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The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Saturn in Synastry —Part Two

Please, read my Part One for an introduction. In this article, I will discuss how the Saturn of one person impacts the Moon and Pluto of the other person.

Moon/Saturn in Trine
The Moon is one’s heart. One’s heart is gentle. Moon/Saturn in a trine allows for the Saturn person to encourage the Moon person to be all she can be. The Saturn person is a comfort for the Moon person and a source of stability.

Moon/Saturn in a Square
The Saturn person may be very critical of the Moon person. The Moon person may shut down her heart to the Saturn person. There may be a general breakdown of communication, which could threaten the relationship.

Moon conjunct Saturn
This conjunction functions as a hard aspect when Saturn is involved. With this aspect, the Saturn person may be too critical of the Moon person. The Saturn person may try to control the Moon person a la “eat your vegetables before you have your ice cream. The Moon person may resent it and rebel. This aspect may be alright, if there are other aspects for a warm and understanding love.

Moon oppose Saturn
The Saturn person may be very critical of the Moon person, but this may go in cycles.


I do not like Saturn/Pluto in hard aspect. They are very much of polar opposites and not in a way that feels good, in my opinion

Saturn conjunct Pluto
The Saturn person will, likely, put pressure on the Pluto person to be more responsible. The Pluto person does not let ANYONE put pressure on him and will, likely, push back. This will not feel good to either person.

Saturn oppose Pluto
The Saturn person may try to get the Pluto person to mature, in the way that the Saturn person feels is appropriate. The Pluto person will likely say, “Kiss my derriere”. This interplay strains a relationship. This particular argument may go in cycles. It may lie dormant for a time, but then will reemerge.

Saturn square Pluto
With this aspect, the relationship may be strained( or break) The Saturn person may be unrelenting in her criticism of the Pluto person. The Pluto person may respond in a very angry manner, due to a great deal or resentment of what he views as harassment.

Saturn Trine Pluto
With the trine, the Saturn person may give advice to the Pluto person, but the Pluto person will, likely, receive it in a good manner. The Saturn person will, likely, offer it in the same manner.

2 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Saturn in Synastry —Part Two

  1. amiannTalia

    Bobbie Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon had Saturn Square Pluto. The Pluto in Scorpio.but they also had moon trine pluto but the orb on the trine was 7 degrees. Apparently all the negatives led to her demise.

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