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Ten Astrological Aspects for an Insecure Person–Part Two


People seemed to like Part One, so I am at your service with Part Two. There are various manners in which one can be insecure, so I will add specific information to each entry.

1. Saturn in the 5th House
This insecurity lies in letting go. Letting go and acting from one’s child is one of the best experiences in the world. One has to be secure enough to look silly and to be judged. This is very hard for some natives. Saturn in the 5th House would be classic for this.

2. Venus conjunct Saturn.

This native feels as if he is not lovable enough because he is not perfect enough. We all strive for perfection, I think. It is one of the flaws in the current society A woman does not feel good if she is a size 14. She must be a size 6. That is the kind of striving that I mean, but this native strives in the area of being good enough to be loved.

3. Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant

This native feels she must please others. She feels that her identity lies in her value to others. Again, most of us struggle with some version of this but Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant gets a triple dose.

4. Mars in Cancer

This native stuffs her emotions. She looks with envy at a Mars in Scorpio or Aries who can rage when he is violated. She makes a tiny whimper and then eats a package of Oreos.

5. The Water Void

The Water Void is, always, a little different. She is akin to being an alien, if we push a point. The Water Void may miss subtle cues such as your staring at the door and falling asleep on the table. She may miss jokes. She may miss insults and insult others, without knowing. Hence, this Void can make for insecurity in relating socially.

6. Libra Ascendant

Too vain. I will put myself on here. If I insult other people, it is not fair to leave myself out.

7. Aphosis conjunct the Sun

I have just started to use this asteroid and find that it is a big, dark hole( a bit exaggerated for literary purposes) Aphosis is the god of chaos. Hence, this native is akin to PigPen in Charlies Brown. He stirs up a layer of dust and showers it on all.

9. Venus in Scorpio

They get mad when I say this, but I say everyone gets mad when you tell the secrets they are hiding. Venus in Scorpio is very intense when in love and very, very passionate sexually. Most who have been honest with me tell me that they feel insecure about this slice of themselves. Now, when we have Mars in Scorpio, they glory in the very same thing that makes Venus inn Scorpio cringe. Go figure.

10. Sedna conjunct the Ascendant

Sedna has had terrible betrayal by the father. I have an article that tells the story, but I, literally, cried when I read it. This native seems to go from a bad father to a bad husband to another bad husband or boyfriends.

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