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Ten MORE Aspects in the Chart of a Strong Person

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I never know what is going to resonate with people. This article did, so here we go with Part Two.

This is with the help of my LL friends—, where the smartest people in the world reside!

1. Pluto conjunct the Sun–This native is as strong as horseradish. Note the house. In this sphere of life, we will see his strength.

2. Mars trine Saturn–This native can make a goal and stick to it i.e deferred gratification.

3. Moon trine Saturn–This native will have a dose of emotional stability. It will kick in when needed( and we all need it)

4. Moon trine Mars—This native can use his emotions to reach his goals. This native can stand up for himself, when needed. This native, simply, gets a nice shot of feel good self esteem( and we all need that)

5.Sun conjunct Jupiter—This native has a positive vibe. It will likely make her popular. It will, likely, help her “go with the flow”( and we all need that)

6. Pluto trine Mercury—This native is sooooooo smart that she doesn’t have to be strong. She can work around anything.
In her case, smarts is strength.

7. Pluto trine the North Node–This native has a powerful dose of help in reaching goals and finding her life purpose. I have this and it is true!

8. Mars trine the North Node—This native will be able to, quite easily, formulate goals and to reach them.

9. Saturn trine the North Node–This native will have discipline that the “average bear” could only dream of. He will hit the CEO position in record time

10. Saturn trine the Sun–This is a discipline aspect. One can discipline one’s ego. This is a wonderful trait. He can delay gratification, so as to reach his goals.

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