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Ten Sexy Asteroids


tues-girl-showerIf You have any of these conjunct the Ascendant or MC, you are most fortunate. You will have a natural charisma and magnetism!

1. Lilith (1181)—raw sexuality

2. Eros(433)—erotic

3. Sappho( 80)—high brow erotic

4. Aphrodite (1388)–lovely, refined

5 Adonis (2101)–Greek god/goddess kind of person

6.Apollo( 1862 )—people will worship you

7. Casanova (7328)—player but women think you really mean it *sigh*

8.Cupido(763)–Looks as if he cares, but it is just a facade

9. Medusa(149)—-a terrible tease and then hurts you when you succumb

10. Circe(34)—witchy

42 thoughts on “Ten Sexy Asteroids

      1. amiannWarrior-Princess

        That’s fine darling! Could i ask about one aspect if it is ok with you? I have h21 Lilith(i) conjunct Mc at 4Β°54 orb according to what does this mean? Thanks <3

  1. amiannVivian

    @Ami thank you . Circe sounds nice and an added boost too my already Leo Ascendant

    I dont feel am sexy but Ive been told so and Ive had girls hit on me although am not gay

      1. amiannSaga

        I noticed that even women who are straight tell me that they like me πŸ™‚ I am stright, but like watching beautiful women. And yes, I am very sexual. Almost blushing here πŸ˜› Thank you..

  2. amiannSaga

    ..and realazing that Eros 13deg, Apphrodite 14deg and Cupid 19deg are in Gemini and my Ascendant is 16 deg in Cancer. Are those meaning something? Thank you

  3. amiannEmilyy

    Hi Ami,I judt find that I have asteroid Lola on my Asc so i wondered what can that be about and is that good or not .I never heard of him before and couldn’t find on internet but i hope you’ll tell me what you think that is.:)

  4. amiannIsis

    I have Eros in Scorpio on the tenth house, it trines my Uranus (exact) . Aphrodite in Gemini on the sixth house, and it opposites my Pluto (exact) .

  5. amiannEleni

    Hi again Ami🌟
    My asteroid Lilith is opposition Sun 0Β° 52′
    My Sappho is conjuct Aphrodite 2Β° 34′
    Lilith contraparallel Aphrodite
    What does it mean?

  6. amiannEva

    Hi dear,which aspects and asteroids/astrology placements can make a femme fatale look /like very seductive/femme fatale like woman? πŸ™‚ what you think?

  7. amiannEva

    Hello dear,which aspects and asteroids combination/astrology placements can make a femme fatale woman?Like very seductive/magnetic expacily for mens .Femme fatale like …What you think?

  8. amiannMiapapz

    Lilith conjunct venus, mars, apollo all together in my 10th house of gemini. I also have medusa conjunct my sun x mercury rx though i’m not evil in my love life and I wouldn’t use people after I get what I want. I have aphrodite conjunct NN, MC, kaali all in my 9th of taurus. Dejanira is also in that mix, but in the 10th house. I have eros conjunct sappho in the 8th house of pisces trine my ceres. I have adonis in a far conjunct to my IC in scorpio as my adonis is conjunct my pholus.

  9. amiannMaja

    Wow this is interesting. I have Medusa conjunct my ASC, orb 1 but I also have Valentine conjunct my ASC orb 0 both of them sextile my sun orb 1. I have never been a tease. I have a Cap stellium in my 5th house and was raised Catholic. Do you think my 5th house stellium or my Valentine is calming my Medusa? xx

  10. amiannpriya

    I have Eros and Nymphe Conjunct ASC (Cancer) 1st house but square MC (Aries)? I also have Mars and Pluto Conjunct (Saggitarius) 5th house and trine MC?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may not be comfortable showing your sexuality to the general public, such as at work, you may dress in a conservative way . However, you do show your strength in the career world, so it would not be a huge thing, I don’t think

  11. amiannCelia

    I have so many of these! I have Lilth Conjuct Sun (Leo) at an tight orb, Medusa and Cupido Conjuct my Ascendant in Scorpio and Sappho Conjuct my moon in Scorpio. I also have Circe Conjuct my moon. I would love to hear your input –

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Medusa is a tease and Cupido is too so I suspect you have this trait. Sappho is sexy as is Circe so you must be a super sexy person but can use people. I am just being honest

  12. amiannOniDragon

    I have Eros, Sappho, and Cassanova conjuncting each other in Sagittarius in the 3rd house.

    I have Aphrodite conjuncting the Moon in Cancer in the 9th house.

    I have Adonis conjuncting the Descendant in Aries 6th house, Trine Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius.

    I also have Apollo conjunct Pluto and Chiron in the 3rd house, Trine Descendant.

    I have Cupido in Capricorn in the 3rd house opposite Moon, Conjuncting the IC, and square the ascendant.

    I have Medusa in Capricorn in the 4th house conjuncting venus and juno.

    I have Circe in Virgo in the 11th house sextile Moon and trine Saturn.

    Sorry if that was too much but any idea what any of these mean?

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