Astrology is the implied understanding that there is an order to the Universe. If not, how could the charts work? I wonder, sometimes, if a chart will disappoint me and have no bearing on it’s native. Each chart I do gives me a slight pause as to if this is the one time Astrology won’t work. However, it has never happened and I have done hundreds and hundreds of charts. In fact, just the opposite is the case. The charts show the life of the person, in detail.

To bring this back to Anne, I wanted to talk about  the “Queens” Asteroids and the Fixed Star Regulus, which is the Fixed Star of Royalty. Anne has the Asteroid Queens conjunct her Mercury at 2 degrees. Even more shocking perhaps, are the next aspects. The Queens Asteroid squares her ASC at one degree. The square tells us that being a queen will thwart her in a very tangible  and practical way. The Queens Asteroid squares her ASC at 2 degrees. This tells us that being a queen may be a stumbling block to her life. The ASC is one’s  actual physical body and life.

If one does not drop one’s jaw at this, I will go on. Henry’s Regulus is an exact conjunction with Anne’s ASC. The chances of this would be one in half a million, I think. For Anne, her Regulus conjuncts her Saturn and her own ASC. Hence, Anne was meant to be royal. The conjunction of Saturn with Regulus shows us that Anne was obsessed with being royal. What conjuncts Saturn makes for obsession.

Now, if we add all this to her North Node, we have an even greater sense of pause. Anne’s Saturn and Regulus quincunx her North Node. This shows us that she must transform to reach her purpose. The quincunx demands transformation. She did transform. She transformed the Kingdom and in doing so she transformed herself.

She has the asteroid Graves conjunct her Sun. Graves is supposed to mean an actual grave, I am told. Asteroids are a new world of discovery. We, who love them, are intrepid explorers.The Asteroids keep us coming back for more because truth is what gives  life it’s meaning. For this reason, the human spirit craves truth and will forever more.

I hope you have enjoyed  reading  these articles as much as I have writing them.

2 thoughts on “Royal Markers in the Chart of Anne Boleyn

  1. amiannAlex

    Well that explains a lot. I always thought I was royalty in a past life. My acs conjuncts queens at 3 degs in pisces in the 1st house.

  2. amiannJJ

    I saw something unusual in her chart and looked into it.
    Ceres in the 12th? What she shares with the world, her legacy.
    I looked up other women with it and they all shared a warm sensuality about them. Lana Turner, Bettie Page, Monica Bellucci, Christina Hendricks, Claudia Cardinale, all widely desired by men and excellent figures. I think it might be a beauty aspect if supported by other factors.

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