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In Synastry—– Ten Bad Things That Conjunct the Vertex and What They Mean?

I know that the politically correct police go insane when I use the word bad—-bad, bad, bad, bad. Onto the subject. The vertex shows us what people will bring to you. The anti-vertex shows us that which you will bring to others. I use a conjunction of three degrees, at most: the closer the better. The vertex point is something that should not be overlooked. It is powerful, as in the manner of the North Node. It will play out.

1. Uranus Conjunct the Vertex
This may not be bad, per se. It will be a huge shake up for the vertex planet. His world will be rocked from the roots. Sometimes, this is a good thing. Sometimes, it is not. One would have to ascertain which would be the case from the rest of the chart.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Vertex
This would be a no-go, no-go, no-go. Nessus is abuse

3. Nemesis Conjunct the Vertex
Nemesis constitutes betrayal from someone whom you should be able to trust. It is back stabbing in the worst way and it is unexpected.

4. Sedna Conjunct the Vertex
Sedna is extreme betrayal by men. This HURTS. Trust me. Avoid it if you can.

5. Medea Conjunct the Vertex
Medea takes extreme revenge. I would run from this aspect in synastry. Remember the horse’s head in the Godfather?

6. Medusa Conjunct the Vertex

Medusa is a terrible tease with an awful ulterior motive—to destroy you. This is a no-go.

7. Saturn Conjunct the Vertex
This may not be bad. Saturn is discipline, restriction and structure. Saturn can be positive because one needs these traits. However, in synastry, Saturn may indicate someone who rides your derriere. In other words, Saturn can be so critical that the vertex person may jump out the window, figuratively speaking, of course. I have to spell out everything.

8. Chaos Conjunct the Vertex
Chaos is kind of like Pigpen’s cloud. Chaos brings confusion and agitation, things one can live without.

9. Lust Conjunct the Vertex
This aspect could go either way. Lust can be good in the right relationship or it can make the wrong relationship just a skanky matter. One must see the rest of the chart to determine which is the case. However, one can know that the Lust person will bring the trait of lust to the vertex person.

10. Mars Conjunct the Vertex
Mars could result in varied possibilities. Mars may bring needed drive to the Vertex person. Mars may bring passion to the Vertex person. On the other hand, Mars may bring hostility to the Vertex person. We would need to study the rest of the chart to determine which would be most likely.

23 thoughts on “In Synastry—– Ten Bad Things That Conjunct the Vertex and What They Mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Venus Retro is hard cuz you may be afraid to show people who you are enough to let them in to love you. Venus conj vertex is people bringing love into YOUR life, Amy.

  1. amiannAngela

    The New Moon coming up on June 13th will conjunct Saturn and my Vertex in my 8th house. Any insight into this is appreciated, because it makes me nervous!

  2. amiannVya

    I am sorry to disturb you, but can you tell me what it means when my Vertex conjuncts his Dejanira (conjunct his Moon) and we have a double wammy with his Vertex on my Dejanira?

  3. amiannVya

    I adore your blog. I learned so much from your articles, and you help me a lot in understanding astrology. However, I couldn’t find anything about double wammy Vertex conjunct Dejanira in synastry chart. Can you tell me what it means because I can’t interpret it. Does it mean we bond due to our traumatizing experiences? His Dejanira conjuncts his Moon. Moon conj Vertex means the Moon person brings soul to the Vertex person, but what about the Dejanira? Thank you in advance!
    Much love and positive energy! <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I love your comment, V. It really lifts me up. Thank you! Well, the Dejanira person would bring his “victim self” to the other person. He would turn to the other person to help him. It could be good or bad. The rest of the chart would show this. If his Dejanira conj his Moon, his mother really hurt him and he carries this. He prolly had a really, really bad childhood—maybe sexual abuse, even. You and he would have to see if you have SOUL, which is Moons, mainly—Moon trine Moon, sextile Moon etc.

  4. amiannVya

    Thank you so much for the interpretation! You are right that he has problems with him mother; it is not sexual, but verbal and sometimes physical abuse. Because we have this double whammy aspect, we are quite comfortable sharing our stories with each other. At first it was creepy for me, because I have a full 8 house with Saturn conjunct Jupiter there and I was quite closed-off, but this synastry changed me. Your interpretation is a bull’s eye! Thank you so much! I love your blog, and it helps me in my studies! Have a great week!

  5. amiannmadini

    Hi, could you please explain Vertex conjunct Nessus in more detail? I have it in Synastry with one guy. I am a Nessus. But his Nessus is conjunct my Juno. Thank you!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You will, likely, bring him abuse. This is the vertex one but it has to be close—1-2 degrees.
      The other aspect is kind of small–two asteroids conj is less important than conjunct planets or vertex.

  6. amiannJanay

    I found out that my old therapist has Nessus in Cancer conjunct my Venus and Vertex in Cancer at a 2 degree orb in house 8. No wonder my health started to get worse especially since me and my friend got split apart.

      1. amiannJanay

        I agree. That’s why I went ghost on my old therapist. LOL!! Her Saturn also conjuncts my Sun at a very close orb too, which felt very restricting and very invalidating.

  7. amiannLeah Brick

    Sedna looks to be an extremely slow moving astroid. I have it on my vertex along with every man I’ve met who is 5-10 years older AND younger. Sounds like a leap to say I’ve been betrayed by every man 20 years close in age to me. Honestly astroids and the vertex dont seem to do much imo

  8. amiannDavid

    Hello Dear Amiann!

    I have been wondering the meaning or interpretation of Ceres conjunct Vertex about 1 degree orb in my 8th house of Gemini β™ŠοΈ?

    Love your site, it’s usually in the top few of all search results… nicely done!

    Thank you in Advance, πŸ˜‡


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