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Ten Aspects For Standing Up For Oneself


1. Cardinal Ascendant
The Cardinal Ascendant is a leadership aspect.

2. Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant
This aspect is pure power. Don’t mess with him, if you don’t want to sleep with the fishes, so to speak.

3.Capricorn Moon
These natives seem to have a naturally assertive nature

4. Aries Moon
These natives seem to have a naturally assertive nature, too.

5. First House Stellium
These native seem to be assertive.

6. Pluto Conjunct the Sun

These natives have a naturally assertive and confident nature.

7. Cancer Moon

These natives will stand up if anyone hurts their family or close friends, but may not stand up for themselves.

8. Mars in Scorpio
As well as being sexy, these natives will stand up for themselves

9. Sun trine Pluto
The ego is melded with the power of Pluto. Very nice aspect for assertion and strong perception

10. Sun In Leo
The Sun loves to be in Leo. He has a strong ego and is blessed with a natural confidence.

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