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Five Asteroids and Their Theme Songs

There is nothing like music to make something come alive. Astrology is no exception. If you are a fuddy duddy type and find offense in just getting down and chillaxin with some good tunes, please move on because this Gemini loves to have fun!


There is a song which is perfectly suited to Cupido, which is the look of love, without the heart involvement. Let’s make it simple. This could be the guy you meet at the bar, who teases you with sweet nothings to get you to go back to his place. You, stupidly, believe that he really cares and you ARE that special. We have all been there, so don’t be ashamed. Astrology is all about facing yourself. If not, life has no meaning *Sigh*
Thank you, Brittany, for the perfect Cupido song!

This is from the opera Don Giovanni. This selection shows the servant of Don Giovanni telling a woman who loves Don Giovanni that Don Giovanni has seduced hundreds of women around the world. She is, simply, one in a list. I know I have experienced this and doubt I am alone, and this guy, probably, went through hundreds, too.


Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. We, all, have one. It may or may not not be dominant in our natal charts. Hence, the struggle with wanting to be abusive varies in people. A prominent Nessus would be conjunct the Sun, Mars, the Ascendant, and the MC.


Echo has lost her authentic voice. Many people struggle with this. It is easier to people please and to go along to get along than to STAND Up and be counted. However, one must stand up and be counted, if one is to have any self respect. I have Echo conjunct Saturn. That which conjuncts Saturn makes for a struggle. My biggest struggle may be to find my authentic voice and be brave enough to share it. If one is not an authentic person, one is a ball of mush, having no core and changing to please all people.


Lucifer is not evil, as most people think. It is pride. It is the kind of pride in which the native has to upstage others. He has to be better than, smarter than and know more than others. The Lucifer Asteroid refers, specifically, to spiritual pride, as Lucifer wanted to be God and not serve God. However, I find that all sorts of pride come forth with a prominent Lucifer asteroid. A Prominent Lucifer asteroid would be conjunct the Sun, Mars, Ascendant, MC and North Node.

This is from “Annie, Get Your Gun” and perfectly illustrates Lucifer.

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