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Ssshhhhhhhh———-The Sixth Hottest Aspect in Synastry

girl black low back dress

We have the sixth runner up in our hottest aspect series. However, this baby does not have longevity.This is pure cupid, complete with cartoon red hearts.

However, after time spent together, there may not be staying power. There may, but if so, it is from other aspects.

This bad boy is Mars conjunct, trine, sextile, square, quincunx or oppose Venus. The aspect works better when the man is the Mars. It may be somewhat diminished if the Mars is the female.

The conjunction may be a big bang, so to speak.

There will be a lighter, easier feeling with the trine and the sextile.

The square, opposition and quincunx may come with a “let’s throw her in the bushes” kind of feeling.

All in all, this is a very fun aspect. If you have experienced it, you know.

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