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Five Things Sexual Abuse Does to You


First of all, I am not an authority on this subject. I don’t think anyone really is. That would be like being an authority on the Bible or Astrology. No one can really master these fields. I will share my experience only.

1. Sexual abuse fractures your personality. It makes you DISTRUST yourself.

2 Sexual abuse makes you feel like you are BAD, to the core.

3. Sexual abuse may make you have phobias, anxiety, depression and worse, such as losing touch with reality. There is only so much abuse a person can tolerate before they fracture and their grip on reality loosens or breaks. It is not their fault.

4. Sexual abuse makes you feel inferior to others.

5. Sexual abuse can make you,unconsciously, seek out another abuser and get into a relationship with him/her. This is, usually, a cycle. It will be unbreakable until the roots of abuse are understood

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