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The Square As Compared With the Quincunx in Synastry


A synastry chart is a side by side comparison of two natal(birth) charts. I, always, watch my life and see how aspects manifest. I went on a trip with someone with whom I have a Squared Sun and, also, Mars in quincunx.

My conclusion if that squares will remain locked. In this case, I am a Gemini and he is a Virgo. I am messy(SO, I am airing my dirty laundry).I am disorganized. I do not like to make plans. I like to do things on the spur of the moment. He is neat.He likes to plan. He is organized. We came to the conclusion that we can respect each other, but neither person will ever really change. Each person can accommodate the other, in terms of a messy person being neater or an organized person relaxing his standards. However, the inner person never really changes. If the relationship ends, the messy person does back to being messy. The neat person goes back to being neat.That is the ESSENCE of the square in synastry, in my opinion.

Now, the quncunx is a strange aspect. It is an aspect which can accommodate. I like the quincunx in synastry because it makes people STRETCH. I do not like the square because I think it is futile that either person will, truly, change, as I said. However, with the quincunx, both people change in order to accommodate the other and STAY changed.

This is my opinion on these aspects in synastry. I never say I have the last word. No one can master Astrology. I am a humble student.

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