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Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)–Part Eight–Saturn’s House

girl in cageI really want these articles to give you something positive. I want you to find easy and fun ways to understand your chart and hence, yourselves. The House of Saturn is more confusing than the House of Chiron. Chiron is pure pain. Most people can identify their source of pain. Most people can hone it down to one sphere of life.  When I ask some pressing questions, I can, always, find the right House for Chiron. Saturn is harder.

I have been contemplating the House of Saturn for the last few days. My Saturn does not make sense, on the surface. I have Saturn in the 2nd and have never had money problems. I have been blessed, actually. How do I come to have Saturn in the 2nd, then? I have posed this to Astrologers and was not satisfied with the answer. Some said that the 2nd House is the House of Self Esteem. This does not sit right with me. I do not like to monkey around with the traditional chart. The 2nd House is the House of the Material World. I don’t like to slither on in there with self esteem. It seems like monkeying. The chart is too precious to me to violate in any way. The chart is sacrosanct to me. So, I was flummoxed about this 2nd House Saturn until I sat with it for the last few days and came up with some ideas. These ideas relate to everyone. That is why I am doing this article. I use myself as an example, only, My goal is to help the reader with his own chart.

I think I have come to some conclusions which will be helpful. They will spur discussion, at the very least. Here goes. I think that the House of Chiron is clear, as I said. I think the House of Pluto is quite clear, also. The House of Chiron is pain. The House of Pluto is power. Everyone is a superhero in one sphere of life. That sphere is the House of Pluto. When we get to Saturn, we have a bit of a grey area. This is because Saturn allows for maturity. That climb to maturity can transform Saturn’s House to one’s greatest achievement.

Let me give an example in my own life. I never had money issues or money worries. However, I did spend a great deal of my life not working and taking care of children as a stay at home mom. I am a Cancer Moon and Mars. I knew that when I had children, *I* wanted to stay home with them. I am very strong as a mother. I am very protective of the people I love. Cancer is very strong when it comes to her nest. Hence, I adored staying home with children. However, I was not earning money. I felt a lack of self esteem due to this. I really, really did. Some mothers do not.  I needed to earn my own money to feel I was a worthwhile person. For me to feel I had value, I had to know I could earn money. Some people do not, as I said. I say all this to say that the House of Saturn is the House of Struggle to maturity. I think it may be the House of Struggle to self esteem but I am not sure about that. I need your input for that. For me, it was.

Hence, at this moment, I see the House of Saturn as the House of one’s opportunity to love oneself, believe in oneself and see one’s value. Saturn is all about timeless value.  Loving oneself is crucial to any quality of life. I think Saturn’s House can take you there. If so, it is very, very crucial to study it in your own chart and apply it to your life. I, eagerly, await your Comments.





11 thoughts on “Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)–Part Eight–Saturn’s House

  1. amiannMimi

    Maybe your saturn is making good aspects with other planets, Ami. It may mean that the job you do/how you earn money is stable. Or maybe your sun is opposing saturn by 2 degrees, because anything the sun opposes by 2 degrees, that planet is destroyed. It makes you lucky! xx

  2. amiannstella

    i have saturn in 3rd house. i had terrible experience in high school, but i’m doing much better in college. now i can laugh and be cheerful than i was used to be. born scorpion sun (conjunct scorp pluto) with capricorn asc, made people get scared of me and don’t even bother to approach me, just because of my seriousness and intensity. by exploring the playful leo moon, 3 planets in sag (venus, mars, jupiter in 12th house; which sign is the most dominant), and by being pleasant (having libra midheaven and north node), i’m getting accepted better socially and feeling better internally.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sounds like a lovely chart though. You are fortunate to have so much inner strength. I admire that placement. Saggi Venus is a nice one–full of fun and adventure. You have a very diverse chart, so have many different sides.

  3. amiannmelissa

    I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 2nd too!!!
    I am terrible with money.
    I never feel like I can find a job that I like enough to stay [Uranus in the 2nd….and Neptune too so I am very vague with my spending…I try but it’s so confusing??]
    I am terrible at saving money. I have the fiscal attention span of a goldfish.
    I will have a goal to do something but something trivial always seems to come by that washes away my money. It is disturbing.
    I think I need someone to personally save my money for me because I just cannot be trusted with it.
    I also have very very low self esteem.
    Hopefully the job I have now will change things since I get to make my own schedule and I am not being micro managed.

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