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Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)—-Part Eight– Personal Planets in The Detriment and Fall

coffeeMuch of Astrology is trying to make sense of individual parts and put them into an organic whole. It can be a daunting task but I was BORN to be a teacher, so let’s go. The Detriment and Fall positions of planets will help one to understand the hows and whys of one’s nature. This lesson may help one to understand why one is so darn slow and so darn ineffectual at seemingly easy endeavors.

The Fall and Detriment placements can be likened to walking in deep snow. One must trudge with great concentration. A person with a planet in the Exaltation will be riding by on a bicycle( sans hands). However, the native with the Fall or Detriment will be lucky if he can reach his destination exhausted and water logged “Sigh*

I have Mars in the Fall, so I know of what I speak.
To put it simply, the planet in the Detriment or Fall does not function well. Think of a native Spanish speaker and a student like myself. I will struggle mightily to converse while the natural Spanish speaker will be speaking rapidly and confidently.

Let’s look at specific examples.

The Sun
The Sun is in it’s Domicile in Leo.This means that the natural self confidence of the Sun is most easily expressed by the Leo Sun native. The Sun is in the Detriment in Aquarius. The Aquarius Sun will not have the natural confidence of his opposite sign, Leo. An Aquarius Sun will have less of an ability for self promotion and extroversion. To put it simply, the Le native shines. The Domicile is a GIFT.

The Sun is in it’s Exaltation in Aries. Aries has a natural self confidence, as does Leo. The Fall position is the opposite of the Exaltation.The Sun is in it’s Fall in Libra. Libra Suns will, usually, be indecisive, as opposed to the Leo Suns who will jump in, feet flying, without considering options. The legacy of the Libra Sun’s Fall position is a difficulty in self promotion and self confidence combined with a plethora of indecision.

Remember the key word for the Sun is SELF. Hence, Leo will be confident in all things related to SELF.

The Moon
The Moon is in it’s Domicile in Cancer.Cancer Moon feels very deeply. The Moon is one’s deepest heart. The Key word for Moon is FEELING. The heart was made to feel deeply and empathize deeply. At this, Cancer Moon is the best. The Moon is in it’s Detriment in the opposite sign, Capricorn. Capricorn Moon will cogitate i.e plan and scheme in the situations in which he should feel. Know this when you meet a Capricorn Moon. The external waters may seem calm but Machevelli is under the surface.

The Moon is Exalted in Taurus. Taurus Moon is kind, generous and loving. Know that you DO get what you see with a Taurus Moon. Scorpio Moon is the Fall position. You do NOT get what you see with the Scorpio Moon. In fact, much of Scorpio Moon is hiding under the bed, so look for the goblins. Scorpio Moon is the most intense placement for the Moon. I do not think a person would choose a Scorpio Moon but if this is his Moon sign, know that there is an intense roiling of the inner waters.

Mercury is in it’s Home/Domicile in Gemini. I do not believe Mercury is the ruler for Virgo. I think it is Chiron.Hence, we will deal with Mercury as the Ruler of Gemini.As such, Mercury loves to be in Gemini. Mercury has a continual party with words and quips and in doing this, Mercury is one happy fellow.

Sagittarius is the Detriment. I really do not know many Mercury in Sagittarius natives, so am loathe to address it. If you have Mercury in Sagittarius, please comment on my Comment Form. My guess would be that Mercury in Sagittarius may lose the trees for the forest. In other words, he may think on such a lofty level that he may be impractical. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and everything Jupiter does is big and bold. The details belong to lesser fellows.

Venus is the Ruler of Libra. I do not think Venus is the Ruler of Taurus, myself, so I will solely deal with Libra. Venus is in it’s Domicile in Libra. A Libra Venus native will be very refined.Do not engage in coarse joking or bawdy humor, if you want to impress a native with Venus in Libra. Save that for the coarse Veni like Gemini and Leo.

Venus is in it’s Detriment in Aries. Aries Venus is a strange one. The men need to be chased and the woman chase. For me, personally, an Aries Venus in a man would be the kiss of death for a relationship. It seems to be a very selfish Venus. If one could imagine a man stroking your head one hundred times and then asking you to stroke his head one hundred time, just to make it even, you may just have the essence of Aries Venus. I know I will get angry comments but I am dedicated to the truth and I will not compromise or capitulate.

Venus is Exalted in Pisces. Venus in Pisces will make your heart melt with his poetic gestures. If there is any placement which is “poetry in motion”, it is this.

Venus is in the Fall in Virgo. Virgo Venus would make me run away in the same manner as would Aries Venus. In the case of Virgo Venus, he is just too darn picky. Perfection does not exist, Mr Virgo Venus. However, that will not deter him from trying. Unless, YOU can reach perfection, you may want to look elsewhere. As an aside, Virgo Venus is very sensitive to tastes and smells. Also, Venus in Virgo does not like coarse joking, as its neighbor on the Zodiac, the Libra Venus.

Mars is at Home in Scorpio. Scorpio Mars is the quintessential super hero, wrapped in a James Bond debonair package. What can I say? Mars in Scorpio wins the duel, gets the girl and rides the Jag back to his bachelor pad.

Mars is in the Detriment in Taurus. Taurus Mars is slow and plodding. He takes as long to make a move as does Libra Sun’s decision making process. Taurus Mars may make very good moves once he decides. However, by that time, Mars in Scorpio has taken all the cards.

Mars is Exalted in Capricorn. If Mars in Scorpio gets the girl, Mars in Capricorn gets the job. If you want to hitch your wagon to a rising star, find a Mars in Capricorn who is at the bottom of the ladder. He will not stay there long.

Mars is in the Fall in Cancer. This Mars needs a fork lift to get him to express his passions. Can we say “shut down” I am taking voice lessons and my teacher said he has never seen a student who would not let go like I won’t.*Sigh* I come by it naturally. I am a Mars in Cancer.

10 thoughts on “Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)—-Part Eight– Personal Planets in The Detriment and Fall

  1. amiannLovingMystery

    Yes u were born to be a teacher. If anyone should write a auto-bio you’d be first on my list. What do ya reckon makes a born teacher in the charts?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Dan, You always make me smile and make my heart perk up. It is the 9th House stellium. My son tells me the same thing and I LOVE to teach. I truly, truly, truly love it!

      1. amiannLovingMystery

        A Gemini stellium in your ninth to top it off! As an observer you inspire others to accept and express the entire package of the heart and soul, and for them to see the humanity of it all, working for the cosmic plan. My stellium is fourth house aries. For me I’m completely single minded about my spiritual heritage, my soul family. Royal roots comes across strong in the chart.

  2. amiannsnoopie23

    i know 3 people with mercury in saggitarius… it’s funny- i LOVE moon in saggitarius and enjoy other saggi placements… but mercury.. oh boy… my ears hurt soooo bad.

    Here’s a tongue in cheek example of the type of conversation (actually monologue) I have with all 3 mercury archers I know. It probably seems exaggerated, but my experience so far… is out of this world (cry and lol!!)

    Saggitarius Mercury- “I’m the teacher, and I want to help you by sharing my extensive exploration/wisdom on maaaaany subjects for a looooooooong time…. I won’t pause for your opinion because I know sooooo much and I need to pack as much as possible throughout your/my visit. I’m sorry I’m grabbing the “teacher” reigns to myself, and that no one can add a word/viewpoint/info in edge ways. Unfortunately this means I actually lose out in learning and mutual mind expansion. But it’s ok- I’m excited with what I learn. Mostly the tone of my voice is in default setting as if I’m a well meaning god talking at you from a cloud. Don’t expect to play conversational tennis with me ’cause I’m excited and I know you love me playing squash- I love you and I want to help by shining a lantern of wisdom. A conversation? What’s that? Why are you holding your ear? Don’t worry I know a couple of tricks about how to cure an ear ache….”

    Taurus Mercury’s thoughts- (thought only ’cause can’t fit a word in)
    “Would he appreciate an Aries or Leo Mercury’s fire to keep up/compete with him- or would there be war? Can I borrow a fire mercury briefly to find out? No, better stick to calm-mode- one fiery mind in the room is enough. Is he *ever curious in his friends’ viewpoints? Darn I wanted to tell him about that hotel in Tahiti- next door to the five star one he’s planning on- it’s heaps better and half the price- I know he’d appreciate saving $5,000!! I’m really trying hard to fit in my 2cents…
    Oh no, my moment’s gone- now he’s giving me advice on ear ache… If only he could read my mind- I wonder if it would break up our friendship? Though maybe it would save it in the long-run?! Do Saggitarius Mercuries breathe? I miss engaging and interested Gemini quality… I miss earth and softer water mercuries… I’m drained… does he think I’ve no opinion to contribute to the “conversation?”… my gemini side is a tad insulted… or amused… I think he’s confusing being your child with being you God… I don’t mind the God-tone some of the time- I have humour- but all the time?… it’s like being drunk on…. not my favourite wine.. How do I sustain this friendship minus the head-ache?”

  3. amiannEric

    I am a Mercury Sag (OOB no less) with my 10th house Sag stellium. I have been rightly accused of losing the trees for the forest. I believe my saving grace is having the Virgo DC to at least attempt some practicality

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