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Saturn Squares in Synastry–Made into Practical Conversational English

I like to make Astrology practical and, also, fun. Let’s hear some planets talk to each other. This if for synastry, the relationship chart

Saturn Person and Moon Person in a Conversation

Saturn—Moon, don’t be such a cry baby. Grow up and put on your big boy/girl pants.

Moon—Stop being so cruel, Saturn. What are you—-perfect?

Saturn Person and Venus Person in a Conversation

Saturn—–Venus, you don’t look good in that dress. It makes you look cheap. Wear something more elegant.

Venus–I will wear what I want, Saturn. Stop picking at me.

Saturn Person and Sun Person

Saturn—-Sun, work harder and you will move up in your company.

Sun—I am doing the best I can, Saturn. You make me feel like I am not doing enough.

Saturn Person and Mars Person

Saturn——Mars, you need to continue on in school and get your Ph.D. You have your Master’s degree and that is excellent, but stay in school and reach the top.

Mars—-Saturn, I have worked so hard in school. I want to take a break from school, now. Please, don’t push me.

Saturn Person and Ascendant

Saturn—–You need to stand up taller and handle yourself with more dignity

Ascendant person—- Shut up, Saturn. I want to be myself.

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