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Ten Aspects for a Sexy Women


1. Lilith(1181) Conjunct the Ascendant
Pure charisma. Pure sexual,animal magnetism.

2, Venus in Gemini
Major flirt

3. Apollo(1862) Conjunct the Ascendant
People “worship” her but don’t know why.

4. Pisces Ascendant
Usually a beautiful face with dreamy eyes that look as if they have the oceans within.

5. Libra Ascendant
Pretty in a wholesome girl next door way.

6. Medusa (149)Conjunct the Ascendant
Very seductive and sulty but has a malevolent hidden agenda. Beware. .

7. Lust(4386) Conjunct the North Node
Understanding her sexuality is a life theme, so she must be sexy. Right?

8. Venus trine the Ascendant
Attractive in a gracious, elegant way.

9.Venus square the Ascendant
Attractive in more of a sultry, antagonistic way.

10. Mars conjunct Venus
Pure magnetism—1000 watt!

8 thoughts on “Ten Aspects for a Sexy Women

  1. amiannEnaid

    Thanks for this!

    Libra AS here + Venus in Cap, so square the AS.

    I would have added : Lilith cjt the MC, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio and Mars conjunct Pluto, no?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is hard for me to feel out sexiness in women, E. I don’t really think Venus in Scorpio is as sexy as they THINK they are. No offense lol Lilith conj the MC is sexy but does not like the attention, usually

  2. amiannKristie Jenkins

    Lilith conjunct MC
    Lust conjunct MC
    Libra AS

    I agree, Lilith conjunct the MC does NOT like the attention!
    Having Venus (Rx) in Scorpio in the first seems to make it even more intense.

  3. amiannAlin

    Libra asc, lilith(true) conjunct MC (orb 4°) mars conjunct venus in gem, venus trine asc, sappho conjunct medusa (orb 1°).
    I never flirt. In fact, i have a glacial face which menace men.

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