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Ten Things Sexual Abuse May Do To You

SW orange girlThis is my experience. It is what I have seen as I do charts,too.

1. Sexual abuse ‘erases” your sense of self, as surely as an eraser on a blackboard. Think of how your math teacher blotted out the whole board full of equations. That is how it feels.

2. As a result of Number One, the sexual abuse victim/survivor finds it very hard to stand up for what she wants.

3. She feels guilty over the simplest wants.

4. She feels deathly afraid of anger.

5. She feels deathly afraid of people not liking her.

6. She feels that her worth is in getting people to like her.

7. She seeks approval instead of asking herself how she feels and what she wants.

8. She may have stress related illnesses such as stomach problems and headaches.

9. She may have severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

10. She may want to hurt herself.

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