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Where You Shine–Asteroid Europa (52)

tattoo eye armLet’s check out a happy asteroid. I am known for the abuse asteroids. They are part of life, too. However, lets look at a happy place where one can shine. We all need that.Europa is planet dependent and house dependent. Hence, one needs to see in which part of one’s life  one will shine. In other words, if one has Europa conjunct the Sun, one will shine with one’s identity and one’s ego. If one has Europa conj Venus, one will shine in the realm of love. If one has Europa conjunct Mercury, one will shine with one’s mind and one’s communication style. If one has Europa conjunct Saturn, one will struggle to shine. One may be obsessed with trying to shine. If one has Europa conjunct Jupiter, one may have the biggest most glamorous shine of all because Jupiter magnifies what it touches and bestows joy.If one has Europa conjunct the ASC, one may have a glamorous look and manner a la a Jackie Kennedy.

One must look at the house of Europa to see the sphere of life in which one will shine. If one has Europa in the 1st House, one will shine in one’s daily walk through life. If one has Europa in the 2nd House, one may shine in making money. If one has Europa in the 3rd House, one may shine in how one speaks. If one has Europa in the 4th House, one may have a beautiful house or have had a blessed childhood. If one has Europa in the 5th House, one may be very creative and full of life. If one has Europa in the 6th House, one may be gifted in service to others and do it with a distinctive flair. If one has Europa in the 7th house, one may be blessed in marriage. If one has Europa in the 8th House, one may be sultry and have a sense of a taboo kind of glamor about them.If one has Europa in the 9th House, one may be gifted with spirituality and intellectual pursuits. If one has Europa  in the 10th House, one may be stellar in one’s career. If one has Europa in the 11th house, one may be a super star in groups. If one has Europa in the 12th house, one may feel one has to hide one’s shine.

I hope you tell me about your Europa placement. I have it conjunct the Sun in the 9th house.





64 thoughts on “Where You Shine–Asteroid Europa (52)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Enaid
      I would say that you shine in getting your goals and in how you express your passion. Money will come easily to you because you will know how to attain it. What do you think?

      1. amiannZeal

        Perfectly!:) i really do talk a lot!:D i do well in presentations regardless of the size of the audience. I have been told that i have the gift of gab and that i can also explain complex ideas in simpler terms. I have problems with listening though but i gues that has to do with my sun and mercury in close conjunction. Working on it though! Thank you, Ami!:)

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            3 is not as bad as exact. It is more a sense of not being able to detach from outside things as well as your own thoughts. You are right but be thankful it is not closer. I think the exact combust is one of the hardest aspects of all. However, you would still have the same issues and so one must face that too lol

  1. amiannMoonChild

    Europa in Libra House I at 19°21’21”.

    Conjunct Neptune 1°17

    Trines Saturn 2°44
    Sextiles Juno 0°56

    Semisextiles Mars 0°06

    What could this mean to me?

    1. amiannMoonChild

      Please IGNORE the above comment, that was wrong.

      Here are the right ones:

      Europa in Libra House I at 19°21’21″ :-
      Conjunct Uranus 2°51
      Trines Saturn 2°44
      Semisextiles Mars 0°06
      Semisqares Neptune 1°17

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I am really not sure about these Moonie. I see it more as a conjunction of personal planets, at this stage such as a conjunction to the Sun which I have which will show I will shine and in the 9th house–intellectual things.

  2. amiannadele

    i got europa conjunct my sagittarius moon 3rd house…..but the europa is retrograde? what does this mean? i know when it comes to communicating im very friendly but tend to put my foot in my mouth lol 😐 x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Europa makes for a glamorous person. I am not sure how big a factor Retro is with the asteroids. The Saggi Moon would be the foot in the mouth but I bet you are a glamorous gal. You should send me a pic!

  3. amiannadele

    err glamorous maybe, i can be when i try lol, i got libra rising so i do appreciate the aesthetically pleasing 😉 i study arts and get compliments on my style but it baffles me and then i tend to run back into my crab shell :p 🙂 xx

  4. amiannDiana

    Hi Ami

    Mine is on 29 Cancer 7th house it is exactly conjunct my south node by 0,2 degrees and conjunct my moon by 2 degrees. I’m not so familiar with the whole meaning of the south node. Can you shine some light on it? 🙂 Thank you so much xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sure, the SN is that with which we feel comfortable by house and sign. You are glamorous due to both of these. Now I need a pic 😀 You probably meet men easily, I would imagine because you have a shine/charisma to you.

  5. amiannsocialgraffiti

    Hi Ami :D,
    Europa is placed in Pisces, 3 degrees away from the SN, trining Sun exactly and trining Ascendant by 2 degrees, forming a Grand Water Trine.
    What would this mean?

  6. amiannSophie

    Hey Amiann : )
    I have Europa in Virgo tightly conjunct Chiron in the 8th and it also quintile my NorthNode in Scorpio 10th and I can’t make sense of it?

  7. amiannJulia_Y

    How do you find this! Each of your articles is surprising.

    “If one has Europa conjunct Jupiter, one may have the biggest most glamorous shine of all because Jupiter magnifies what it touches and bestows joy. Europa in the 11th house, one may be a super star in groups”.

    Retrograde Jupiter in the 11th, 2 degrees from Europa. This orb may be wide. However, it works wonders. As Jupiter is retrograde, I am never ecstatic about anything concerning myself. Nevetheless, in a group, all my lights joyfully turn on, happiness floods my every cell and the room where we all gather. I am not especially tactile, but I immediately want to hug and to know everybody, be it a formal or an informal situation. Affectionate relationships born in a matter of minutes, the shy open up, the bored or the upset light up with enthusiasm. Even the two agonizingly boring parties, where people had no clue about what to chat (you imagine this deadly swamp) and were grimly sipping their soda or cocktails, soon transformed into unbridled celebrations that lasted until 4 a.m., with nobody seeing the time fly.

    Thank you for clarifying so many mysteries. Your blog is a shining gem. Have a happy weekend!

  8. amiannCaitlin

    Hi Ami,
    I have Europa conjunct my Scorpio north node in the 10th at 0 degrees, how would you interpret this aspect? Btw I love your blog ❤️ Thank you for your insight

  9. amiannSapphire

    i have my europa connjunct the moon in 2nd house, Pisces. it is bi quintile MC, sextile AC and neptune, and inconjunction sun. any thoughts?? ps, there was no mention of europa conjunct moon 😀

  10. amiannBeth

    Hi! I have my Europa in the 8th house conjunct my Venus in the 7th house. however, i’ve never been in a relationship and that’s the area where i don’t shine at all lol. I have juno conjunct lilith. but i have my Europa square lilith, square pluto and trine moon. Can you please help me understand what this means? if only one aspect, the lilith one.. thank you!

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Hi Beth! And don’t you shine in the areas of the 8th house, by the way?

      As for Lilith and Venus, people with such placements tend to want more commitment from the person who is up to their standards than what this person is actually ready to give them. Whenever they decide “I want him/her to be my mate/spouse”, they act as if this person felt the same towards them. As a result, they seem as needy, possessive and dependent (which is not appealing), as anyone who wants to take what is not offered.

  11. amiannAnasus

    Hello Ami, How complete is your blog! I have Europe in exact conjunction with Jupiter and Algol … and in house 12. It is true that I hide my brightness but I do not know how to interpret this with conjunctions … thousands of thanks

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, yes, you could hide your brightness and Algol is evil, so that would be in there somewhere if it is CLOSE like a 1-2 orb. However, you really need to see a whole chart to see your true self. Each asteroid cannot be used to form a conclusion like you did. There are so many asteroids so you have to look at the important themes in your chart like which asteroids conj the Sun, Moon, ASC etc

  12. amiannbenzie

    Jupiter in Scorpio at 18 degree conjunct Europa in Scorpio at 19 degree 1 degree in the ninth house. Scorpio Mc at 26 degree. what does that mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Not too important. Pluto stays in the same place for a long time so many people have it. Look to the Sun, Moon etc for asteroids. These are your PERSONAL points

  13. amiannSteph Hani

    In my chart it is exactly together with my chart ruler pluto in 12th house.. It is at 29, 56 degrees of libra while my pluto is at 0,23 of scorpio..

    I surprisingly found it out while I was searching for information about haumea which just arrived into scorpio a few days ago and in Google they had 3D pics of those objects and europa is so beautyfull that I was curious where it is in my chart lol what a coinsidence 😁

    I never heared from it before.. Thx for ur explanation 🙏

    I have also Saturn on my AC opposing sun.. So Europa in 12th house matches the more in my life 😁

    Even tough my Midheaven is in almost 28 degree of Leo sextiling Europa 😊 so trine to my IC.. Maybe I shine better in the hidden places 😁

    Hm.. My venus is at almost 2 degrees of taurus.. Maybe the opposition still counts?

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