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Six More Aspects For Struggles With Self Worth


I was very honored that a lovely girl wrote me to tell me how much my articles on Dejanira conjunct the Moon have helped her. This truly makes me feel that I am contributing something worthwhile. That is what it is all about for me. She said she has been in therapy for years but her therapist did not understand her and she did not understand herself until she read about Moon conjunct Dejanira. No one taught me about this aspect. I learned about it by doing charts.

I will use some aspects from my own chart and some from the charts of my clients,my friends and family for this article.

1. Nessus (7066)oppose the Child(4580) Asteroid
I have this aspect. I would say it is the single hardest aspect in my entire chart. The Nessus is in the 8th House, the house of hidden things. The Child asteroid is in the 2nd House. The 2nd House is the House of money. Some people say it is the house of self value. I never agreed with that explanation until I read an article, today, on Saturn in the 2nd House. The 2nd House may be the house of self worth. This aspect indicates sexual abuse, I think. It was true, in my case.

2.Moon Square Chiron
Moon in hard aspect to Chiron is very difficult. (The hard aspects are the conjunction, square and opposition.) With Moon square Chiron, there was, likely, great pain in the relationship with the mother. In addition, one’s own emotions may be very hard for one to access: one may feel divorced from one’s emotions. One may wish one could access one’s emotions, but nothing may seem to help, so one may give up, entirely.

3. Saturn Square Moon

One may have had a relationship with the mother in which one was expected to take care of the mother. One may feel guilty when one is not capable of doing so. One may feel a deep, nagging guilt that will not go away and may lead to chronic depression.

4. Chiron Square the Sun

One may have felt great pain in one’s relationship with one’s father. One may have buried these painful feelings. They may emerge in a sense of ennui and a sense of despair that one can ever be really happy and satisfied in life.

5. Dejanira (157)Conjunct the North Node

That which conjuncts the North Node becomes a life theme. Dejanira(157) is the victim asteroid. This native will, likely, be victimized, through no fault of her own. If you are reading this and you have this aspect, I doubt that what I say surprises you. If you seem to have had endless cycles of victimization, know that you did not bring it on yourself. It is the energies of your chart. God can heal people, but, usually, the person must experience the difficult aspect first.

6. Chiron square Venus
This native may feel actual emotional pain upon receiving love. It reminds me of some people who pull away, as if in pain, when one tries to hug them. I wonder what deep level of pain that person experienced to have such a visceral reaction to a hug. However, there must have been deep pain. With Chiron square Venus, the native may not understand his own reactions to loving others and being loved. I think it would simply just hurt.

2 thoughts on “Six More Aspects For Struggles With Self Worth

  1. amiannHirofumi Maeda

    Dear Ami, I enjoy reading your articles everyday. I’m so impressed!
    Do you have any article about intersected signs or double caspes signs?
    I’d like to kniwcyour thought about these issues.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much, Hirofumi. You made my day! I have not studied about intercepted signs, so can’t talk about that. Any other suggestions, my Friend?

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