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Severe Bullying, The Sexpot and The Co-dependent

This is what happens to me when I can’t sleep. I mean, I think about charts and get myself into trouble. What do all these have in common? They are various Asteroids conjunct the Ascendant.

Let us start with severe bullying. Chiron conjunct the ASC has been the case in every instance of severe bullying I have seen. The sexpot is Eros conjunct the ASC. This placement gives the native sexy vibes. Will he/she be a sexpot? That I don’t know but I do know that it will NOT be for lack of invitations.

The co-dependent would be Vesta conjunct the ASC. Vesta is selfless giving and is a wonderful asteroid. However, the ASC can magnify things in such a way that the Asteroid behaves differently.With Vesta conj the ASC, the person can’t stop giving, There seems to be a water faucet which is hard to turn off.

The ASC is one of the very worst places for Chiron. This seem to be the case with Vesta. With Eros, well, you can be the judge.

13 thoughts on “Severe Bullying, The Sexpot and The Co-dependent

  1. amiannNikita Gharat

    two of my friends who are male have vesta conj asc. They get no time to date or cannot commit to anyone due to their work responsibilities. I think Vesta interferes with love life in the ascendent being opposed to the position of partnership. Such people may have difficulty in settling down or getting married.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting comment, Nikita and thanks so much for it. I think I know someone with that same situation with Vesta conj the ASC. He is too giving. I think i just did his chart and he gave and gave but never seemed to be able to get his own relationship. I love when people share like this. This is how I learn. Bless you, Friend!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Hello Friend
          I don’t know anything about it. Would you like to share with me what you know? Thank you for reading my website and commenting! I have a Forum where you could come and post articles on this and we could apply it to your chart.

          1. amiannNikita Gharat


            Thank you, it’s not about me. I study astrology like you 🙂 (western, vedic, mayan, chinese and japanese). I have got into asteroids and fixed stars recently. It’s about my friend, her experience regarding the fixed star Mirach. I know about the Mythology of Andromeda and the Mirach. Her experience is related to it, although she has no clue about all this. I deduced it. I would be happy to join your forum, how to go about it?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Wonderful, Nikita! Go to the front of my website. You will see Ami’s Soul to Soul Astrology forum. Click on that. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

  2. amiannLinda

    My daughter (17) has got her NN, Chiron and Eros conjunct ASC. She was severe bullied at school as a little child and still has the pain. Because of that she visits a psychologist.
    She always has good looks so I told her but she will not believe it, it doesnot go with the bullying. This all was before I was studying astrology. For me it is clear now.
    At this time she decides to study Psychology at university. She wants to help other people with their pain. She also has been spotted by a well known photographer who asked her to be a model for his piece of art. If everything is going right, her pictures will be hanging in several art galleries all over the world! Isn’t that amazing?! And still she has not got enough selfesteem because of the earlier pain during childhood.

      1. amiannLinda

        Sorry Amiann, I am not allowed to send a picture because there is still some kind of embargo, cause they are not finished yet. I can give you the artists website It will give you an impression. Though my daughter doesnot want to be that nude, like many of the pictures..Chiron and Eros??? 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes–She will have great pain/bullying which is Chiron

          She will be very erotic and attractive–Eros and all this will work toward her purpose, one of which seems to be modeling. The NN is one’s purpose. She has it conj her ASC, which is her daily walk through life, if that all makes sense, Linda lol

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