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Ten Astrological Aspects For Confidence

good vibes

1. Jupiter Conjunct the Ascendant
This is classic for self confidence. The native has an upbeat vibe. He makes others feel good, simply to be in his presence. Hence, he is likely popular.

2. Jupiter Conjunct the MC

This native is known, by reputation, as someone who is very positive. He may be popular on the job. He may have lucky career breaks, as well.

3. Betelguese Conjunct the Sun

First, let me explain a bit about Fixed Stars, in general.There are categories of Fixed Stars: good, bad and conditional. The good/positive Fixed Stars confer confidence and many gifts. The bad/negative Fixed Stars confer all manner of negative things, which are not the purview of this article, so I will leave it at that. The conditional Fixed Stars confer honors, riches and gifts but conditions apply.

The conditions are integrity in handling the above. If the native fails, the bounty will turn to penury and disgrace. With Betelguese, it is a conditional Fixed star. It does confer great gifts but there is an understanding that character is of utmost importance. I have this and I can say that everything in my life depends on integrity. I have had that knowing since I was child, strangely enough, maybe

4. Aldebaran Conjunct the Sun

This was the placement for JFK. This Fixed Star confers the same things as Belelguese and is conditional, as well. JFK was graced with countless gifts, including seeming boundless confidence. Did he act in a manner without integrity and squander them? I don’t know.

5. Pluto Conjunct the MC

This native will be a force. He will have a natural gravitas, shall we say. In simple terms, one would not want to mess with him. Think Micheal Corleone or Vlad Putin.

6. Circe Conjunct the Sun or Ascendant

Circe is the magic and charisma. Hence, this native can draw others to her and make them be part of her magical web: not too shabby.

7. Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

This native has a presence. His presence will be felt by all who come into contact with him. The Pluto/MC placement applies more to career. The Pluto/Ascendant placement applies more to every day life. However, both are similar in that they bestow a confidence to the native.

8. Mars in Scorpio

Whatever else this guy has( or doesn’t have), he will go after what he wants and look good doing it *Sigh* Makes us all jealous

9. Fire Suns

Fire is confidence. Remember this and it will take you a long way to understanding the charts. The Fire Suns, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries seem to have a natural confidence not quite attainable by the rest of us.

10. Stellium in Fire Signs

A stellium is three or more planets in a House or Sign. The natives with a stellium in one of the fire signs will, likely, be bestowed with a strong sense of confidence.

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  1. amiannMichele

    What about conjunctions (orb 0-3) of Betelgeuse and psyche? I’ve noticed 2 women I know who behave similarly (1 I know has borderline personality disorder & is bipolar the other I don’t know her medical diagnosis) BOTH have this in their charts. Could you tell me if I’m correct these 2 close create an inner struggle for women?

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