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Sexual Tidbits for Synsatry


1. Mars conjunct Venus–Instant Attraction but no lasting power without other aspects for soul

2. Uranus conjunct the Moon–Blow torch attraction i.e the blow torch will shoot you to the side of the room but no long term lasting power, without other aspects for soul.

3 Venus trine Pluto–passionate attraction with real love. This can last.

4. Moon trine Pluto–soulful, passion with a great depth. This can last.

5. Lust Conjunct the Sun–great primal passion. This can last if there are other aspects for soul.

6. Nessus conjunct the Sun–the hottest of all passions but does not last and ends badly.

7. Nessus conjunct Venus–very, very hot but enjoy it while it lasts because when it ends, one person may destroy the property of the other.

8. Mars square Uranus—passionate attraction with kink. This needs soulful aspects for a long term relationship, but is fun while it lasts.

9. Dejanira conjunct Nessus—hot, hot, hot but may cool down to polar hate and a restraining order.

10. Mars trine Mars—attraction and passion between two people who understand the needs of each other. Will last with other soulful aspects.

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