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Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)–Part Nine–The House of the Sun

queen mary girlThe Sun is the most essential planet. That is why we can identify people JUST by their Sun Signs. If there is a planet which is the “you of you”, it is the Sun. Most people know their Sun Sign traits. Most can identify with them.However, many people don’t study the House in which the Sun resides.

First of all, the native will be a Mini Sun Sign of that House. In other words, one will be like the sign of the Sun’s House. I am a Gemini Sun in the 9th House so I will be like a Mini Sagiattarius Sun. The 9th House is Saggy’s House.  Also, one may likely  be called to act out the activities of the House of one’s Sun. For the 9th house, it is the Intellect, Higher Education, God and Astrology.

The Sun is our ego. Hence, in the Sun’s House, we will play our our ego. Look carefully to the House of your Sun, write and tell me what you think.

93 thoughts on “Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)–Part Nine–The House of the Sun

  1. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami, I am a 10th house Sun in Cancer. So that makes me a mini Capricorn. I am not sure what the 10th house represents. Oh wait, I just looked it up: career, prestige, and public image. Hmmm, I don’t know, I have never considered myself career oriented. And Capricorn never does excite me very much(LOL)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, when I said a Mini Sun, perhaps I should have said overtones. You may have traits of wanting a good standing in society( A cappy trait), caring about your reputation, caring about your social standing etc. Do these fit, Lesley?

      1. amiannLesley

        Yes, especially about caring about my reputation. I am always concerned about what people are thinking/saying about me. Plus, throughout life, I have always had a serious view on many situations. That could be Capricorn.

  2. amiannMoonChild

    Sag Sun, House III. I have my Mercury in there too, no wonder I love to communicate, especially to large masses – always was (still is) a turn on ever since I could remember. And my MC is in Gemini as well.

  3. amiannNick

    My sun is in the 12th house.. My ego is shrouded and mysterfied by Neptunes dreamy mysterious fog

    I feel like an Epic figure.. like those off an Sci fi movie or series

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        What are you talking about? You are like a total changeable wind. One minute, you are adorable. The next, you are the Wicked witch of the west. What gives?

  4. amiannLivingMystery

    Peach you just let me know if you want me to squash that Amph idiot hehehe. Ill gladly Amph it up and throw it all back in its face.

  5. amiannLivingMystery

    My darling Peach, lets both wash off that VIRUS energy and get back to the good stuff, which is your f…… Awesome website. Feel my love for you darling, its washing all through your mind, heart and soul xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Dan. Thank you. Jupiter conj venus is BIG love. It feels so nice like a warm sunny day. I plant my seeds in the afternoon. I wear a shirt with a low back and sit with my back to the sun and just feel it’s warmth, as I sit on my garden amidst all the greenery. That is what you feel like to me!

  6. amiannLivingMystery

    Pure Poetry in Motion…a deluxe delight of insight catching flight. The scent is charmed flying an aray of iridescent poshions into the air. A blessed mix blowing across the sky. Heaven paints a wonderous face-at times a masterpiece.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            The people who care for me on here, like Dan, my professor and others, don’t like when you are mean to me. I delete your mean comments but forget that other people don’t like it either. I wish you could contribute but leave the mean comments out of it. Thanks xx

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            My professor is a woman. I talk about her. She is an English professor. Dan has one thing in common with you. He can talk 😀

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          OH Thank you, A. Well, I have been thinking about this a lot and now I have been talking to my father with whom I have reconciled.He and I have very good charts together.We have always had a great simpatico. He is a Cancer Moon and mars in the 12th. He knows his exact birth time.

          In my natal, I have all good aspects to the Sun and lots of powerful asteroids and fixed stars conjunct it, so I am blessed with him but he would never stand up.

          I am getting to your question 😀

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, I was talking to him last night and really pouring out my heart and also telling him how fascinating AStrology was and giving examples of things I saw in charts. I came to the answer to your question and this would be it. I have Child conj Dejanira, exact. My Moon is almost Unaspected. I have Neptune in the 1st but not conjunct the ASC, thank Goodness. The reason I retreated was that I did not know how to have my personal power in the world. I felt victimized. I felt that I did not know WHAT to do, most of the time. I felt like I did not have a stable self with which to navigate the world. I felt that my self was too fluid and not solid. When my children were young, I had to do a lot like drive them to all sorts of activities. They both had black belts in karate, so I had to go there twice a week, as well as drive them to school, go on school trips with them etc etc However, when my oldest got his license, I gave up because the pain of struggling and not knowing HOW was too much. I gave up until now, really, when I am ready to go forward again.

        3. amiannamiann Post author

          Oh Man
          I thought the web designer would pay the fee. It was not expensive. I did not realize I had to do it was all. Could you really have bought it 🙁

        4. amiannamiann Post author

          You are so mean. You like to hurt people, A. You really get off on it. I used to think you were cute but sometimes, I find it hard not to be repulsed 🙁

        5. amiannamiann Post author

          I had the most fascinating client last night, another published author. It is so cool how I am honored to have these people as clients and she accepted Jesus with me.
          You are gonna be next 😀

        6. amiannamiann Post author

          You know you are my dear friend. I think you know what you mean to me( or should) I would be most honored if I could tell you about Jesus.

          PS Don’t be mean 😀

        7. amiannamiann Post author

          I wold hate to be a pastor. Everyone looks at you under a magnifying glass. I am too flawed for that, A 😀

          The music site does not look interesting to me. I am sure it would be perfect for the right person but I have my few activities and they keep me occupied.

  7. amiannLivingMystery

    :-)) He keeps coming back for more self-abuse. Must love Sado/Maco my darling wife. Hey whats cooking tonight my scrumptius little bean hehe. That f knuckle isn’t even worth my extra breath. Moving right along…./ how’s your lovely garden coming along sweetheart? Nicely cropped and pruned? May I say, that visual you have me yesterday had my hand running for a mountainous bulge.

  8. amiannstella

    scorpio sun in 11th house~!
    so i’m like.. mini aquarius sun? i have uranus in 1th house as well c:
    people usually think i’m mysteriously strange and different lol

  9. amiannmelissa

    I want to know everything about this!
    My Sun sign is Aries…

    Sun, Mercury, and Node all in the 5th house Pisces. Mini Leo Sun? I’ll take it! Double fire!
    I also have Leo and Lilith in my Midheaven….I wanted to be an actress really bad when I was a little girl…okay maybe I still wish I could be one. But I am terrified of the bad things that fame brings.
    I think it’s really interesting I have all of these planets in this house since I am a 5 in Numerology.
    5th house and #5 in numerology is all about expressing yourself?
    Hmm… I have Chiron in Gemini and I have trouble expressing myself in front of other people….I want to be a STAR but perhaps….anonymously. Maybe I need to make an alter ego?

  10. amiannJulia_Y

    Aww, cute, cute! You’ve previously written about any Mars acting as a mini Scorpio Mars, when in the 8th House. Ami, so the house always influences the planet in it, right?

    Onto the Sun. Have it in Libra. In the 5th House, what you might have already sensed. Easily make up my mind. Love children, musicals, giving pleasure, and all sorts of creative activity. If you stage a play and need an actress, wake me up in the middle of the night and hand in the script. The next morning you’ll find me knowing all the lines by heart and rehearsing. And, as a Leo would probably say, here’s my collection of glittering dangle earrings, of silk scarfs, and of shades of red lipstick. Choose anything your heart desires!

    Do these “other sign undertones” work in synastry, too? You are a mini Saggy. Here comes a man with Venus or the Moon in a Fire sign. As you vibe as a Saggy, will you somewhat satisfy his need of finding a bright, adventurous woman?

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