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Ten Easy Asteroids to Use in the Natal Chart

Every subject can be made fun, even physics. *GAG* Astrology is not anything like physics, so we are in business. Grab your charts and let’s plug in some asteroids.

With the “trait” asteroids, such as the Wisdom Asteroid, we are given a gift because the meaning of the asteroid is obvious. With the myth asteroids, one may have to struggle to find the core meaning. In the case of Wisdom, the native may have natural wisdom, if he has this asteroid conjunct a personal planet or angle. The personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. The angles are the Ascendant. IC, Descendant and MC.

2.Ubasti (4257 )
This asteroid seems to be prominent in people who love cats.

3.Diana( 78 )
This asteroid seems to be prominent in people who love animals, in general, and who have a passion to protect animals.

4.Chaos ( 19521)
We, all, know people who create chaos. I think of Pig Pen with his cloud of dust. These natives do not mean to be chaos creators. It is the chart energies *Sigh* One may be one to “stir the stuff”, so to speak, if one has Chaos conjunct a personal planet or an angle.

5 Church ( 10343 )
This asteroid shows a connection with God or a desire for a connection with God.

6.Aura (1488 )
That which conjuncts Aura shows what we PROJECT to the world. If Aura were to conjunct a love asteroid, such as Valentine, for example, one would project a warm, loving and caring presence. If Aura were to conjunct a volatile asteroid such as Pholus, one may appear “ready to explode”. I think people can have fun seeing Aura in their own charts.

7. Aesculapia ( 88 )
This asteroid shows an interest in health and medicine. I have it conjunct my Mercury. I worked in natural health for many years. I studied acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathy.

8 Graves (18824)
This asteroid seems to be prominent in the charts of people who have experienced many deaths.

9.Fatme ( 866 )
This asteroid seems prominent in the charts of people who have weight issues.

10. Isis (42 )

This asteroid is prominent in the charts of those who are very loyal and devoted spouses( and may have to pull their significant other out of “messes” )

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15 thoughts on “Ten Easy Asteroids to Use in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannIsis

    I am a Sun in Piscis, and my Name is Isis. The thing here is that I have always felt connected with the sign of Capricorn, my asteroid Isis is on Capricorn. I just found it curious!🤩

  2. amiannS

    I have several of these.

    Wisdom is in between my moon and Pluto conjunction, 2° away for both planets. Honestly, I don’t know how this has played out in a significant way in my life. I can say that I haven’t made the horrible decisions most people around me make. I can observe and make decisions for the long term. Has it made my life better? No, not really.

    I have Diana conjunct Uranus by 3°. It’s wide, but I do love animals, especially dogs. The more unique looking, the better. When I buy some land, I plan on having chickens, ducks and a bunch of dogs to begin with. I have always wanted a pet fox. I would have to move far away in order to make that dream happen.

    Aura conjuncts my Virgo ascendant. I’ve read many different descriptions about this asteroid which has confused me. Do I project Virgo-esque qualities to people?

    Aesculapia conjuncts Nessus in the 12th house. I’ve been a caretaker for the past couple of years. I don’t enjoy it. As cruel as it sounds, I can see why abuse in nursing homes is a big thing. While I wouldn’t abuse my family members, it’s very hard to bite my tongue and let them be. You have to be very patient to do this work.

    My father was forced into taking care of his father and aunt. They never listened and did whatever they wanted. My great aunt had all 4 of her limbs amputated due to poor decisions and she still wanted my father to hold a cigarette for her to smoke. My grandfather lost both of his eyes and was in a wheelchair, but he also wanted to indulge in his vices. I’ve been taking care of my mother and she is practically the same way. Never listens or learns anything and just throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. Whenever a friend or family member tries to help, she refuses to do anything to change her life. It’s tiresome to deal with.

    I have Isis conjunct Fatme. I’m not sure what to make of it exactly. Since I hit puberty, my weight has been up and down. I know how to lose weight, but keeping it off for good has been a struggle. I have no support system, only enablers. When I’m stressed, I binge eat.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Isis should help you to control your weight but these asteroids are rather small in an entire chart. I am sorry you went through so much pain!

      1. amiannS

        I do have Chiron in my 10th house, so perhaps that plays more of a role regarding my weight issues. I’m trying to be disciplined about it.

        I will definitely have to setup a reading with you soon. I read in one of your posts that typing is hard for you, so I don’t want to put too much pressure on you because I have so many questions.

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