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Stomach Problems, Loving Yourself and the Third Chakra

I wish I was someone whose life revolved around the pursuit of buying six pairs of the same shoe, one in every color. I have a size 10 foot, so if I find a shoe that fits, I WILL buy it in every color, but that muddies the metaphor.

My life consisted of trying not to go off the deep end. My favorite book is the Bell Jar.

I bring this up to tell you about stomach problems, loving yourself( not something I do well) and the Third Chakra.

I have the Moon and Mars in Cancer. I am a set up for stomach problems but I did not get them until after the birth of my second son, when everyone abandoned me. I went into an alternate reality. In that prismatic life, I was not abandoned. I was,simply, a terrible person, but my stomach would not accept the program. It would not allow me to eat.

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