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Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)—-Part Six–Planets At Home

girl brightPeople seem to like this series and that makes me happy. Lets talk about Planets in their Homes. These planets are blessed as if you grew up as the only child of a millionaire. You just do it right. You are at the right place at the right time. You flow. Most people have a planet or two in it’s home. It is called Domicile. The planet just likes being there like fish like water and birds like air. Let me list the Domiciles and you tell me what you think.






Mars–Scorpio or Aries



People may note that I did not add Virgo for Mercury. I do not think that Virgo is ruled by Mercury. I think it is ruled by Chiron. That is my opinion, as well as the opinion of other Astrologers. Also, I think that Venus is ruled by Libra. I think Taurus may be ruled by Vesta or perhaps, something else, so I have put forth Venus in this way.

At any rate, let’s talk about the Domiciles. A planet in the Domicile is like a well oiled Rolls Royce. It whizzes by the other cars with effortless elegance. That is what you will do when you have a planet in the Domicile. I will give some examples.

The Sun in Leo shines. He can be the center of attention and love every minute. He is a wonderful storyteller and a creative genius. He loves to play and loves to shower you with attention. The Sun was made to shine. Leo was made to shine, so it is poetry in motion. That is the case for all the planets in the Domicile

The Moon in Cancer is a tender, feeler of emotions. A Moon in Cancer will be kind. He will not hurt the tender feelings of others because he knows what it feels like to hurt. This is the nature of empathy. The Cancer Moon is high in empathy. The Moon is the planet of empathy. Cancer is the sign of empathy.Again, we have poetry in motion.

Mercury in Gemini is a very intelligent Mercury. Gemini is like quick silver. It is flows. It shines. It has an effortless way of thinking. It is quick.  Mercury is the mind. Gemini is the quick, witty, and brilliant mind. Again, poetry in motion

Venus in Libra is the most refined Venus. Do not burp after your meal. Do not get tomato  sauce on your shirt. Do not display bathroom humor. All these will make this your last date with a Venus in Libra. Save your coarseness for a Venus in Gemini( just an aside) Venus in Libra was made to show us all how to be gracious. She does just that. Venus is the planet of love, grace and the arts. Libra is the sign of harmony and beauty. Hence, we have the poetry in motion, once again.

Mars in Scorpio is the sign of James Bond. I have heard that it really is but if it were not, it should be. Mars in Scorpio rocks Mars to a whole other level. He is cool. He is hot. He is sexy. He is soulful. He is loyal. He wants to own you. A Mars in Scorpio guy is like no other. Mars pursues. Scorpio pursues with the grace of a cougar. Hence, poetry in motion, once again

Saturn in Capricorn is a person whom one can trust. There is a lot to be said for trust in this day of plastic bananas and rock and roll. Saturn is the planet of maturity. It is the planet of deferring pleasure until one does one’s work. It is strong shoulders offered to a friend. It is stability. It is someone on whom you can count when you are falling. Capricorn is the same. Hence, they are poetry in motion, once again.

Jupiter in Saggi

Jupiter is positive vibes. He feels good. He feels fun. He makes you feel happy wherever he touches you. Saggi is the same. Saggi lives where the fun is. If there is no fun, he will make it. Hence, these go together like peas in a pod, once again.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two, always my goal!

20 thoughts on “Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)—-Part Six–Planets At Home

  1. amiannMimi

    I have 3 planets in domicile.

    Libra in venus, mars in scorpio and mercury in Virgo.

    You may not consider mercury in Virgo domicile but I think it is exalted there if I’m not wrong. 🙂


  2. amiannLesley

    Hi, I have Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus(Vesta). I am very trustworthy, and with Venus in Vesta, would that make me sacrifice for loved ones? That is not too shabby in our times!

    1. amiannmelissa

      I have the same!! Do people tend to entrust you with their deepest secrets or call you at 3 a.m. when they are in desperate need? This is always happening to me! But sometimes I feel like people want to unload their heavy baggage on me and invite their other friends to do the silly easy stuff. >.<

  3. amiannzakiahakakatie

    I have Venus in Taurus lol I know it doesn’t count in this article but my boyfriend is a Venus in Libra and he is refined and the perfect gentleman. Coarse jokes make him cringe but he likes my impressions…he says I crack him up 😀

  4. amiannSummer

    Do you think outer planets in dignity/domicile signs positively impact a generation?
    i.e. Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio

    What do you think about planets in exaltation,
    do they have a similar influence in an individual’s chart?

    Sun in Aries
    Moon in Taurus
    Mercury in Virgo
    Venus in Pisces
    Mars in Capricorn
    Jupiter in Cancer
    Saturn in Libra

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is the best place for Jupiter because it is in it’s Home, so it functions well and shows the best sides of Jupiter which is joy, happy vibes and a sense of justice

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